Friday, January 21, 2005

The 'Disenfranchisement' Canard

I actually found this off of the Best of the Web column from the Wall Street Journal website

The 'Disenfranchisement' Canard

For the first time since 1975, the Georgia House of Representatives has no African-Americans who serve as committee chairmen," reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Members of the Legislative Black Caucus--all Democrats--said Wednesday they had been disenfranchised. Black House members noted that in the Republican-controlled Senate, two African-American Democrats were given committee chairmanships. "Disenfranchisement" actually means being denied the vote, but Democrats of late have started using it as a dysphemism for "losing." There's no disfranchisement in the Georgia House; it is normal in American legislative bodies for the majority party to hold committee chairmanships. The problem here is the political isolation of black Americans, who overwhelmingly vote for the minority party. There's an easy way for members of Georgia's Legislative Black Caucus to have a chance at chairing committees: by changing their party affiliation.

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potatowned said...

That's a good little column. I'd hate to think that Black Georgians actually believe that they're being disenfranchised because of the Democratic Process. But sadly, those liberal groups can be very convincing.(they have no shame)

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