Sunday, September 17, 2006

How about some pictures???

Maybe I'll post a few more later. These pictures was taken on the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. A small group of students honored the victims of 9/11 some made a statement regarding their reaction to that day and even their feelings today. It was a very emotional event at least for some of those involved.

This took place on the steps of King Internation Chapel on the campus of Morehouse College. I had to make sure I got a shot of Martin Luther King Jr.'s statue. If you see an object pointing and it looks like a statue that's it.

These last two pictures are of two young men who actually spoke.

The first picture the young man you see that appears to be pacing was talking about his family's reaction to the terrorist attacks. He said that his parents worked there, but they were still at home in bed when it went down. He was at school at that moment when the attacks unfolded.

He says that he can describe and recall the layout of the building because his parents took him to work with him. Particularly when he gets suspended from school in his younger day. So he had more concrete memories of the place than I suppose I would have.
Now this young man actually lost his father in the attack. Talked about how blessed he was to be going to Morehouse College to continue his education. So unlike probably most of us in the crowd he was very much directly affected by the terrorism of that day.
I may post a few more though they may not be much different than these, but at least you guys will have some idea of how 9/11 was honored on the campus of Morehouse College. Posted by Picasa

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