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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Mark Dice: The truth about the trial


[VIDEO] Mark Dice further discusses the coverage of the George Floyd Trial of former Minneapolis, Minnesota Police Officer Derek Chauvin. Dice notes even ESPN showed the reaction of George Floyd's family as the verdict was read on the officer who attempted to arrest him Chauvin was convicted. Hmmm, isn't ESPN a sports network?

Also noted the judge at the trial thinks that there could be grounds on appeal due to some remarks by "Auntie Maxine" with regards to how protestors should confront any police officer they can. There are allegations that the jury in this case were intimidated by a variety of people to convict Chauvin. And you know this was such a high profile case how can this not have any effect on your emotions. There are concerns that if these so-called activists weren't satisfied with the verdict then many America cities will erupt!

I'm relieved that for now American cities won't erupt though Tim Pool reported in today's video [LINK] that they still rioted in Portland, Oregon. Indeed in Dice's video today some still aren't happy with this verdict with many reacts stating this is a long way from justice, this is definitely accountability. One MSNBC contributor said as much in the many media snippets Dice noted.

I think the critical phase is the sentencing so the concern over rioting isn't quite over yet. Someone won't be happy with the sentencing and will make a lot of noise

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