Saturday, December 31, 2005

Rehash of an earlier post...

I posted the full article back in July. The article was off of a black GOP website but also was published in the Washington Times. The changes of the demographics of many black congressional districts and this is not necessarily of race but of income. So after looking at my post again the last two paragraphs spoke to me.

This is from Congressman Charles Rangel who has been front in center in his criticism of President Bush. He doesn't like the war, he doesn't like Bush's election to office back in 2000, and he probably doesn't like Bush's tax cuts for the rich. So for those other Congressional Black Caucus members who are voting for tax cuts and pro business policies. I suppose Rep. Rangel doesn't agree and he says these individuals are voting stupid.

A recent editorial on criticized caucus members who voted for the bankruptcy and estate-tax bills, accusing them of being bought off by corporations and wealthy campaign donors and betraying core Democratic values. But Rep. Charles B. Rangel, New York Democrat and another founding member of the caucus, said the notion the caucus is losing cohesion is ridiculous.

"Why any member would be voting for the bankruptcy bill or estate-tax repeal or for making the tax cuts permanent or any of those things is just stupid, but it doesn't tear us apart because whether it is a speaker or a member, we only have one vote," he said.

"We have to be very, very tolerant of a person that votes stupid, because they may think they have a good reason and they are the ones who come down here, so you may think the vote is stupid but they know what they are doing," Mr. Rangel said.

It is easy for me to say Rep. Rangel is losing touch. But I don't know Harlem or the rest of his district. I just would like to add that he is one of the few members who has been around since the very beginning (1969 since the Congressional Black Caucus was founded). I look at this as good news still but I have no doubt we still have a long way to go.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

You’re a Republican???

I found this on one of my internet forums that I frequent. In addition this was an ad in the Washington Post from October 2004. I will provide a link to the page but I will post this statement in its entirety.

I also want to add that this has been a debate mainly amongst those who are not political and those who are on the left. If you hear the sentiment alluded to in this statement, take it as not necesarily the truth, but as propaganda. Who ever may claim what they believe a Republican is, may not know any Republicans and even if they do perhaps they just met one jerk and decided that they represent all Republicans. In any event I'm sure you'll read this and then you'll make up your own mind.

In today’s America, ask a growing number of high school and college students; their teachers and professors; the self-anointed media elite and/or hard working men and women of all ethnicities, the question, “What is a Republican?”, and you’ll be told “… a rich, greedy, egotistical individual, motivated only by money and the desire to accumulate more and more of it, at the expense of the environment … the working poor ….and all whom they exploit…”

I am a Republican … I am none of those things… and I don’t know any Republicans who are.

WHAT I AM … first and foremost, is a loving husband of some 52 plus years, the father of four and an American who’s proud of his country… and his country’s heritage.

WHAT I AM … is the grandson of immigrants who risked everything, including their lives and those of their children, to escape tyranny in search of freedom.

WHAT I AM … is a man who grew up during the Depression and witnessed, first hand, the effects of the Stock Market crash and the soup lines that followed. I watched as both my parents and grand parents, who had very little themselves, share what food they had with a half dozen other families, who had even less.

WHAT I AM … is someone who worked his way through college by holding down three and four jobs at a time and then used that education to build a better life.

WHAT I AM … is a husband who, at age 24, started his own business for the “privilege” of working 60, 70 and 80 hours a week, risking everything I had, including my health, in search of a better life for myself and my loved ones.

WHAT I AM … is a businessman whose blood, sweat and tears…. and plenty of them…, made it possible for me to provide a secure living, not only for my family and myself, but also for literally hundreds of my employees throughout the years. Employees, who in turn, were able to buy their own homes, raise their own families and give back to their communities and their country.

WHAT I AM … is a man who believes in God; a God who has blessed this country… and all for which it stands.

WHAT I AM … is someone who knows, if you doubt miracles exist in today’s world, you need only to look into the face of those who received them … and the eyes of those who give them.

WHAT I AM … is an American who’s proud that his President embraces a belief in God; proud of a President who understands, as “politically incorrect” as it may be, there is evil in this world and for the security and safety of all freedom loving people everywhere, it must be confronted… and it must be defeated.

WHAT I AM … is an American who takes comfort in the knowledge that our President refuses to allow decisions concerning the very safety and security of this nation, to be governed by the political whims of foreign governments.

WHAT I AM … is tired of hearing from leading Democrats who see only negativity in America; racism in her people; class warfare in her society and “political incorrectness” in her character.

WHAT I AM … is a former democrat who now understands that it is the soldier and not the reporter that guarantees us our freedoms of press, speech and dissent.

WHAT I AM … is a man who believes in the sanctity of life. A man who is repulsed by the pandering of the political left for votes, at the expense of the unborn.

WHAT I AM … is a husband and father who believes in the sanctity of marriage and the preservation of the family unit.

WHAT I AM … is a movie go-er who is repulsed by those insecure, socially inept, elementary thinking, ego-inflated “entertainers” who have appointed themselves “experts” in the fields of national security and geo-politics and then use their forum to attack this nation, its leaders and its actions…. much to the delight and encouragement of our enemies.

WHAT I AM … is an American who understands the difference between "censorship” and “choice”. Evidently, these individuals do not, because when these same “celebrities” receive public ridicule for their offensive actions, the first thing they yell is “Censorship!”. What they seem incapable of understanding is… the right of free speech and dissent is shared equally by those offended… as well as those who offend. I support and will continue to support those films and performers whom I choose to … and refuse to support those I don’t. It is my right as an American … a right I will continue to enthusiastically exercise.

WHAT I AM … is a voter, tired of politicians, who, every time their voting records are subjected to public scrutiny, try to divert attention from their political and legislative failures by accusing their opponents of “attack ads” and “negative campaigning”…. and the news media who allow them to get away with it.

WHAT I AM … is a Catholic who loves his God and his Faith… and who’s been taught to respect all religions whose teachings are based in love, peace and charity. As such, I am embarrassed and ashamed of those individuals, in both private and public life, whose decisions and actions are devoid of any sense of character or morals; individuals who are only driven by what’s best for them … rather than what’s right … often times at the expense of many …. including our national security.

WHAT I AM … is a realist who understands that the terrorist attack that murdered hundreds of innocent Russian children could have occurred here, in our heartland. That’s why I sincerely believe America needs now, more than ever, a President who sees with a clear and focused vision and who speaks with a voice when heard by both friend and foe alike, is understood, respected and believed.

WHAT I AM … is eternally grateful to Ronald Reagan for having the bravery to speak out against Communism and the courage of his convictions in leading the fight to defeat it; and George W. Bush for the vision, courage, conviction and leadership he has shown in America’s war on terrorism amidst both the constant and vicious, personal and political attacks both he and his family are made to endure.

WHAT I AM … is a human being, full of numerous faults and failures, but a man nonetheless, who, though not always successful, has continually strived to do “what’s right” instead of “what’s easy”. A man who is challenging the religious leaders of all faiths, to not only preach to their congregations the fundamentals of “what’s right” and “what’s wrong”, but to also then hold them accountable for their actions in both the public and private sectors.

WHAT I AM … is disgusted with the Courts who, on one hand, call the murder of a pregnant woman a “double homicide” but then refer to the abortion of her baby as, “pro-choice”.

WHAT I AM … is someone deeply troubled by a political party which embraces a candidate whose primary “leadership” qualities center around his protesting of the Vietnam war and his labeling the honorable men and women who fought in it, (50,000 of whom gave their lives in that action), as rapists, and war criminals. That same political party then stepped forward this year to block the appearance of a true Vietnam war hero, retired Admiral and former United States Senator, Jeremiah
Denton, (a man who spent seven years and seven torturous months in a North Vietnam prison), from speaking before an open session of the California legislature as part of that state’s 4th of July celebration. The reason Democrats gave for refusing to allow this American hero to speak before their state legislature was because of the “conservative” nature of his views. As an American, that troubles me deeply ….as well it should you.

WHAT I AM … is a man who feels the need to spend, $104, 655.60,(tax paid) of his own money, to purchase this advertisement, in order to set the story straight. Some may say this money would have been better spent feeding the world’s poor. At the risk of sounding self-serving, as an American and as a Republican, for the last six decades of my life, I have done exactly that… and more. Following the examples of my parents and grand parents, I have used my earnings to feed the poor, shelter the homeless, provide housing for the elderly and medical care for the sick….. and continue to do so… and I’m not alone in that work.

WHAT I AM … is someone who is paying for this announcement, at my sole expense, in hopes of opening the eyes of those led blindly by ill-informed elements of our great nation, who, through either ignorance, or malicious intent, repeatedly attack and belittle those of us who belong to a political party that holds true to the belief, “… the rights of the governed, exceed the power of the government”. For those interested, I am speaking only as a tax-paying individual who is in no way associated with The Republican National Committee, nor with any of its directors, or delegates.

WHAT I AM … is a man who understands, “the American way of life” is a message of self-empowerment for all.

WHAT I AM … is an American who is grateful that our nation gives each of us the opportunity of self-determination and the right to benefit from the fruits of self achievement.

WHAT I AM … is an American who wants to preserve that way of life for all who seek it.

WHAT I AM … is blessed to be an American…. and proud to be Republican.

George J. Esseff, Sr.

You're a Republican

Saturday, December 24, 2005

A minor change in time for the holidays...

I have yet to decide for how long but I'm going to change my longtime profile picture from longtime Ebony publisher John H. Johnson to a Christmas tree image that I took on the campus of Chicago State University. I don't know how long I'm going to keep that up maybe until New Years and that'll be as if I actually put up a tree.

Anyway I had John H. Johnson up as a tribute since he passed away over the summer. Perhaps it is with his accomplishments in mind that I start this blog. He is a legend and will always be something of an influence for this blog. How can you beat a man who had used his mother's furniture as collateral to build a multi-million dollar business.

It's My Mind's coverage of John H. Johnson's death...
The death of John H. Johnson
Media success isn’t equally acknowledged
More John H. Johnson coverage

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Abandoned twins found...

This was on the news last night. Some twins were found at a church on the west side. This is considered illegal because state law requires thatparents can leave their babies less than 3 months old at hospitals and at fire and police stations.

These twins a boy and a girl were found at North Austin Lutheran Church on 1500 North Mason. They were found at about 7:45 Wednesday morning by a custodian, Kenneth Green. Originally Mr. Green had named them Kenneth and Kennetha Hope. At the emergency room however, there were renamed Mary and Joseph to fit the Christmas season.

Thankfully these babies were found somewhere they can be found and with the hope that they will be safe. The Sun-Times article I'll link to mentions other abandoned twins in which one set were found dead in a Stickney, Illinois dumpster in June 2003.

Abandoned twins found at church Chicago Sun-Times.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Evan Coyne Maloney has a post on vlogging...

He says he doesn't like the term vlogging. He may not have helped give birth to videoblogging but he got some attention back in 2003 for this video. His video was published onto the internet and he gained some attention mainly in right wing circles for his video.

In his post from December 19th, 2005, he discussed how finally the MSM has finally discovered videoblogging (or vlogging if you prefer). However, Mr. Maloney did have this to say about the term vlogging...
It's nice that the media dinosaurs are finally noticing, although it is regrettable that the label vlog is being used for video blog. The term blog is annoying enough, but vlog? Come on! It sounds like the noise someone makes when coughing up phlegm.
Honestly his work in producing short videos on the internet and attracting an audience as well as some attention is the primary reason why I'm considering going that route.

South Suburban politics...

I found an item from the Capitol Fax blog about what is going on in the area of Dolton, South Holland, and the far south side of Chicago. I'm talking about the 15th district represented by Rev. James Meeks in the state senate. If you don't know who I'm talking about I attempted to chronicle his racial profiling episode this past summer on this blog.

First here's a history of what's going on out south. Back in 2002, Rev. Meeks mounted an independent campaign against the Mayor of Dolton who was also was the incumbent state senator, William Shaw. In November Shaw lost his seat and it's currently held by Rev. Meeks. I should also add that Meeks is an ally of US Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. And Jesse Jr. has a bit of a rivalry, if you will, with the Shaws. Yes there are two of them.

William Shaw has a twin brother, Robert Shaw. He until earlier this year was a commissioner on the Cook County Board of Review. He also lost his seat to a Jesse Jackson Jr. ally. He attempted to run for the Village Presidency of South Holland but he lost to the incumbent, Don DeGraff.

The Shaw brothers used to be powerful players in not just suburban politics. They used to be a force in the city. I believe Robert Shaw was once a member of the Chicago City Council as well as a comitteeman in the city's 9th ward and he was ultimately ousted by the current Alderman Anthony Beale. Now we head into the Capitol Fax article.

The intrigue here is that Robert Shaw is seeking the seat of an ally of Rev. Meeks, State Representative David Miller. Also another individual working under Dolton mayor William Shaw, a lady by the name of Carmella Green is seeking to replace Rev. Meeks in the state senate. This is starting to look exciting. But it might be another defeat for the Shaws.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I went to Borders last night in Beverly. I bought a couple of items that interested me for a while. Yesterday was key because this was the last day to take advantage of the 30% off on only one item. This would have cost me a lot of change if I didn't have the 30%.

The first item I bought was ECW: One Night Stand. A PPV that I had missed out on back in June so then I bought the DVD version. I watched it until about 1:30 in the morning and I just loved it. It was a bit watered down for my taste but other than the blatant rip off and variation of the original ECW entrance themes of the many stars the action was as much as I truly wanted. The production values was much better but it was no doubt thanks to this being an actual WWE production. If this was truly an ECW event, the background would have been dark and not as well lighted. Well some of this was inconsequential the action was exactly what I was looking for and I'd reccomend this for the wrestling fan in your family.

The second item I bought was a book by journalist Bernard Goldberg. He has aslo written books on the MSM (mainstream media) titled Bias and Arrogance. This new book, 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America, takes a look at those individuals who aren't exactly doing a great service to America. He may either lump these individuals under categories like he has for the many air headed celebrities out there and then some individuals such as Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, Howard Dean, etc. From what I read this looks like a good read, it's too bad I'm not exactly a voracious reader so hopefully I'll have something to report to you eventually.

I know this book is probably old news. There was some publicity for this book over the summer of this year. Then again so was ECW: One Night Stand. I made two great purchases last night.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Blagojevich has an opponent...

There has been some rumbles about this since about October. Finally we have a campaign site for Ed Eisendrath linked from IlliniPundit. Eisendrath was a member of Chicago's city council and has been out of politics for a while until his disappointment with Governor Blagojevich.

Right now the idea is that if nothing serious as far as any serious improprieties in Blago's administration, then bumping the governor from office will be much more difficult if not impossible. I just hope Eisendrath will prove to be Blagojevich's toughest competition, indeed I hope Eisendrath may win the primary. I just haven't decided which ballot to pull at this time.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Do you guys remember Steve Case???

He used to be chairman of AOL. After AOL merged with Time-Warner, he left his own company. I just saw him on FOX News Sunday where I have learned that he once came out and said AOL should be its own company. This isn't what I want to write about however.

Right now he's working at a small venture. A health care company known as Revolution. He said this reminds him of the days when AOL was a much smaller company. If he was successful with AOL hopefully he'll be successful with Revolution.

According to this piece in the FOX News Sunday segment, Power Player of the Week, Jobs has opened up clinics where on the weekends instead of that next Monday, one can take their kids to a clinic if he has an ear ache. Jobs also wants to allow the patient (the health care consumer) to be able to make much more informed decisions about their health care. Apparently health care is considered somewhat ineffiecient. I'll have to agree, my mother had to go to the hospital a year ago, but what I had a problem with was that she had to go to the emergency room.

Why do people who don't have an immediate problem go to the emergency room? The emergency room are for those who have an ambulance called for them or are near death or whatever the standards are. There should be somewhere else an individual can go where the patient can be treated right away but without hurting those who might really need help the most. Of course I won't take too much away from those individuals working at the ER, they saved my mother's life as it turns out.

In any case health care is another issue that has been in the news since who knows when. The main issue hasn't been effieciency but costs. Then there is the issue of insurance. There is another issue that I have come up with. Why don't doctors do house calls anymore?

Quit isolating poor or face riots

This was an article in the Chicago Sun-Times and I first heard about it on the Rush Limbaugh program on Friday. He made a statement at a ground breaking for a mixed income development which is to be bulit on the site of the former CHA Stateway Homes bounded by 35th, Federal, State and Pershing. It will be called Park Boulevard.

Daley talked about the rioting that happened in Paris over the past month which basically involved Muslim youth. Daley fear something similar can happen here in the states. So basically he made this statement...

"We're the only city in the nation attacking this problem. If they don't attack the problem and do something about it. . . . You keep reading all about Paris, outside of Paris. Isolation of the poor, what has taken place there. That could come very quickly to the United States,"
Rush Limbaugh titled this link Mayor Daley Says Poverty Will Turn Us into France. On his show, and I agree somewhat, his statement with regards to the idea of a mixed income development will have be proven to be a good idea. I'm not that sure that it is, however, perhaps isolating the poor isn't a very good idea. It definitely wasn't on the State Street corridor.

Friday, December 16, 2005


I originally created this list on Oct. 10, 2005 and edited this on Nov. 19, 2005. This was once known as "What blogs do I read?"


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  • I intend to place a link in the sidebar to this post. I will edit this or I may just decide to do the blogrolling thing in the near future. We'll see.

    Destination: South Side

    One of the neighborhoods featured in this Chicago Tribune article was South Shore. This neighborhood interests me because of its architecture and its potential. They have a Metra line running down 71st street. It is home to a historic district. Also there is some nice housing stock from apartment buildings to single family homes (particularly bungalows).

    Their other assets include the lakefront. Indeed there is a park which was an exclusive club, today it is a public park with a golf course and a beach. There are is also a landmark there, the headquarters of the Nation of Islam. There is also a high school and a hospital as well as a shuttered theater and yes I'm talking about the New Regal Theatre. There is also Jackson Park and its many lagoons.

    There is a white couple featured in this article who recently procured a place in South Shore. South side living has proven to be a lot less than living in other parts of the city. Thanks to disinvestment and vacant lots the stage is set for new developments on the south side of Chicago.

    You know who'd have thought that north siders or even suburbanites want to live anywhere close to the south side. There have been neighborhoods on the south side to live in and avoid. Perhaps one day the south side may prove to be the next hot area in Chicago and the north side might be in need of development.

    I would have always hoped that the diversity and affluence of Hyde Park could somehow trickle into the other nearby neighborhoods. It looks like it just might happen perhaps Chicago won't be as segregated as it has been for many years. It could be both sad but on the other hand a good thing. The key here though is to no squeeze out any longtime residents.

    I've written many articles about the neighborhoods in Chicago. The changes and the redevelopment. Past and present of course. Hopefully I'll have more to write about.

    Thursday, December 15, 2005

    Dollars flee black neighborhoods...

    This was covered in today's Mary Mitchell column entitled, New Orleans, Chicago suffer similar ailments. The gripe here is that our money doesn't stay in the community and that major retailers don't open up shop in the black community. We can also discuss black merchants but the unfortunate thing is they may not have the capital to either expand their businesses or even the opportunity. I also remember an article in the magapaer N'Digo about this phenomena and the issue is also advertising. Black businesses don't advertise or spend any money on it.

    Hmm. Perhaps that's why we have the black pages and such. Generally this is a gripe that is somewhat self imposed. Why don't blacks spend money in their own communities they way other ethnic groups seem to? There are those who have enough pride to see a black doctor or do business with black people. Then there appears to be so many of us who refuse to do business with other blacks.

    I remember in my Intro to International Relations class last semester. My professor talked about how people in Africa would prefer to eat Uncle Ben's rice rather than their own home grown rice. There is a lack of pride there according to him and there is a perception that rice not grown in Africa is better than rice grown in Africa. Perhaps the same perception is at work here.

    I could blame this on the fact that the "evil white man" has conditioned us to not like or trust other black folks. However, if that is the reason why we don't keep our money in the black community, then there must be a reason to change this. I have always said that I believe the black America is a very talented group of people if we do support each other we can make it work. What's sad is that the odds are defintely against black Americans.

    Thankfully I do some kind of business with a black business all the time. I hope to be able to continue doing so.

    Wednesday, December 14, 2005

    What's new...

    I have just celebrated my birthday today. I wanted to do something special here to mark it so here it is...

    The picture is a younger version of yours truly with my dad many years ago. He has been dead since 1997. So on my birthday I have this as a tribute to him. I really wish he was still with us today. Without him there wouldn't be me and that's how I look at it amongst other things. So this is my birthday post here.

    In other news around here. Well as you can tell I've been tweaking the template of this blog. I have added a Fickr badge to the sidebar under My Pictures. I am only displaying pictures tagged Chicago because for now that is the theme I am using for the badge. This is something I have only thought about since I have seen other blogs using Flickr to exhibit their pictures. I hope to have more pictures to show to you all and not just from around Chicago too.

    Well I'd appreciate any well wishes even though my birthday is just about over. Have a happy holidays.

    Monday, December 12, 2005

    Tookie has been denied clemency...

    Tookie Williams a co founder of an LA street gang the Crips has been denied clemency from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. It looks like he will be executed. He was sentenced to death for the murder of four people during two robberies.

    I found out mainly from FOX News and then the Chicago Tribune. So I'll share some links with you. There was a movement to save Tookie.

    Schwarzenegger Rejects Williams' Bid for Clemency from Chicago Tribune
    YOUR QUESTIONS: Tookie Williams faces execution from Chicago Tribune
    Schwarzenegger Won't Spare Tookie's Life from

    Sunday, December 11, 2005

    Richard Pryor has passed away...

    He died yesterday aged 65. He had been suffering from multiple sclerosis for years. Because of it, he didn't make too many appearances over the years. I'd have given anything to have seen do more work today. This would have been the perfect time.

    Well anyway I've heard this for a while during the day yesterday and I just found out sometime last night. One of first exposures to him was the movie Silver Streak with Gene Wilder. That movie appealed to me more because the movie involved a train.

    Pryor's style of comdedy influence so many current performers today. Even better his style was tame compared to what comedians do today.

    Richard Pryor Dies at 65 from FOX News.

    Friday, December 09, 2005

    Greetings from home...

    I took one of the longest bus rides in my life and this was supposed to be a brief trip. It was raining along the way from between Atlanta and Nashville. Then in Nashville there was an announcement that there will be no service out of Louisville to Indianapolis and Chicago until further notice. I had just talked to my mother who mentioned that it was snowing in the Midwest but before this announcement I didn't really take it seriously.

    Basically there are plenty of rumors around since Greyhound was shut down from Chicago to Louisville. One was that we wouldn't be moving until 12 noon. We got more information when we got to Louisville. There were some accidents along I65 North. Along this stretch as we inched toward Chicago I found out what they were talking about. A trailer was upside down in the median. Along side my bus was a wrecked truck being towed to the next point. I also found out from another stranded passengers that the Indianapolis terminal was shut down at 8:30 PM last night. Passengers were stretched out in the station all night.

    Thankfully the 12 noon estimate had proven to be incorrect and Greyhound personnel said that service may resume at 7:30 AM. Sure enough it was and we were finally on our way. The roads didn't look too bad on our way up until we saw hints of skidding and wreckage. Also in situations like this is seems no one had their story straight until we got to whatever point we needed to get to.

    We didn't know if the bus would make its scheduled stop beyond Indianapolis and before Chicago. Some passengers didn't know if they can change buses in Gary for places such as Elkhart. Thankfully everyone got to their destinations save for one who was lost anyway. He looked like he was messed up anyway or a little out of it. He proved to be a problem before we crossed the state line into Chicago. At two points he made his move to the door only to be blocked. Turns out he was on the wrong bus and the driver had enough and let him off on the Indiana Toll Road.

    Anyway getting lost in Hammond, kicking a passenger off on the toll road, and a few more miles later I finally made it home for the holidays. I'm debating whether I should take Greyhound ever again. Should I just fly or take a train? Hopefully I'll find the right alternative soon.

    Wednesday, December 07, 2005

    Pearl Harbor Day

    This dated marked our entry into the Second World War. The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor using their naval air force. This prompted a remarkable campaign in the pacific theater of the war. With ferocious naval battles fought not between two battleships but aircraft carriers. And aircraft doing most of the fighting. There was also island hopping, that is strategic landings on islands by US Marines.

    Who can indeed forget Gen. Douglas MacArthur has he was engaged in the far eastern theatre of the war which included the Philipines. Legends and heros were made then. Of course how can I neglect the European and African theater of the war. The Tuskegee Airmen and the airbattles over Europe the air raids over Germany. General Patton, General Eisenhower, and then the individual soldier who once again were heroes.

    The world was crazy back then. Homocidal dictators seeking to expand their control and influence and they seemed to be winning. Thankfully our forces beat them back although totalitarianism in its many forms are still with us today.

    Today America still seeks to fight for freedom. We seem underappreciated for it though. I may not have agreed with going into Iraq, however, those people have something they haven't had in years. Freedom and it just seems unfortunate that there are those who don't recognize what we are attempting to build over there. They would just as soon let those people fend for themselves and fall into the same trap that they already had fallen into.

    That being said this is another day to recognize not only those who had fallen at Pearl Harbor but all of our military people who have died in the many campaigns of the United States. Those who have served are truly the finest people we have to offer no matter why they joined the armed services.

    Tuesday, December 06, 2005

    Just a thought...

    I was thinking about this Simpson's episode and I was able to find it yesterday. This episode was called Fraudcast News and had Lisa Simpson's newsletter as the only game in town after Mr. Burns buys up all the other media in Springfield. Thanks to rather hilarious circumstances (you know what they do on The Simpsons) Lisa closes up her little press, however we see the people of Springfield coming out with their own newsletter distrubuting them around town. That is in someways how I see the various blogs out their no matter if their medium is text, audio, or video.

    So today I got to thinking about how the 60s would have turned out if there was these blogs, vlogs, or even podcasts out there. Would postcasting be anymore different than pirate radio? Are vlogs any more different than a form of cable access. Well pirate radio has been around a while. But everything else just imagine.

    So basically I came up with this idea that perhaps at some point down the road someone may do this blog where they can evoke the 60s era. They can have on dishikis, sport an afro, and raise their fists declaring "BLACK POWER". And don't think this is a joke, the message I always had from the 1960s was something along the lines of "FIGHT THE POWER!!!" (Oh btw, I have this tune in my head and you will too if you watched Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing with Radio Raheem played by Morehouse alumni Bill Nunn who I met during last year's homecoming festivities)

    In any case I've come to conclude that this is one of the functions of a blog. We can step back away from say the MSM and tell our own stories and give our own take on the issues of the day. And perhaps bring our passions and sense of justice and fairness out there.

    I just know I've opined on this one too many times already. But imagine a time when I'm finally able to say that this is blog in text, pictures, audio, and video. All I can say is that I'm working on it. And yes someone may steal my idea of a rather 1960s style blog with rather Afrocentric and revolutionary overtones. I'd be royally amuzed and I'll do this my way.

    Sunday, December 04, 2005

    Vlog on protest at an execution

    You might be interested in this if you're an opponent of the death penalty. I support the death penalty and believe it is not something to be taken lightly. But I won't take away from these activists who were keeping vigil on December 2, 2005. On that date, North Carolina carried out the 1000th execution in the United States since the death penalty was reinstated back in 1976.

    I have to think that this is the most serious vlog that I have ever posted here. Most of them have been for comic relief. This is truly what I would like to see out there.

    From Chris Daniel's Video Blog.

    Saturday, December 03, 2005

    A City that Was Never Legit!

    I found this article about Chicago politics from the Illinois Police and Sheriff's News from 1995. It makes barely a mention about black politics in Chicago except that Mayor Richard J. Daley's 1955 election brought peace into the "squalid South Side ghetto neighborhoods where the African-American residents had lived in abject poverty and misery for so many years" and the murder of Alderman Ben Lewis in 1963. If you must know he was murdered after winning a mandate in his relection bid in 1963. You can read more details in the article.

    Basically it gives a fairly brief history of Chicago politics. A little patronage, assasinations, civil disturbances, and extreme partisanship to name a few underlining themes. The article argues that Chicago is corrupt. Some may argue that it is still corrupt, as a matter of fact authorities are still finding some elements of corruption in city government even now although it wasn't what it once was.

    Apparently the article claims that Chicago isn't yet ready for reform, yet. This article was written in 1995. Though there is an attempt to root it out through the efforts of mainly the US Attorney's office in Chicago. Who knows if the corruption will ever truly subside.

    Thursday, December 01, 2005

    Jumping the broom...

    While this is out of the scope of what I do on this blog I just want to rant about this. I have been to two weddings where the couple jumps the broom. I don't know when black couples started doing this (which may be after Roots aired in the 1970s). However, it is done so that black folks may have a connection to their enslaved ancestors.

    Apparently jumping the broom was a symbolic gesture and since slaves in America were nothing more than farm animals marriage between slaves were not considered legal. In additon slaves were not afforded a Christian wedding so what replace was the sybolism of jumping a broom, which represents the joining of two families. As I understand while this tradition is considered uniquely black American it also has also been adopted by neo-pagans. It is also possible that this ritual had been adopted from an African ritual of laying sticks on the gound which represents the couple's new home together.

    What is my problem? This is the one thing I won't do. My brother when he got married didn't want to do it, but did it because it was what his bride wanted. I suppose I see this as just another meaningless tradition and perhaps a little dehumanizing because it is a result of a very hurtful period in American history. I know that the black ladies seem to love it, but if I ever had to do it, I will break the broom and yes I will pay for it. I'd rather walk out of the sanctuary as a man.

    Jumping the broom (Wikipedia)
    Jumping the broom (