Wednesday, April 27, 2005

First ladies running for office

Hilary Clinton set a precedent by running for the Senate seat for New York. Ironically there were no vocal charges of carpetbagging in 2000 and she won thanks to a late attempt by her opponent Rick Lazio and his attempt to get her to sign an agreement which caused feminist to chare him with intimidating her. The sad thing about this is that apparently people keep talking about her running for President but how did she even get consideration and win that senate seat. She was running off of her name and her association as per her relationship with her man, President Bill Clinton.

She is consider a very smart woman but she couldn't make it far without that name of her's. Yet feminists seem to support this as long as one of their own are in power. The Clinton's only exist today in my opinion by good packaging. She ought to be thanking the lucky stars that her husband was elected president in 1992. What would have happened if he hadn't won.

Regardless the question was posed to a first lady I care for more, Laura Bush (who just so happened to be married to a President I care for more). She was on the Tonight Show last night and says she has no ambition for higher office. So for now Hillary will have no followers in her footsteps. And hopefully if a first lady does seek office she have a little more than name and an association.

BTW, I just read this off of Yahoo News. I rarely watch Leno's tonight show.

Yahoo News

'Sugar daddy' syndrome may be spreading AIDS

In the past Mary Mitchell has written about the AIDS crisis in the black community. She has also written about the problem of down-low brothers. Let me explain what that means. A down-low brother is a man who is vain about who and what he is so he resorts to sneaking around. He has a girlfriend just to keep up appearances but on the side he also has a boyfriend and engages in intercourse. He may also engage in intercourse with his girlfriend. The consequences of this is that it is possible that he is engaging in intercouse with either partner WITHOUT protection. In other words, he may pass on to his partners an STD. It could be HIV/AIDS.

This phenomenon is a result of black cultural standards. Most of us go to church and we don't approve of gays. On top of that plenty of black guys don't like gays and will find ways to harrass them or really play the part of an very masculine male. Or they'll sleep with as many women as possible just tp prove it. What ever the case it is more taboo in black America than it would be in other quarters of America. The sad thing is this selfish activity is changing everyone's life for the worst.

This is an important subject in Atlanta where I go to school. Last year there was a program which discussed this. I go to Morehouse College an all-male school and you can only imagine that this may go on here especially since there is an all-girls school and a coed institution within walking distance of each other. Someone has probably been affected by this new crisis.

Well I can't say I know much about this so I should do more research on this. But Ms. Mitchell talks about "sugar daddies". Now this isn't touching upon the down-low syndrome but it does touch upon what's going on in Africa. In Africa it is believed that you can cure yourself of AIDS but having sex with a virgin. The thing is your not cured and you've merely spread the disease.

They did say that one black woman profiled in the Chicago Reporter was diagnosed as having AIDS and she found out later her husband was sleeping with another man.

Here are some statics about the AIDS epidemic amongst blacks:

African Americans account for 12 percent of the population in the United
States, but make up 72 percent of all newly reported HIV infections and over 50
percent of all AIDS diagnoses -- and it is the leading cause of death among
African-American women ages 25-34.

And African-American men accounted for about 50 percent of the
estimated 41,000 new AIDS cases among adults, and AIDS was the leading cause of
death for African-American men between the ages of 25 to 54.

Mary Mitchell on the point of the Sugar Daddies who have ways of effectively buying younger women, she makes a valid point.

In other words, if African women had more control over their lives, they wouldn't risk their lives for the gifts offered by older men.

If that's true, then what's our excuse?

I may come back to this issue later. There are a lot of crazy things going on in Africa right now, however, I would like to do some research on these issues as well. In the meanwhile read Mitchell's column.


Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Chicago black ward organizations

I found this article doing a google search on Chicago ward organizations and I came across this article from the Chicago Reporter.

This article was published back in 1999 after another municipal election. They talked about the Chicago political structure. Every ward in Chicago (there are 50 wards) have a committeman for both the GOP and the Democrats. They are elected in presidential election years. The committeemen are charged with selecting election judges and filling state legislative vacancies.

Once upon a time commetteemen were handing out patronage jobs or other perks but a decree in 1983 put an end to that. However ward political organizations can still get out the vote. To break it down however in most of the white wards the organizations are "powerful, fine-tuned organizations can still deliver the vote but, with a few notable exceptions". On the other hand black and latino organizations "have younger, weaker and less-disciplined party structures".

The only black wards as of 1999 that could boast of effective ward organizations where the 8th, 7th, 17th and 34th wards. All others are more difficult to bulid without patronage jobs. I should also remind you that the 17th ward organization didn't exist at all up until 2001.

In any case read this article, I may comment on it more later.

Article: Black Ward Organizations Languish

Do you wanna hear a story.

I found this at Protest Warrior. How telling. If only Mr. Danny Glover or any one else really has a clue about Fidel Castro's Cuba. The kicker is why this man went to jail for 27 years.

Castro's Gulag

This is a replica of the cell where Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet, a Cuban dissident that was sentenced to 27 years in jail by Fidel Castro, is being held.
The replica of his cell was based on the description that the Cuban doctor gave his wife, and was constructed in the backyard of the home of James Cason, the chief of the United States Interests Section in Havana, Cuba.
A little over six feet high and three feet wide, the holding cell of wood and metal features a drain on the floor for a toilet, a plastic bowl of food and a sheet for a pillow.ed.

And what horrible crime did Dr. Biscet commit, to be sentenced to 27 years in this terrible dungeon?
The Afro-Cuban doctor organized a seminar to teach his fellow Cubans about Dr. Martin Luther King, the American civil rights leader, and his non-violent forms of protest.
In any civilized country, Dr. Biscet would be commended for following the teachings of Dr. King, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, but in Castro's animal farm, this is considered a serious crime, and Dr. Biscet was sent to jail for 27 years!!
And have you heard the Black Caucus denounce such monstrous crime? NO!
Have you heard Jesse Jackson denounce the racist totalitarian regime of Fidel Castro? NO!
Have you heard Rep. Maxine Waters open her mouth in defense of Dr. Biscet? NO!
Have you heard Rep. Charles Rangel criticize Castro for sending someone to jail for following the teachings of Martin Luther King? NO!
Have you heard the NAACP say a word in defense of Dr. Biscet? NO!
Have you heard the Rev. Lucious Walker or his Pastors for Peace say a word about this crime? NO!

Because these false leaders would never criticize any crime committed by Castro, even if it is against one of their Afro-Cuban brothers whose only crime was to follow the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Please contact the NAACP and these Black political and religious leaders and ask them what is the reason that they are not supporting Dr. Biscet!

Source and look at the guys prison cell too.

If you wanna know more about Castro's Cuba visit here's the homepage of the link I provided.

Monday, April 25, 2005

The lastest Enterprise episode

This series is wrapping up its run in a few more weeks. Really sad too but it's the nature of network TV, all be it we're talking about UPN. There are plenty of episodes which allows us to recognize places, things, and species from the other pieces of the Star Trek universe. For example, we see Andorians, Vulcans, Romulans, Rigelians, etc. He hear about Delta, Enterprise was going to Babel, and this episode which I just saw last night takes us to the 22nd centuries alternate universe.

Admiral Forrest is in command of Enterprise. Archer is the first officer. T'Pol is very sex and is a loyal Vulcan slave of the Terran Empire. They go into the Tholian system and for the first time in modern Star Trek history we see an actual tholian (computer animated, but it's a Tholian) who is eventually tortured to death.

The Imperial Ship Enterprise makes a discovery in Tholian space. I could tell you but you would not be compelled to watch. If you want to know watch the next episode. If possible go to your Star Trek history books to the third season of the original series and make a guess. Remember this is an alternate universe.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Story out of Columbus, Ohio

I found this off of the forums at

There was a story about a 14 year-old girl attacked by some boys in a Columbus public school. He was punched in the face and then forced to perform oral sex on the boys attacking her. One of the boys observing her was taping this incident with a camcorder. There were other kids who came to observe ultimately one did report this incident to the school's authorites who in turn notified her father. They insisted he NOT call the police but he ignored this advice and this story broke.

Glenn Beck, a nationally syndicated radio talk show host, got hold of this storty and attempted to interview the Mayor of Columbus Mike Coleman. He at first mocked the mayor with a mock interview but ultimately they got the real thing on the air. This wasn't a rousing success of an interview and it's safe to say Mayor Coleman wasn't really willing to take a stand on this issue.

He has an interest in running for governor of Ohio. Perhaps I should continue to follow him and see if this issue causes him any problems.

The blog post that has links to Glenn Beck's clips.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

There are times I wish I had a camera down here

I should really invest in a good digital camera. I saw a prayer group convene near my dorm and I was in that very circle. It was already underway when I discovered it. A young man who plays on the Morehouse football team was the main preacher. Gave a good message too. I just wish I could show you what some of our young people are doing.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The new Pope

John Paul II successor is Cardianl Joseph Ratzinger, who will now be referred to as Pope Benedict XVI. I found this out from the Chicago Tribune.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Baseball season

The Cubs traded Sammy Sosa and now we are seeing the new Cubs. They are struggling right now. As of Monday they are 6-6, I'm still looking for the repeat of the run they had in 2003, when they were almost in the World Series until "tragedy" struck. That still hurts, but there's always next year. Next year was the collapse of 2004 and the season culminated in Sammy Sosa leaving Wrigley without talking to the press or even permission.

The Chicago White Sox I always take with a grain of salt. I do hope they do well as I do the Cubs, but something always happen with them. So far they are doing great, I hope this translates into a playoff run this year. I had doubts about Ozzie Guillen but I do like his more aggressive style which I've seen play a few times last year.

If possible I want to see the both of them play.

Chicago Cubs

Chicago White Sox

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Just to clear up some confusion

This picture that may signal my profile may change from time to time, but this current one I got from the forums as a knock against the Democrats. Notice the donkey or the animal that appears to be kicking on the armband and in the flag. This blog is by no means a fascist one. If anything consider this image a satirical one.

I only bring this up because I got a comment and he said that this image threw him off. No problem by any means. ;)


Off of the message boards a resource for those understanding leftism. There seems to be some good points made here. Have a look at this website and decide for yourself if it's worth anything.

Writings of John J. Ray

Saturday, April 16, 2005

John O'Sullivan's British election diary

It seems according John O'Sullivan the British people have about the same problems with their governmental and educational institutions as we seem to have here in the states. The why might be different, but it seems all the same regardless. Here's a quote which grabbed me...

These bodies all provide "public services" of one kind or another (including the provision of stern moral criticism.) They are monopolies funded mainly by taxation and unstimulated by competition. And, by and large, they are bad at what they do.

Police don't catch criminals; the immigration service admits terrorists; schools send out illiterates after years of compulsory "education"; the courts free dangerous criminals; welfare agencies station orphans with child abusers; hospitals keep patients in pain waiting for months (the plural of an NHS patient seems to be patience); and so on.

Doesn't it at times seem that way with the public sector in particulary here in the states. Somebody isn't doing their job, but somehow that somebody continues in there job as if they're doing something. That is wrong and this is the public sector at its worst.

I admire Tony Blair for his support for the war in Iraq, but he is as liberal or at least leftist as they may come. As I followed (not closely I'll admit) his election for Prime Minister of Britain the first time in 1997, he was basically running as a centrist, almost like Bill Clinton did. Unfortunately centrism could just be a mask for what a particular politician or party truly represents.

Read John O'Sullivan's column here.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

This what happens if you're a minority and you go against those who supposedly are "for" minorities

This has been a frequent charge against black Republicans since black Democrats became the powers that be in the black community. And while I can't say for sure where this irrationality comes from it exists and all be it the only way I know about this is second hand. Besides as I've stated in an earlier post to attack blac Republicans or conservatives is just another way to continue the divide amongst African-Americans and there is absolutely no need for it. All because blacks seem to have so much to lose right now.

Now this story and I depart from my black theme for a post. From Rush Limbaugh a story regarding a gay Republican by the name Arthur Finklestien, who just so happens to be a GOP operative who has launched a campaign against Hillary Clinton. The only purpose was to defeat Hillary Clinton when she is up for re-election next year. That being said this is where the first black president comes into play.

Now to be honest, I watched Meet the Press a few years ago when under his breath, Julian Bond made a rather disparaging remark about Rep. JC Watts. I actually caught apart of it, with him saying "Hut-Hut-Hut". This was an attack or an insult or something meant to hurt. Congressman Watts chastised the NAACP chairman for that foolishness. There was no need for that. If there wasn't an honest moment on Sunday morning TV that was it right there. In the raw.

In any case Bill Clinton made a statement about Mr. Finklestien's activism in the New York Daily News. Here's a quote...

"... He went to Massachusetts and married his longtime male partner and then he comes back here and announces this," Clinton said at a Harlem news conference.

"I thought, one of two things. Either this guy believes his party is not serious, and is totally Machiavellian in his position, or there's some sort of self-loathing there. I was more sad for him."

Of course the article alludes to John Kerry's statement about Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter during a debate last year. Apparently Clinton's comments regarding Finklestein was connected to that moment.

How can a gay man possibly be against liberals? How can a black man possibly be against Democrats? How can they be against people and a party who are inclusive and tolerant and understanding? Where did this lousy distinction come from? How are Republicans not inclusive, tolerant, and understanding?

Eventually I post it, but I've ran into articles talking about why the left hypes itself up in that fashion. But for not I want you the reader to let this nonsense sink in. I know many of you may know what's up. But let me clarify here, this is a gay man who went to Massachusettes to get married to his partner, but he's a Republican, and now he's a self-loathing and self-hating. I just must say if anyone should be dumb enough to make this statement they really need to look in a mirror.

Rush Limbaugh article here. (better hurry or at least get a subscription because it won't be there when the day is over with)

The NY Daily News here.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Hotel Rwanda

I had an inpromptu discussion with a classmate on Hotel Rwanda this morning. He definately had an axe to grind. He looks at it from a deeper perspective than I ever could have.

The story wasn't deep enough for him. All the film seemed to focus on was the slaughter rather than setting up why this was occuring. They didn't give a history in other words. The story of the film didn't talk about the role of the colonizers in Rwanda. It also didn't say that the Hutus were merely immigrants and a minority in Rwanda. So the movie missed a lot things.

But he didn't stop there. What would be the reaction of those who see the film or at least their target audience. According to him, it could reinforce our notions of Africa being this land where they do nothing but murder each other. That we can put ourselves on a higher pedestal than the Africans.

For the record (henceforth abbreviated FTR), I've not seen the movie. It was nominated for an academy award. All I can go on was what my friend said. But he did raise a few valid points that once should consider if you just so happen to see the movie.

Now I know, to make a compelling movie that takes place in history, it seems one has to forget about what really happened in history. In effect that has to take a back seat to making a story everyone wants to see.

Also and I almost forgot this. The movie apparently never mentions the UN's role and America's lack of response to this geonocide. Neither the America or the UN really lifted much of a finger to put a stop to this. This begs the question as to whether the President at the time, Bill Clinton was truly the first black president (and at that he got that title for negative reasons). Also there was the African Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan's role in his failure to stop this genocide.

To be honest, like I said I've not seen this movie, but I will attempt to do so over the summer. Also I don't know the history of this massacre. I don't even know the players during this (whether they're from Rwanda or world wide figures). The bottom line is a story does need to be told.

Follow up of 17th Ward Democratic Organization

There is a follow up story from the Chicago Sun-Times.

The head of the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA), Terry Peterson, is rethinking attending the functions of his ward's (17th ward) Democratic organization. The 17th Ward Democratic Organization has been the recipient of $250,000 in donations and Mr. Peterson and his other ward associates are the only connection since the 17th Ward of Chicago has no public housing projects of which the CHA oversees.

Again this organization was dormant between 1996 and 2001. It has become one of Chicago wealthiest ward organizations. Between 2001 and 2004 only the 25th and 33rd wards raised more money than the 17th ward.

This must beg a question. Since Mayor Daley is already taking hits on political donation and city contracts. Does this indicate that the problem is widespread in Chicago?

I have two articles for you from the Chicago Sun-Times on this issue:

First the story about clout heavy city contractors here.

Second the follow up to yesterday's story about the 17th Ward here.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Barack Obama and Robert Byrd

A follow up to my entry Barack Obama raising money for Sen. Robert Byrd? from March 30th, 2005.

Lynn Sweet from the Chicago Sun-Times and the Illinois Leader have made subsequent reports on the role Senator Obama is now playing in raising money for his Senate Democratic Colleague Robert Byrd of West Virginia. You wanna know how much Byrd has about now, $834,000.

If you don't know already Robert Byrd is up for re-election next year.

Read the Illinois Leader report here.

Read the Sun-Times article here.

EDIT: Barack is now with a blog take a look.

17th Ward Democratic Organization

The 17th Ward Democratic Organization of Chicago has become a recipient of cash from Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) contractors. Take a look at this quote from the article from the Chicago Sun-Times:

For some CHA contractors, the 17th Ward group is their favored, or only, place to donate political cash in Illinois.

Between 2001 and 2004, H.J. Russell, an Atlanta-based firm that manages CHA properties, gave 68 percent of its Illinois political donations -- $13,000 -- to the 17th Ward Democrats. The biggest contribution came four months before H.J. Russell won its largest contract, worth $8 million, according to CHA records. A company spokesman declined to comment.

Virginia-based Legum & Norman targeted just one political group in Illinois. The property management company gave $3,275 to the 17th Ward Democrats. Its first donation, for $500, came three months before Legum & Norman won its first CHA contract. A company executive told Residents' Journal the timing was coincidental.

Albert Blanchard, chairman of the 17th Ward Democrats, suggested that contractors are the ones driving the influx of money

"I think much of it may be perception," Blanchard, who isn't involved with fund-raising, told Residents' Journal. "Terry Peterson was previously the alderman. People perceive they might be able to gain an inroad."

This article also notes that the 17th Ward Democratic Organization has been dormant since 1996 but was restarted in 2001.

Not bad for an organization that was dormant from 1996 until 2001. To be sure though, there is reason to suspect that the head CHA, Terry Peterson is the reason for these donations. He does have a connection to the 17th Ward. He not only lives there, but he also used to be Alderman there. The 17th Ward is located on the South Side of Chicago and encompassed the neighborhoods of Auburn-Gresham, Englewood and West Chatham. He also has ties to the 17th Ward Democratic Organization and also attends their fundraisers. And to clarify as they had in the article, NOT as CHA Chief but as a resident.

Let me also just mention one thing, there are no public housing units in Chicago's 17th Ward. Here's another fact that I quote:

The $250,000 from CHA contractors accounts for 37 percent of all contributions to the 17th Ward Democrats over the last three years, according to the probe, which was released to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Read the article here.

Gun Control

Sometime last year, there was a story about some members of the Georgia General Assembly attempting to pass gun control legislations. Since they were black, I had the thought along the lines of, "Don't they know people get shot in the ghetto."

I understand that this statement isn't clear, but to be sure I'm not anti-gun. Gun control legislation is all fine and good if everyone is on the up and up on guns. Unfortunately I'll agree with the pro-gun crowd when they say that these criminals are worried about gun control because they have no intention of following the law anyway. A criminal is going to use the gun to commit crimes whether the crime is murder or robbery.

Regardless, gun control is a simple answer to a very complicated issue. Unfortunately gun control isn't a cure and I do believe the American people have the right to protect themselves with a gun. But the anti-gun crowd will still see guns as a problem rather than responsible individuals. To be sure some police officers aren't very responsible with their weapons. Regardless why shouldn't citizens of this great country be able to defend themselves with a weapon.

Should we not be able to defend our families and our properties. The police aren't always going to be there for you (at least not right away). This is not a knock against the police at all I support the police but the police can wind up busy at the wrong moments.

So if I do indeed say, "Don't they know people get shot in the ghetto", take that to mean that I think the ghetto would be much safer if those people who are sick and tired of violence in their neighborhood be allowed to have a weapon to defend themselves against the criminal elements. Esepcially if they just so happen to own homes or property there.

So here's my solution for guns and their regulation. There shall be no ban at least for those who haven't been convicted of a crime. If they have been or are considered irresponsible with a gun, they lose their rights to own or use a firearm. It's almost like being put in prison or probation. If you are found with a gun, you WILL go to jail, fined, or whatever. This is a more common sense solution then outright taking guns away from everyone.

Since I am on this track check out this column by Chicago Sun-Times columnist Laura Washington.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

'There is no way I could do anything else'

This is a very sad column by Mary Mitchell. This touches on the Terry Schiavo issue. At least this time the woman in question has a man who cares about her. They have four children and they're alumni of Morehouse and Spelman. They are involved in the arts and I admire that.

Unfortunately the issue has to be what to do for his wife who miscarriage in November of last year and remains in a coma. While he wants to give her a chance to survive the unfortunate thing about medical care is that it cost. This is what the husband Philip Thomas said about the feeding tube for his wife Ama:

"The Schiavo thing for me was a little atypical in that a lot of discussion seemed to be around the pressure to keep her alive as though that is what happens," Phillip said. "Having been in five different hospitals and seeing other families, the pressure is not to keep the feeding tube in, it is actually to take it out. Everything is based on cost containment for the insurance companies."

That is terrible and while I may not trust government health care one still have to worry about costs. Look at this other quote...

"I always assumed that medical care and health care was about trying everything possible to cure someone," Phillip said. "It doesn't seem that is the calculus. The calculus is what is medically necessary. From the insurance company's standpoint, it is about cost containment and the minimal thing we can do."

I wish I can help this couple and I do wish them the best. I hope Ama gets better. But this column does provide an address if you want to donate any money for Ama's care. So here's the information...

Friends of the Thomases have started the "Ujima for Ama Fund."

You can contribute by sending a check c/o The Black United Fund of Illinois, 1809 E. 71st St., Chicago, IL 60649. BUF is a 501(c)3 organization founded on the principles of self-help, mutual aid and volunteerism.

Here's the column.

Churches and Political Donations

This was a concern in the last election. Since most blacks in America are overwhelmingly Democrat, sometime the churches tend toward that direction. Black minister have their hands in politics as well. Ministers have stood for elective office and have served. In the last aldmermanic election in Chicago two ministers were incumbents and one of them lost his election. Also there is a minster, James Meek, who is a state senator having defeated a foe of his ally Jesse Jackson, Jr. Of course historically, a minister by the name of Adam Clayton Powell served as a United States Congressman for the state of New York.

In any case though, I would have one question. Should these ministers get politically involved and would doing so affect their spiritual mission? Whethere this is an issue that should be brought up, whether politically or otherwise, is another question. Besides, it was an issue that didn't appear to hold much water when Rev. Meek's opponent William Shaw was attemptin to retain his State Senate seat.

In any case I found this article and perhaps this is something I should maintain an interest in. Why? Because I'm not sure ministers or churches should become politically involved and they definitely shouldn't donate money to political campaigns. A minister should only worry about spirituality not politics. Of course, the two may overlap in areas of abortion, human rights, crime, euthanasia, etc. It is appropriate for a church or a minister to come out and speak on that issue and attempt to take action on that issue. It's just that the spiritual realm and the political realm should remain separate.

In any event the article from the Chicago Sun-Times doesn't just look at churches in general it does talk about non-profit organizations. However, I've picked out a quote that pertains to black churched offering donations to politicians. Here are the quotes:

Baptist churches and other religious organizations on Chicago's West Side were prevalent on the BGA's list. The Christian Love Missionary Baptist Church, Community Christian Alternative Academy and Good Hope Freewill Baptist Church all contributed to Citizens for Action, a West Side group that works to elect Democratic candidates.

Citizens for Action was the biggest recipient of nonprofit donations, collecting $14,250. Ald. Michael Chandler (24th), who has close ties with the group, made no apologies. He said his campaign and Citizens for Action will continue to accept donations until being told otherwise.


"Over history, African-American institutions have always been involved with politics, going back to the civil rights era with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and Martin Luther King," Chandler said. "I don't see how you can separate the two in my neighborhood."

Other tax-exempt groups said they've consulted with lawyers who have told them that, while giving directly to candidates isn't allowed, they can make contributions that allow members to attend political golf outings, dinners and other fund-raisers.

Such is the case at St. Sabina parish, which in October spent $2,500 to send several parishioners to a Navy Pier dinner honoring African-American leaders which was run by the 17th Ward Democratic Organization. In May, the church spent $1,500 to send volunteers to the same organization's golf outing.

"If it's an event where people are going and eating a dinner or golfing, I don't see a problem with that," said the Rev. Michael Pfleger, St. Sabina's pastor.

Here's a little snippet of what's going on amongst black churches and who they give their money to. I would hope that if anyone cares about their church I hope they know who they're giving their money to. That's not to say that's merely a black problem because this is something everyone should be concerned about.

Read this article here.

Friday, April 08, 2005

The Pope's death

Pope John Paul the Second died almost a week ago. He is being talked up as one of the greatest men we have witnessed. What impresses me was his ability to forgive the man who shot him. I may not choose to be catholic but I'll have to admit that I want to be more like him. I'd like to forgive the man who attempted to kill me or otherwise threaten to do harm to me.

This is one man's story and then so many others. This is something that should inspire so many to become Christians. If this doesn't, well who knows, but it's not the end of the world. Hopefully everyone will know a little bit about John Paul's story.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

This picture caught my attention...

Black Republicans do exist in Chicago. We unfortunately don't hear much about them because they don't hold a lot of sway in Chicago or in Illinois. They are pretty much their hopefully due to their dedication to being a Republican and representing their wards for their party.

In any case this image is courtesy of the Illinois Leader. The white man you seeing standing amongst them Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica, is seeking to run against County Board President John Stroger, who is a Democratic Commiteeman, just like these guys in the photo, for the 8th Ward Democratic Organization.

Image hosted by

Caption of this photo is from Illinois Leader:
Peraica pictured with a large contingent of the GOP's black ward committeeman who showed up to lend their support.

Click here for the larger photo.

Click here for the Illinois Leader article.

The Illini went to the National Championship Game & Lost :(

It was a very valiant effort. Unfortunately I didn't continue to follow the game. But a national championship for the University of Illinois was not meant to be. :(

They lost to the University of North Carolina, Michael Jordan's alma mater before joining the Chicago Bulls back in the 80s. The score was 75-70.


Even more shocking is that I didn't know that they were even in the national championship game. I didn't follow the final four games.

Monday, April 04, 2005

In light of the Terri Schiavo story...

There is a proposal by the Chicago City Council that will make living will forms available at Chicago libraries. This is Alderman Ed Burke's doing in light of what happened in Florida. This story is from the Chicago Sun-Times. Since the City Council is considered a rubber stamp council, there is a strong possibility that it will pass.

Here is the article.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Why do black folks like to protest?

Mary Mitchell starts this column with this paragraph...

Catherine Smith, 15, is a high-achieving sophomore at Kenwood Academy High School in Hyde Park whom some are comparing to Rosa Parks, a civil rights icon, because Smith refused to give up her seat in a McDonald's restaurant. I wouldn't go that far.

Intesting, except that she was asked to leave a section that were reserved for adults. Somehow this warrented a protest of 100 people on Thursday. They protested against discrimation against the youth. A divinity student from the University of Chicago had something to say at this protest...

"We are here today because we want an apology right now," roared Paul Robeson Ford, a ministry student at the University of Chicago Divinity School, to the crowd gathered just outside of McDonald's parking lot. "We want an apology to Catherine Smith. We want an apology to the students of Kenwood. We want an apology to the youth of this community."

Ms. Smith has family working at the University of Chicago. One of them, is actually a professor, Melissa Harris-Lacewell for the University's Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture. She had something to say...

"What we will absolutely not allow is for someone to make policies based on the identity of a customer,"

Now at this point, and this is why I love Mary Mitchell. She doesn't look at this through a simple and narrow viewpoint, she looks at it from the point of common sense. This is what she says next...

I understand her point of view. Still, it's disappointing that no one was willing to acknowledge why Travis would have such a policy in the first place.

Or why some store owners will only allow two students in their stores at a time. Or why some people won't get on a bus when school is letting out. We all know that high school students can be just that unruly.


Smith and her friends may be respectful, but most adults would rather use the drive-through than sit in a dining room filled with a crowd of teenagers in a fast-food restaurant when the teens are not being supervised by a parent or an adult.

Travis claimed she came up with the "reserved student seating area" because of "repeated customer complaints about unruly behavior."

Then I really liked the concluding paragraphs...

Instead of hiding behind public relations people on Friday, she should have spoken out about the unacceptable behavior that led to the policy. Maybe then both sides would have been able to bring attention to the real problem.

Unfortunately, Smith's passionate demonstration of youth power was a missed opportunity.

It would have been an excellent way to put her peers in check.

It's easy to point the fingers at what is the issue on the surface, but there was a reason for this policy. If Ms. Smith had understood that, perhaps she could have been a leader or made an example of herself to put a curb to this perceived issue. The owner could have explained herself better as well. She could have mentioned why she had her policy in place. Perhaps if would have been better than having and embarrasing protest.

Today is Sunday

So I have a couple of bible verses (or passages) if you will to think about. One is the charge of the blog (whether it lives up to is or not is another question) second is something I discovered and read to my bible group just last night. I apologize if the language that I use is different somewhat from what you might find you might find in your bibles.

Isaiah 1:17

Learn to do good, to be fair and to help the poor, the fatherless and widows.

Ecclesiates 5:10-20

He who loves money shall never have enough. The foolishness of thinking that wealth brings happiness! The More you have, the more you spend, right up to the limits of you income, so what is the advantage of wealth - except perhaps to watch it as it runs through your fingers! Then man who works hard sleep well whether he eats little or much, but the rich must worry and suffer insomnia.

There is another serious problem I have seen everywhere - savings are put into risky investments that turn sour, and soon there is nothing left to pass on to one's son. The man who speculates is soon back to where he began - with nothing; This, as I said, is a very serious problem, for all his hard work has been for nothing; he has been working for the wind. It is all swept away. All the rest of this life he is under a cloud - gloomy, discouraged, frustrated, and angry.

Well, one thing, at least, is good: It is for a man to eat well, drink a glass of wine, accept his position in life, and enjoy his work whatever his job may be, for however long the Lord may let him live. And, of course, it is very good if a man has received wealth from the Lord, and the good health to enjoy it. To enjoy your work and to accept your lot in life - that is indeed a gift from God. The person who does that will not need to look back with sorrow on his past, for God gives him joy.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Take a time out for a minute.

I started this blog more or less for my own enjoyment. To at least report on any issues that are of relevance, at least for what I care about. My blog is about black issues somewhat thanks to the fact that I'm black. My only thought is not to complain but to believe that black America can do better.

That being said, I'm beholden to neither a liberal or conservative point of view. I'm all for what makes sense. I'm for making our leaders accountable for the results they produce not so much for speaking up for us. To that end I look forward to reporting what I believe might be good for black America or Americans in general. It could be a conservative plan or a liberal plan but we must be able to weigh the options and decide what's good for everyone.

Finally, I have one more concern. In black America politics have become another dividing factor. One is looked down upon if he/she is found out to be a Republican, but if this same person was a Democrat he/she is such a great person. That's my motivation for not being on the bandwagon of Barack Obama. I don't necesarily think that a Democrat or a liberal will be always good for black Americans. I question what Bill Clinton has done for blacks during his presidency and of course one could only wonder what the standard bearer for ABB (Anybody But Bush)contingent would have done for blacks had he been elected President. Regardless it is apart of my personal platform that we have to get away from almost exclusively voting for one party for nothing less than historical reasons.

Historical reason being as I can decipher The New Deal, The Great Society, support of labor, Civil Rights, etc. The question blacks must ask when they punch a ballot in the next election is what have the Democrats (or anybody) done for us lately. I can really delve into this but I'll save this for another day. The bottom line is I want to know what I'm voting for and why. If it's all negative they will not get my vote. Bottom line is that I believe what I believe because it is I believe good for myself and hopefully everyone else stands to benefit. Most importantly I don't need anyone else telling me what I should or should not believe in.

Pope John Paul the Second is dead

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The Pope had been sick for about a week. There have always been press reports about his health for the past few years. Recently he had a feeding tube inserted. The John Paul the Second was 84. The question now is who is the next Pope going to be?


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Friday, April 01, 2005

Uppity Negro

I found this website. I found it because I've been seing a couple of people around campus wearing shirts with Uppity Negro as the main text. It's interesting that this is the new term now, though of course a folk term. Nevertheless it means a whole lot.

This is how to be an Upitty Negro is defined.

Uppity Negro is a statement. In the tradition of Africa Americans who have come before us rebelling, raising hell, and even giving their lives for the cause of equal treatment for black people, Uppity Negro recognizes the rich legacy of Black rebels and attempts to awaken the rebel in all of us while beginning a dialogue within our communities.

You know some may be at odds with my rather conservative point of view, but you know this is a good statement to have as an African American today. This should not merely be directed at "whitey" but also at those who aren't accountable to black Americans today.-