Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Shield...

I was listening to Mancow yesterday morning and he had CCH Pounder on the show to talk about the fifth season of The Shield. She says that Vic Mackey will be worse than the old school Mackey. Vic Mackey for those of you who don't know is one of the many characters that makes up the ensemble cast of The Shield. Mackey is a detective and the leader of a sqaud known as the Strike Team. He is also corrupt making deals with drug lords and gang chiefs. Even plotted to hijack a "money train" from organized crime and keeping it for himself and his strike team.

This fifth season might look great if only I was able to actually watch it. Last season I'm not quite sure what the deal was. It seemed almost tame in comparison to other seasons. Anthony Anderson did a good job as a thug boss last season, at least we can see him get away from his usually goofy characters that I have come to know him as.

First off we see that Mackey's station gets a new captain. I thought it was going to be Forrest Whitaker but according to Pounder he's actually an Internal Affairs Detective sent to investigate Mackey. Pounder's character, Detective Claudette Wyms, who was teased a promotion to captain her precinct gets passed over again. There are other things going on but I guess I won't know as long as I don't have access to FX.

The Shield has become one of my favorite shows. The season of the "money train" is my favorite. In fact after that season finale I kept repeating the term money train over and over and over again. It's a great cop series and it really does belong of HBO but I like it without the overuse of vulgarities and the strategic use of the milder ones (like sh*t or g*d-damnit). Still I want to see the season premier tonight and the rest of the season. If I'm lucky I'll be back home in time to see all the new episodes of The Shield.

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