Friday, December 16, 2005

Destination: South Side

One of the neighborhoods featured in this Chicago Tribune article was South Shore. This neighborhood interests me because of its architecture and its potential. They have a Metra line running down 71st street. It is home to a historic district. Also there is some nice housing stock from apartment buildings to single family homes (particularly bungalows).

Their other assets include the lakefront. Indeed there is a park which was an exclusive club, today it is a public park with a golf course and a beach. There are is also a landmark there, the headquarters of the Nation of Islam. There is also a high school and a hospital as well as a shuttered theater and yes I'm talking about the New Regal Theatre. There is also Jackson Park and its many lagoons.

There is a white couple featured in this article who recently procured a place in South Shore. South side living has proven to be a lot less than living in other parts of the city. Thanks to disinvestment and vacant lots the stage is set for new developments on the south side of Chicago.

You know who'd have thought that north siders or even suburbanites want to live anywhere close to the south side. There have been neighborhoods on the south side to live in and avoid. Perhaps one day the south side may prove to be the next hot area in Chicago and the north side might be in need of development.

I would have always hoped that the diversity and affluence of Hyde Park could somehow trickle into the other nearby neighborhoods. It looks like it just might happen perhaps Chicago won't be as segregated as it has been for many years. It could be both sad but on the other hand a good thing. The key here though is to no squeeze out any longtime residents.

I've written many articles about the neighborhoods in Chicago. The changes and the redevelopment. Past and present of course. Hopefully I'll have more to write about.

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