Monday, July 15, 2019

Prager U: How to Become a Dangerous Person #MeToo #MeNeither

[VIDEO] If this doesn't scare you about the dangers of social media I don't know what will. A woman who does a podcast raising questions with regards to #MeToo, causes a firestorm. It's not enough that there are people who don't like Nancy Rommelmann's podcast and its premise. They also want to take down her husband's coffee business.

I like that social media provides everyone a platform which you could either choose to consume or not. The problem with social media is it provides everyone a platform and if you're perpetually uninformed and willing to attack that which you haven't educated yourself (something that I could be accused of occasionally) then you have a platform. Such individuals have a platform to remain ignorant and uninformed and then find others of the same mindset.

This is what you see Rommelman discuss in the above video from Prager U. The damage may well have been done, but who knows how much. If I could support her husband's business (Ristretto Roasters) - although I'm not an ardent coffee consumer by any means - then I would. We shouldn't support this ignorance and stand behind it. We should support free expression and of course due process which is how this all started in the first place.

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