Friday, July 29, 2005

Washington’s Lost Black Aristocracy

I found this from City Journal written strangely enough by Tucker Carlson. This was about black society in Washington, DC. It was an interesting article about black life in DC before the Civil Rights movement. A great story about what black America was once upon a time and what it could have been today. Thanks to certain issues as new arrivals in Washington were developing their victimization creed a certain neighborhood there is decaying. Those who were elites moved away from this neighborhood. Take a look at this article of black historical importance.

Mentioned here is Black Bourgeoisie by Howard University sociologist E. Franklin Frazier. I've never read that book but what I hear about the book seems like a hit piece on the black middle class. I should add that to the reading list.

Washington’s Lost Black Aristocracy by Tucker Carlson from City Journal Autumn 1996

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