Sunday, January 30, 2005

Just a thought

This will be a momentary diversion. No news of the day just something from my own mind.

Sometimes I've though about going into the arts. What gets me excited is mainly getting involved with photography and film. A couple of developments have caused me to go into the direction of making movies.

See in 2003 a pair of websites became the place to be on the internet. Grassroots journalism and activism at its best. First there was and then there was Those two websites have brought things to light that were never touched upon by the mainstream media. There have always been charges that the mainstream media have been biased towards the left but that's not to see these sites aren't biased they are very biased. However, it's safe to say that their angles exposes what the mainstream media won't.

Those two site have different histories. First off BrainTerminal is mainly a writing site. Full of op-eds and informative essays. There is a foray into photojournalism too but it is mainly a editorial site. Evan Coyne Maloney did something different in February of 2003 by deciding to take a camera into a anti war rally in NYC and exposed them for not being the majority opinion of most Americans. Today he now takes a camera to a university near you to expose political correctness on American campuses.

Then there are the Protest Warriors. At about the same time as Evan's breakthrough. Alan Lipton and Kfir Alfia decided to make up satirical signs and march with the anti-war protestors in San Francisco. They even took pictures and made it a point to call as many conservative talk show hosts to discuss their infiltration. Today they continue to needle the anti-war movement or I should call them leftist protestors even as recently as the past inaugural.

Ultimately the next month, just before the war the left was protesting had started, Evan, Alan, and Kfir would make a joint effort and document more leftist/anti-war demonstrations in San Francisco. They both came out with videos about their experience on the left coast. First Evan made a sequel to Protesting the Protestors, then another video about anti-semitism in the peace marches, and then of course one featuring the Protest Warriors. ProtestWarrior made their own film in addition to taking more pictures of their latest infiltration.

To say the least this impressed me but what does this have to do with me. Well I suppose I've thought much about being a conservative Spike Lee and/or a black Michael Moore. All I need is a good camcorder, a powerful computer to edit my footage, and perhaps a little training. Plus this could go with what I have discussed with some of my friends, taking command of the black image.


Gil Kobrin said...

Hey...that'd be pretty cool if you did some filming in opposition to Spike Lee.

That would be most excellent, actually - to show people that there are people in the black community with their heads on straight.

potatowned said...

Jenkins, you know I LOVE to edit. You and I could do some damage on the streets of chicago. Maybe next time you're back up from school, I could take the train down and we could make a movie. You can direct, I can edit.(i have all the stuff, as you know)

"a Jenkins/Schwandt joint" LOL

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