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Monday, July 06, 2020

Tucker Carlson: Can the left lead a country they hate?

[VIDEO] The short answer to that question is no they can't. The trend amongst the left that I've seen is to continually trash some of it's own citizens at the expense of others. Worst still they take for granted some things that they want to throw under the bus.

They didn't show the whole segment though in this over 13 min video we see enough of Tucker's monologue to start tonite's program. It ended with an interview with Civil Rights activist Bob Woodson who even notes how the left has deviated from their notion of "social justice".

Like it or not Tucker has been on a roll lately.

Oh yeah forgot to note that on the Friday before Independence Day, he makes sure to analyze President Trump's speech at Mount Rushmore as its under attack from the so-called "woke" left because of the POTUS' they memorialize.

Let's be clear none of those men are perfect by any means, besides they're men who are not fallible. No human being is infallible, it's just too bad that we've boiled down their accomplishments as Presidents to the human failings of their day which in at least two of those four POTUS cases include owning other humans as slaves.

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