Saturday, July 20, 2019

Casey Neistat's next chapter

[VIDEO] If you've been following Neistat's vlogs on his YouTube channel he already stated that he was planning to end his long chapter in NYC and moving to the golden state. In this latest one he finally packs up and leaves starting off with one of his boosted boards crashing through his glass door.

It's cool to see Neistat sharing his story about how he arrived in NYC at 20 years old with no education or money and having promises for himself when he was young. He also was a single dad and wished to be a wonderful father for his son. That's admirable and now he's married with  another child and in some of his recent vlogs we see him with wife and child.

I'm excited to see his new chapter on the pacific coast. His past vids in NYC were a great setting for his once daily vlog, but what new vlogs will come from his new digs.

He makes me want to try living in NYC to see if I can make it, however, I get the idea that this ship has sailed. Although it's time for me to visit as I've never been, could I possibly make it as a tourist in the city that never sleeps?

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