Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The death of John H. Johnson

The news of John H. Johnson's passing followed virtually on the heals of another media personality (Peter Jennings death). I just so desperately wanted to opine on this but I wasn't anywhere near a PC. But now I'm back to just say that Mr. Johnson has definitely achieved the American dream and got very wealthy in the process and at the same time presented a very good product at the right time. Before Johnson Publishing there were a series of black newspapers. One in particular Chicago's own Defender encouraged southern blacks to move north. Ebony and Jet came in time for the Civil Rights movement. Today these two publications are taking fire for emphasizing the personal lives of celebrities.

Mr. Johnson lived a full life of course. He was only 87 years of age. He was poor and used his mother's furniture as collateral. But that investment paid off. He went from rags to riches. He definitely has my undivided respect.

Additional reading
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