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Friday, May 07, 2021

Prof. Tobe Johnson R.I.P.

 When I first started this blog I had a class with Prof. Tobe Johnson and to be honest he had faded me in this course once before. The concepts he expected his students to know to be honest was going over my head, and once I became determined to understand the concepts I had an aha moment and so did he. He knew I got it, and smooth sailing since then and took two other classes with him until finally graduating in 2009.

So I've taken with him "grammar of politics" or scope & methods of political science, urban management and policy analysis, and finally financial management of local government. The one thing I had failed to do then was take him for senior thesis. By the time I graduated seniors in pol. sci. didn't have to take senior thesis, but do a capstone project at the end of their matriculation.

What I can say today is that I survived Dr. Johnson and I actually survived Morehouse College. To be honest it is still surprising to me even now. Just wish I picked his brain more.

I got to force myself to find video of his comments on election nite in 2008. You know what happened on election nite in 2008. I shouldn't even have to tell you, if you were there and aware you know. I'll put it on one of my YouTube channels and would be fitting in even today's volatile times.


PJ said...

Poignant reflections

Levois said...

Thanks PJ :)

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