Friday, June 29, 2012

So Detroit is making a comeback?

The hottest cities of the future includes Detroit included in the ranks of Portland, OR; Seattle,WA; Nashville, TN; Burlington, VT; even Raleigh, NC. Here's what the Business Insider had to say:
After years of neglect and devastation--sinking so low that the state of Michigan threatened to take over the city--Detroit is poised for a comeback.

According to a recent YPulse survey, more and more millennials are opting to live in small cities, like Detroit.

These young idealists are moving back to Detroit, breathing new life into the downtrodden city with their small businesses, many of which are socially and environmentally responsible. The Urban Innovation Exchange showcases Detroit’s growing social innovation movement, promoting small businesses, like Recycle Here! and Food Lab Detroit. This type of optimism and innovation makes Detroit a city to watch.
Check out the other cities of the future here!

Hat-tip Curbed Chicago!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

It looks like "Obamacare" survives...

Or you can call it the Affordable Care Act. According to Reason:
The Supreme Court has ruled that ObamaCare's individual mandate to purchase health insurance will survive as a tax, with Chief Justice Roberts joining the court liberals to write a majority opinion. The court also placed some narrow limits on federal power to limit state Medicaid funds.
Update: The ruling states that, "The court reinforces that individuals can simply refuse to pay the tax and not comply with the mandate."
And this makes sense in Glenn Reynolds' words:
And what’s next? Republicans will have to push for repeal, or look like losers. Now Romney needs to make an issue of repealing the “Obama Healthcare Tax,” I guess. And, of course, it’s important to note that just because the Supreme Court — barely — found the Act constitutional doesn’t mean that it’s actually a good idea.
The election will get a little bit more interesting, won't it?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Schmidt: The Great and Sovereign State of Chicago

Flag of Chicago
These days in the state of Illinois, the downstate politicians want to kick Chicago out of the state. Back in the "Roaring 20s" it appears that Chicago wanted to leave Illinois. Needless to say it didn't happen, but there's still a love/hate relationship between Chicago and the rest of the state for the most part.
Downstaters controlled the state legislature. Letting Chicago have more seats would take away their power. So the legislature had simply refused to redistrict after the 1910 census. The same thing had happened after the 1920 census.

According to Alderman John Toman, the city deserved five more state senators and 15 more state reps. Now Toman offered a resolution to the city council — that the city’s lawyer should investigate how Chicago might secede from Illinois. The resolution passed unanimously.

Obviously, there were going to be problems. The U.S. Constitution said that no new state could be carved from part of an existing state, unless the existing state approved. Would downstate be willing to let Chicago go, and lose all that tax revenue?

Probably not yet. But perhaps sometime in the future. Besides, there were ways of getting around the Constitution. After all, West Virginia had been torn away from its mother state Virginia during the Civil War.
Believe it or not there was a time Chicago politics seemed a lot more colorful. This certainly underscores that point doesn't it?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ten Milwaukee-area Students Become Men of Morehouse Through New Milwaukee Scholarship Program

I took this pic of Graves Hall in 2007
This story is great but it would be nice to see this out of all the major urban areas in the nation. Whether Milwaukee, Detroit, NYC, Boston, LA, Memphis, Chicago, etc. Well especially Chicago!
Ten Wisconsin students sat at a table, wearing maroon and white ties last week during “Signing Day ” and put to ink scholarship papers to attend Morehouse College. They are the first group of what school officials say will become a new pipeline of black males from the Milwaukee area to Morehouse.

Funded by Wisconsin and national donors, the young men will attend Morehouse this fall on four-year scholarships totaling more than $800,000. They become the largest-ever group of Wisconsin students to come to Morehouse.

“We’re creating a pathway for student success that runs through our schools and one of the nation’s most renowned institutions of higher education,” said Gregory Thornton, superintendent of Milwaukee Public Schools. “It’s an honor to partner with Morehouse.”
The key:
The scholarship donors – BMO Harris Bank; the Hans Helmerich Foundation; Charles and Cheryl Harvey; the Johnson Controls Foundation; Dale E. Jones; Mr. and Mrs. Ulice Payne; Ildy and Skip Poliner; United Negro College Fund; Wisconsin Energy Foundation; and Scott Voynich – were all on hand for the Signing Day event at Milwaukee’s Rufus King International School. 
I usually think in terms of only scholarships although in this case it seems the Milwaukee Public School were involved with this as much as Morehouse itself.

Wait I missed this part:
The Milwaukee scholarships are part of a pilot program in which Morehouse plans a nationwide push to recruit students from cities with low high-school graduation rates for young black men. 
Alright! It just goes to my idea about Morehouse or other HBCU's future goals should be to provide access to higher education. Just find a niche group who need an extra push, in this case young men.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Slate: The Secret Histories of Other U.S. Presidents

I so thought of this in light of the new movie Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter although in this case I thought about a different President chasing "Big Foot". To be sure though a sasquatch and big foot are interpreted by me as the same mythical creature.
Chester A. Arthur: Sasquatch Assassin

Chester A. Arthur, our 21st president, vigorously pursued civil service reform during his time in office. He also vigorously pursued the roving bands of Ape-Men that terrorized his home state of Vermont and claimed the lives of his parents in 1845.
Check out other secret histories of US Presidents over at Slate (via Instapundit).

BTW, I wish there could be a Doctor Who episode about a President who was involved in some otherworldly crisis even if it wasn't a 20th or 21st century President. Actually there was such an episode featuring Richard Nixon!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The currently hidden "Flamingo"

This evening I was walking around downtown Chicago after work and as usual took a meandering path and walked past Federal Plaza this evening and snapped this shot and shared it on instagram & Twitter. Federal Plaza are a series of buildings and a plaza designed by Mies van der Rohe located along Dearborn & Clark between Jackson & Adams.

What you see hiding in that plastic and scaffolding is a sculpture - Flamingo - created by artist Alexander Calder. It's being restored currently and Lee Bey who comments on architecture in Chicago even talks about this piece:
The 30-ton work is now shrouded in a mysterious-looking opaque scaffold box – providing a bit of a visual punch itself. Inside, workers and conservators will spend the next month applying a zinc primer designed to make the sculpture more durable.

Next will come a topcoat of paint which will bring back the work's visual vibrancy and allow the industrial steel beauty to stand up against the elements, according to the complex's owner, the federal General Services Administration.

It's good to see the federal government doing right by one of the the city's most celebrated works of public art. Designed by Alexander Calder, Flamingo was a big deal when it was dedicated – Calder himself came – in 1974. In fact, Calder was a fan of circuses and he led a procession of elephants, 40 hours and calliopes up State Street as part of the dedication activities. Calder also dedicated his mobile, Universe, in the new Sears Tower the same day.
This is how it looked when it was still out in the open hopefully we'll see it look new in the near future!
 BTW, the pic above shows the Dirksen Federal Building. The courthouse where Rod Blagojevich and George Ryan two of Illinois' former governors had been tried and convicted of corruption charges. Those and other corruption cases have been tried there. And outside a huge sculpture, a work of art. Imagine that!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Chicago: The Second-Rate City?

I wrote two different posts on two different blogs about this column from The Urbanophile blogger Aaron Renn. You can read my initial posting over at The Sixth Ward and another one over at Gaper's Block Mechanics. It has been quite a while since I even posted there!

Anyway makes some points about Chicago, some of them I certainly agree. The question is, does anyone more knowlegdeable than myself have any thoughts they want to share. Please share them! :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ward Room: The Most Republican Wards in Chicago

This is what happens if I don't follow the various blogs and news sites enough I miss something like this. Edward McClelland who blogs at The Ward Room, a local politics blog published onto the website of our local NBC affiliate, cites 5 wards in Chicago as being the most Republican. Those wards are the 32nd, 41st, 42nd, 43rd, and 45th wards.

Until last year the 41st could claim a Republican Alderman on the city council. The 42nd ward Republican organization often refers to itself as the most dynamic Republican organization in Chicago. The 45th Ward almost elected a Republican - a police lieutenant - to the city council in a run-off last year.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

#MorehouseLetter: Morehouse in a downward trajectory?

This letter by Morehouse College alum Imar L. Hutchison addresses the college's board of trustees and the presidential search committee. He wishes for Morehouse to address those issues that are affecting the college and how the school risks irrelevancy!

I find it somewhat troubling that there are Morehouse Men who aren't sure if they want to send their sons to their own alma mater. There are certainly reasons for that, reasons that are explored in this letter. I don't yet have children so it's not necessarily an issue for me. Still, when I do have a son my hope is that he would consider Morehouse although he should have a choice in where he goes to university.

Some of these issues outlined in this letter have been discussed at some level by some friends of mine while we were undergrads. One gent was concerned about where the money is going at Morehouse. Another gent pretty much declared Morehouse a business school. In class years ago, my religion class discussed the issue of homosexuality at the college. Also the issue of rigor had been brought up at a Crown Forum by an esteemed alumni and was met with some boos.

As stated these issues do concern me. Here on this blog, I've explored the issue of whether or not HBCUs should continue to exist. Not sure I've ever provided an answer although my answer would be to say yes. My explanation is to state that HBCUs historically were created to provide Blacks access to higher education during those periods of time where they would have had a very tough time getting admitted to an American university. That mission should still be important although it may transcend ethnicities.

Morehouse is primarily known as the university of Dr. Martin Luther King. He's not the college's only prominent graduate and in the future I would expect that someone will reach his stature! Dr. King was not a business major and it's unfortunate that the college is being referred to as a business school.

Another thing I've explored on this blog was the issues of the political science department. My last year at Morehouse before I graduated saw the fallout from the departures of three professors. I learned for the first time then that the pol. sci. department was the 2nd largest department at the college. I also learned during that period that many of those students had simply moved from the business department to major in political science. It may well underscore the point of this letter that the best and brightest students were steered towards the business department!

OK, so perhaps we have another question to ask about Morehouse. Should the college be a school that helps to nurture leaders in many fields? Not only leaders in the business world but also in other fields and careers such as politics, science, medicine, academia, or even the church?

Mr. Hutchison does mention social justice although that's not a clear concept to me I understand where he's going. Social justice is about character more than anything a concern about other people and their welfare. Nothing says our primary goal is about chasing the almighty dollar. Should the idea of character education be a defining characteristic of Morehouse?

My hope is that the leadership at Morehouse College will grant Mr. Hutchison an audience and hopefully they will take some of his points under consideration. Not only that they seek to implement those changes but also choose the right people to execute them. Time will tell!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sometimes it pays to look at other governments...

Case in point Saudi Arabia! When I was in the third grade it was one of the nations I remember studying back then. I and some friends of mine used to repeat the name several times to a rhythm because well we were children and it was new!

Anyway over the weekend, I had learned that a member of the royal family and heir to the thrown had passed away. Time takes a look at the new heir apparent!
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced on Monday that Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud would be the new heir to the throne, after the sudden death of previous Crown Prince Nayef on Saturday. Prince Salman’s elevation to the next in line to the throne was not entirely unexpected—as a well respected Minister of Defense and half brother to the current king, he was one of the top choices—but as the dust settles over this latest transition, Saudis and Saudi-watchers alike will be fervently hoping that this time the new crown prince will stick around long enough to make it to the throne. Salman, who is 75, is the third prince to be appointed heir to King Abdullah, 87, since he came to power in 2005. Saudi Arabia, already threatened with fallout from the Arab spring lapping at its authoritarian shores, can little afford the instability that interrupted lines of succession might bring.

And as long as the rest of the world depends on Saudi oil, few nations will want to see anything but a steady hand at its helm.

Salman, who has no known health issues beyond a bad back, is likely to be that reassuring presence, especially with King Abdullah’s inevitable decline into very old age. “A Saudi crown prince has more power and influence than an American Vice President,” says historian Robert Lacey, author of two books on the Saudi royal family. “And if the king is incapacitated, the channels of power run through the Crown Prince.”
OK, so let's remember Saudi Arabia is considered an ally! It's probably in our best interest for there to be a favorable regime there. That means the Saud family must remain in power even if they have to make concessions to the "Arab spring". Slowly if at all, Saudia Arabia will gradually move out of it's religious monarchy as the dominant religion there is Wahhabi Islam.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Some math humor

I shall help you out with this message because it took me a while to get it myself. The square root of -1 is i a negative integer complex/imaginary number, 2 cubed or 2 to the 3rd is 8, the next symbol is sum, and the final symbol is pi.

Therefore i eight sum pi. I ate some pie...and it was delicious!

Eventually I got the sqaure root of one and then the sum and pi. I just got stuck on 2 cubed, for some reason it didn't occur to me to just plug that in. It would've led me to the obvious conclusion!

Happy father's day everyone! :)

Via The Nerd Code!

Saturday, June 16, 2012


When I started this blog in 2005, it was to force myself to write. Mostly it was to be about politics and perhaps some other things of great interest. I especially decided to write a little something about the Black experience and even about Morehouse during my time there.

Sometimes it feels like my writing falls off. In the past it seems I actually wrote more. These days it seems like I'm forcing myself to comment on an article or two. This blog has often taken a look at the news with excerpting from articles or whatever. For the most part it's not me writing blog posts without having to excerpt an article.

Like everything else there is an evolution. Things must change! This blog in 2005 was different from 2006 when it was noticed by a well-read state political blogger. It probably stayed that way for two years before I started a more neighborhood centric blog in late 2007. This forced me to have to change the focus of this blog to much broader topics!

Also, I talk more about myself here recently than had been done during the course of this blog. This is considered a hobby of mine and this is as close to a personal site as it's going to get.

There are some posts I have in mind. In fact one is only a draft and it's a bit about my background. Another post that I have in mind is a contrived conservative biography. It talks about my background but certainly with the idea that I haven't had it so bad nor that great!

My point is that it's probably time to just start writing. Time to find a way to freestyle some posts. And I don't just mean posting a video or a picture just to create material. It is my mind and while you get a piece of it when you read this blog it's time to see more of what's on my mind!

Although you can always see what I have in mind on my twitter account @levois

Friday, June 15, 2012

A green subway entrance

Over the old Washington/Madison subway entrance staircase. As seen below in March or April this was nothing but dry grass and mud. As of yesterday in the pic above freshly planted with grass.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Conan O'Brien's shoutout to Springfield, Illinois...

[VIDEO] Before I knew it Conan's TBS program came to town and hadn't even bothered to get tickets beforehand. It's alright, my goal is to eventually find my way to Los Angeles so that I can attend a taping in person. Besides that had been my goal since he was still in NYC doing Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

While he is in Chicago until today, I did get a kick out of this segment where he visited Springfield, Illinois. Who says a major TV program who is temporarily in Chicago has to stay in the city. Conan is a certified Abraham Lincoln buff so this makes a lot of sense. Perhaps in the future more TV shows might consider taking a day trip to Springfield, Illinois!

Another thing I got a kick out of, last night's episode showed fan suggestions for sites to place Conan's huge bobble-head statue. He definitely used my suggestion I posted on Twitter!
Unfortunately, I'm disappointed that he didn't even have a video of any fan suggestions for his bobble head statue. But you can see last night's program at this link!

Also here's a shout to that Abe Lincoln impersonator's website @

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Where are the Black libertarians?

[VIDEO] Watch the video if you want to see the people at Reason magazine answer the question. They touch upon issues that surely are on the minds of many Blacks or "minorities" mainly the issue of war. They could also touch upon the issues of education something that Reason had covered at various points in time. Also economic development in "minority" communities. Reason does look at the effects of meddling by bureaucrats and politicians into the activities of entrepreneurs.

In any event, why do you think there aren't any Black libertarians? My answer is that many of them are unwilling to come out, more than we all know probably hold libertarian ideas. The question is how to we bring out these diverse viewpoints that we all know exist? Another important issue how do we get them to run for office?

Hat-tip Booker Rising!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dangerous black mobs infest Chicago's lakefront, downtown

Well if you read the Chicago News Report, certainly you will find a no holds barred approach to commenting on the events going around the city. Sometimes the comments can boarder on racist although it still gets you thinking about what's going on in our city.

My mother made sure to note various mob attacks around downtown Chicago over the weekend. It's sad how often I don't follow the news. There were three incidents according to her around the city of mob attacks.

Essentially, young people go around assaulting people at random in downtown Chicago. There's a term for it: wilding. I simply attribute it to the idea that many of them think it's funny or get a thrill from assaulting people at random for no good reason.

Also provided at the Chicago News Report are videos not of the various violent incidents, but showing how menacing the mobs are. And as stated about the racial comments these videos feature Black folks in mobs!

Still I wonder what's going on in this city?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Just had to comment on Herman Cain's new career...

This is old news, but last week the official Morehouse College FB page posted the above picture with a note that Morehouse alum Herman Cain (c/o 1967) would take over for the retiring Neal Boortz who is retiring from his nationally syndicated radio program. Cain who is known as a businessman, conservative activist, and former Presidential Candidate was also formerly a member of Morehouse's Board of Trustees. A fact that I had little idea about.

In any case, the response to this news brought out people who are largely at odds with Cain's conservative political beliefs. The comments were disappointing although during the course of his brief Presidential campaign last year there were certainly more on Twitter and at that some levied attacks against even Cain's wife. That I felt was very awful in the worst way denigrating Cain's wife by talking about her alma mater Morris Brown College located nearby Morehouse College in the Atlanta University Center.

Anycase to whomever administers Morehouse's FB page great kudos for this comment:
Our graduates go out and make their marks in the world in business, athletics, finance, the liberal arts, media and politics. Our graduates' political stances or persuasions, whatever they may be, are their own personal decisions and/or beliefs. We are proud of the work that all Morehouse Men do in changing and influencing the world they live in. That is what makes a Morehouse Man a Morehouse Man.
That being said while I was certainly concerned that the comments there were trending towards the negative were going to negatively impact Morehouse College in the worst way. So I'm very happy with this response and hope that other Morehouse alum and supporters who consider their words in the future. There are certainly venues where airing out disagreements with a particular political stand are more appropriate. A page highlighting the accomplishments of alumni certainly isn't the venue.

Also some may say negative publicity can be good publicity. That comment is certainly directed at Herman Cain which means now those who know nothing of his future plans after leaving the presidential race will now find themselves tuning into to his new radio program. And talk radio isn't exciting unless you have some people with serious disagreements tuning into a particular program.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Printing press

I haven't really played with the Blogger app available to iPhone users. This picture of a printing press in the Printer's Row neighborhood on Harrison St. near Dearborn provides a good opportunity to play with this app. Although knowing me I'll probably just edit it later.

Also it was posted to my instagram account as well.

Friday, June 08, 2012

Capitol Fax: Listen to them, but don’t always do what they say

Rich Miller's latest Sun-Times column explaining the influence Illinois' prosecutors and police have over the legislative process in this state. Issues include the decriminalization of marihuana use, victims rights, and whether or not to record the police in public. It seems as if the prosecutors in this state will fight any attempts to change the legal status of marihuana, don't really want too much change on the issues of victims rights, and the police are definitely not very happy with the idea of people recorded in public.

In fact within the past month - and it was noted in this very column - that a state legislator wants it to be legal for the police to record people in public. It's apparently his answer to allowing the public to tape police. Of course some will argue that if that ever passes the police will have unprecedented surveillance powers. Well also noted in this column is that the proposal was laughed off the state Senate floor. Needless to say that proposal had little support!

Return of the Bradley Effect: What if ALL the Polls Are Wrong?

PJ Media's Roger L. Simon explains the "Bradley effect"
Many of us oldsters remember the Bradley Effect. Back in ye olde 1982, Tom Bradley, the longtime popular mayor of Los Angeles, a nice affable fellow in my recollection, ran for California governor against a fairly faceless guy named George Deukmejian. Most of the polls — including exit polls — showed Bradley with a significant lead. But Deukmejian won, narrowly.

This was all put down to a form of covert racism. People didn’t want to admit they wouldn’t vote for a black man. As an ex-civil rights worker, I remember being hugely depressed by Bradley’s defeat.
He brings this up in relation to what?
But the Bradley Effect has resurfaced dramatically in a different manner in the Wisconsin recall vote. The polls — and, yes, the exit polls as well – were showing Scott Walker in a narrow victory. But he won beyond anyone’s prediction.

Apparently, the silent majority of Wisconsin voters didn’t want to admit to nosy pollsters and anyone else that might be listening that they were opposed to runaway unions, runaway spending, or the Democratic administration. They just wanted to cast their votes. And they did.

This Bradley Effect, then, is not like the Bradley Effect of yore. It’s about race to some degree, but I suspect there are much larger components of being fed up with elites of all sorts, interest groups, media groups, union groups, all sorts of groups telling the average citizen what he should and shouldn’t think, openly or covertly threatening to ostracize him or her for not going along with the pervasive liberal status quo. This was a cry of “Ya, basta!”

So if I were a member of the Democratic Party this morning, if I were David Axelrod and his team of so-called wise men, I would be wondering – what if all the polls are wrong? What if this is true across the entire country?
All of this to say that President Obama is in trouble this year. I do think he's in danger of being a one-term President. It's just that it's still my opinion right now that neither side is happy with their respective standard-bearer. The nation isn't very happy with the President and not sure entirely how the public feels about Mitt Romney. That is Romney isn't generating the excitement that the President had been doing in 2008.

Tough election but then we're still a LONG way from November!

A case of nobody thinking...

Via CTA Tattler:
Guardian Angels attackers arrested. Call this one the case of dumb and dumber. Two guys are spied by four Guardian Angels allegedly robbing a CTA rider of his cellphone. So they were dumb enough to get caught by the Angels, but fought their way out of detainment by slashing three of them with a knife. One attacker, Keith Gunn, was arrested last week in Rockford. His alleged accomplice, Julius Price, was caught near Cook County Jail while trying to visit Gunn in jail. Dumber.

He visited his buddy at that jail and got arrested. Did he know the police were looking for him or did he think they forgot about him being an accomplice?

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Speaking of the L...

[VIDEO] The big news this week in the Chicago Transit Authority is that the Dan Ryan portion or "Red Line South" of the CTA Red Line from approximately Cermak-Chinatown to 95th Street will be shut down for an overhaul for approximately 5 months starting in May 2013. That means CTA will set up express bus routes and passengers may want to consider some other commuting options.

This post will show a video from our local CBS affiliate about why this is necessary and how bad a shape the Dan Ryan line is. Though basically we also learned that just shutting that line down would be cheaper and certainly a bit faster than keeping it open and trying to work around the trains in service. It's expected to be a win in doing it this way.

Time will tell although unfortunately I will be affected. Does anyone have an auto they want to sell?

Schmdit: 120 years ago: Chicago's first 'L'

Roosevelt L stop CTA Green/Orange Lines!
John R. Schmidt's Chicago history blog at Chicago Public Radio gives us a history lesson. On June 6th, 1892 Chicago instituted it's first elevated rail service. A precursor to some of the adventures I often tweet about and usually chronicles of what happens on the train at a certain point during the day.

Anyway it arrived just in time for the 1893 Columbian Exposition to be held on the south side at Jackson Park the line only went from Congress Parkway to 39th Street and was eventually extended to Jackson Park in time for that event.

The funny part of this post:
It took a while for some people to get used to the "L." A teacher at Haven School complained that the noise of the trains made it difficult to conduct class. Others didn’t like the smoke from the coal-burning locomotives. Apartment-dwellers now had to keep their shades down in they wanted any privacy—young women were warned to be careful of roving Peeping Toms.
In 1892 and probably like most rapid transit around the world at that time, the first trains were pulled by steam locomotives although now most rapid transit trains are run by electricity mainly by third rail. Incidentally when it came out that the CTA may rebuild the north side branch of the CTA Red Line they noted all the bridges up there were built with steam locomotives in mind. So there is a benefit although we realize it after the fact now!

Aside from Schmidt's blog I would like to share with you some pages from which features items related to Chicago's L system!

Sunday, June 03, 2012

"Death of the Valiant" - The Fate of Earth's First Starship

[VIDEO] The voyages of the starship Valiant formed the basis of the second Star Trek the original series (TOS) pilot "Where No Man Has Gone Before". Basically at the beginning of this episode Mr. Spock was pulling data from the Valiant's recorder that had been floating around in space for decades after its destruction.

In this video we get a little bit more with regards to the Valiant. We see them leave the galaxy as USS Enterprise did in the second pilot and we see them attempt to recover from such an action. Then we see the ship's ultimate destruction due to one crew member's response to his newly discovered extra-sensory perception.

I've always though this would be a story that should be produced one day. We explore it in this video although it's just an exercise in CGI animation. The rest of the story which we didn't get from the pilot episode came from a Star Trek novel The Valiant which featured another Captain of a starship named Enterprise - Jean-Luc Picard.

Oh yeah this posting is in homage to the time I could watch not only a replay of Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG), but also an episode of the original Star Trek on Sunday nights. In fact on Saturdays you can watch a first-run episode of TNG and then at 10:30 Sunday nights you can watch a repeat of that episode. Then at 11:30 PM episodes of TOS. All of this on Chicago's WPWR channel 50!

Saturday, June 02, 2012

I had to think about this for a second...

When was the last time I went to a funeral. It was actually in 2011, when I went to services for my third grade teacher and long-time principal of my old elementary school Bennett-Shedd School. That event was posted on my blog at that time. Even then it wasn't my intent to go to the funeral I wanted to attend the wake before the actual funeral.

Anyway this week I learned that my grandmother passed away and I opted not to go down South for the funeral.  I wasn't that close to her but her death still affected me and she was my last living grandparent. Thankfully she lived a long time! And that explains this tweet I posted on Tuesday:
My stated purpose as to why I don't want to go to her funeral is primarily I don't like funerals. Had a bit of a tough time with my dad's funeral years ago. Although I had attended some funerals since that time for relatives that have largely been a presence all my life this would be something that would be tough. Not sure I want to see my grandmother in a casket.

And now for the unbelievable feeling that Gurtine Burns Howard is gone!

Electronic Village: Artur Davis Failed in Effort to Be the 'Next Obama'; Now He Wants to be the 'Next Herman Cain'

Ouch! Artur Davis was a former Alabama Congressman who retired from politics after losing a big for Governor of Alabama in 2010 had reportedly elected to switch not only his voter registration to another state as he now resides in Virginia but he stated that he was leaving the Democratic Party and would run for another office as a Republican.

Villager asks this question about Congressman Davis:
What is your take on Artur Davis? Will he ever be more than a sideshow in the Republican Party?
OUCH!!! I can feel the rejection already and Davis hasn't run for anything yet.

I do hope that in opening up Blacks to the Republican that Davis won't just be another sideshow for the Republicans. Hopefully he will be independent enough to develop his own voice in promoting the Republican Party in Black communities around the nation. An alternative is neccesary.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Joe Walsh isn't backing off of his comments.

[VIDEO] Congressman Joe Walsh was interviewed tonight on The O'Reilly Factor. He had to explain his remarks to constituents in the Chicago suburb of Schaumburg. Walsh didn't back down one bit from his remarks. Struck the right notes of black-on-black violence and school vouchers. In fact noting the violence of Memorial Day weekend Chicago, he even asked where Rev. Jesse Jackson was.

And on that tact, Ed McClelland at Ward Room - a political blog from our local NBC affiliate - had more to say on this subject in an article entitled "Opinion: Walsh Defends Race Remarks"
Maybe Rep. Joe Walsh, Tea Party-Ill., chose the wrong Congressional district to run in. Walsh is running in the 8th District, which encompasses Chicago’s Northwest suburbs. But after listening to his comments on this morning’s “Big John & Amy Show,” Walsh might be more qualified to run in the 2nd, the South Side district represented by Jesse Jackson Jr.
And on that point this is something that should be interesting. I don't necessarily disagree with his comments and he may find many blacks who have little issue with some of his statements. We can hear this on the airwaves but at some point he may well need to come to the "hood" to espouse his ideas or at least help those candidates who believes in some of the same policies he's talking about now.