Saturday, February 11, 2006

Stroger could be victim of Daley's meltdown...

OK well I had a couple of posts I wanted to share with you but I'm going to tighten them up a little. One is about a very rough, harsh issue. I want to let you know that up front because I may lose a few readers for what I am going to present. I try not to offend however I seek to be as honest and accurate as I can.

Today instead I want to talk about the Cook County Board President race. This column is courtesy of Russ Stewart and I like to read his analysis of the local races in the Chicagoland area although he seems to write a lot about the northwest side.

So he talks about Mr. Stroger and how Daley's current problems could affect Stroger as he seeks to stay in his current position. Daley may not be able to put out the workers that could ultimately help stroger. Stroger also could use Sen. Obama's endorsement but as I've ready earlier that is not likely to happen any time soon. The result according to Stewart is the Hired Truck investigation.

Here's another interesting question. Since Stroger's base is the black vote. He may need other black movers and shakers to help him out. He might need other black committeman or black political activists to help get out the vote for him. Let's not forget that Mr. Stroger is the Democrat committeeman in the 8th ward. The main question that Stewart asks is...
After all, if Stroger loses, would that not be the perfect scenario for 2007: that blacks have no seat at the power table, that whites control all the levers, and that it is time for a black politician to reclaim City Hall.
Also if Obama doesn't want to get into this county board president primary race Governor Blagojevich has taken the iniative of helping out Stroger. The governor however has not endorsed Stroger as of yet. In addition Stroger has the support of some union leaders as well. This is according to a Crain's Chicago Business article.


Anonymous said...

I don't really follow Chicago politics, but I'm glad you're on the case. I admire your motivation, intelligence and integrity.

You mention Obama, and I wonder how you feel about him. He seems to me to be one of those Democrats who offer empty promises for his own gain.

What do you think?

Levois said...

If you want to know well I've posted several items about him over time. Not a fan of his but I'm going to hold my fire and look at his record when the time comes to re-elected him to the senate.

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