Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Chatham Village Square, Chicago

Another video from YoChicago about Chatham Village Square on the corner of 87th Street and Cottage Grove Avenue. This shopping center contains a Target, Walgreen's, Cingular, Radio Shack, Foot Action, a military recruiting station, Game Stop, to name some of the places where you can shop. You also look across the street to see a more convention Chicago store front city scape.

You know I remember how this place used to look. And there was a Polks Brothers, Woolworth's there. Walgreens used to be on the corner of 87th and Cottage. There was a Sara Lee store, a bowling alley, even a People's Gas office to pay your gas bill. There was easier access into the lot. There was parking outback and near the street and come and go in either direction. If only there were pictures of how it used to look.

There is a reason why it looks different than it did say perhaps 10 years ago. There was a fire there and most of the center looked dormant. People's Gas left, over time a lot of establishments left (there is no bowling alley there anymore and Woolworth's closed all of their stores). Then when it was time to redevelop there was a lot of moving around. A lot of establishments like Walgreen's or Radio Shack was moved around over time there. Then eventually comes the plans for Target to come into the neighborhood.

These days for sure the big draw was that Target that opened in 2002. It's a great addition and no longer do Chicagoans who live in the general area of 87th and Cottage have to go to the suburbs to shop at a Target. Still this is a great intersection for business

Check out this post that describes this shopping center and shows its general area with pictures. There's even a nice discussion there too.

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Joe Zekas said...

Thanks for bringing up some of the history of this site.

And thanks for the link to our video!

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