Monday, September 17, 2007

Here's a good health care video

Well today must be video day here with the Jena 6 video and all.

Anyway last week John Stossel has a 20/20 special about health care last week. I found videos from that program on YouTube. He addresses the 40-something million uninsured in this country, the Canadian health care system, even the health insurance industry. He even alleges that if people didn't have to pay for health care (either thru government or their health insurance provider) people don't care how much something costs. That is they'll take something such as medication or treatment that they really don't need.

In this video we see one thing that more Americans (or Canadians) should be allowed to do. They should be forced to save for their medical expenses. Not only that they should be forced to spend money for the more mundane conditions such as a sprained ankle or a sore throat. If the condition is more serious such as I don't know perhaps cancer, they there's a plan for that to should cover him.

You can find other videos here. I hope you enjoy. John Stossel really gets on Sicko director Michael Moore in these videos as well.

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