Thursday, March 31, 2005

Mary Mitchell on Terry Schiavo

Ms. Mitchell relates this current experience with one of her "girlfriends". This column was entitled appropriately, It's arrogance to decide it's time for Schiavo to die. It was arrogant for Mr. Schiavo to decide that and in some ways it was arrogant for the courts and those who wanted her to die to decide that. It doesn't matter if she was in a persistent vegitative state. In any case read this column.

Terry Schiavo is dead

Fourteen days after having her feeding tube removed. Mrs. Terry Schiavo has finally passed away. Here's an article from Fox News.

EDIT: Another from the Chicago Tribune.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

More on Jesse Jackson and Terry Schiavo

I just saw this and I'm just now listening to this. Could Jesse Jackson be concerned about Terri Schiavo thanks to the three-fifths compromise in the constitution. Think about it, if Mrs. Schiavo is less of a person then it follows from there that we can get rid of so many people that way.

Here's the entire point and if you'd like you can listen to the audio at Rush Limabuagh.

CALLER: I have a comment on -- or I have an opinion, rather, on -- why Jesse Jackson is saying what he is saying and I think it has to do with because of his ethnicity and in the past having the three-fifths compromise and how people have viewed black people as three-fifths of a person, he might have a special interest.

RUSH: I think you've got a point. I think that's one of the reasons why the Congressional Black Caucus is concerned about this.

CALLER: I also have maybe an idea for the Democratic Party if they're considering these people less than people. If they can get a whole bunch of them together maybe they can do the three-fifths compromise again for the Democratic Party.

RUSH: (Laughing.) You never know. You know, this does touch a lot of nerves that people don't have the willingness to publicly express, like the Congressional Black Caucus. It comes as news to me that they hold this position. They've not been (interruption). Is that hard to find, Mr. Snerdley? No, I'm not surprised, but what I'm surprised is that nobody knows it. What I'm surprised is that the press is not trumpeting this. What I'm surprised is that the CBC and its leaders are not standing up and proclaiming their position on this. I mean, they have it within their group when they take their caucus votes and this sort of thing. But yeah, you know, when you go back and look at the history of slavery in the country, the founding of the country, black people were considered three-fifths of a person, talk about personhood being denied. So this has some chilling effects on certain members of our population. John in Pittsburgh, you're next and welcome to the program, sir. Hello.

Barack Obama raising money for Sen. Robert Byrd?

Story from the Illinois Leader. Barack Obama who talked about "the need for a new political discourse" throughout his Senate campaign in '04, is now rediscovering his partisan passions. He is attempting to raise money for the Senator from West Virginia, Robert Byrd.

According to this article, Sen. Obama is "subjugating his own stated credo on issues like civil rights to his desire to help put the U.S. Senate back in Democratic hands--specifically, the hands of former Ku Klux Klansman and current West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV)."

The Democratic Party is supposedly the party of Civil Rights. Standing up for minorities but they continue to support a throwback to the days when the Democratic Party was dominated by the Segregationist Southern wing. Sen. Byrd himself was once a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

Read the article here.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Johnnie Cochrane has died.

Sad news do doubt and unfortunately thanks to the OJ Simpson case there are a lot of people who hate him but I heard from a friend in the cafeteria at school and I've gotten confirmation mainly from the Chicago Tribune that Johnnie Cochrane has passed away.

Read more here.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Rush Limbaugh on Jack Kevorkian

Here is a soundbite on the Rush Limbaugh program in which he revisits the Jack Kevorkian story on Good Friday. He goes back to his ancient TV program back in 1996. But he does this in a timely fashion in light of the Terry Schiavo case. Take a read and a listen.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Today's Robert Novak column

He talks about those black Congressmen who voted in Support of the measure to keep Terry Schiavo alive. Of the members of the Congressional Black Caucus nine voted for it, thirteen voted no, and eightteen didn't vote at all. This column mentions Harold Ford of Tennessee, Jesse Jackson, Jr. of Illinois, and also mentions a statement by Maryland's Albert Wynn. THe column states,

While he said nothing during House debate, Wynn's statement on his Web site said that while the case should not have been brought before Congress, it had become ''a question of conscience.'' In the absence of a living will, he said, ''Congress should afford Ms. Schiavo the opportunity to continue receiving life-saving sustenance.''

Now the only thing I know about the house debate is that their colleage John Lewis from Georgia spoke up against the bill and in "favor" of state's rights. But those who voted for this bill did not take part in this debate, they just voted for it. Albert Wynn was the only one to make a statement in favor of Terry Schiavo.

In other news some DC city council members want to keep President Bush from throwing out the first pitch for the Washington Nationals. This was only because having someone who opposes full voting rights for DC throw the first pitch in DC would undermine the efforts to "secure full District voting rights in the United States Congress."

I guess this will continue to be petty. They almost lost baseball because someone didn't like the stadium financing plan.

Read today's column here.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Fighting Illini in the Final Four

Image hosted by

They barely squeaked by Arizona to get into the Final Four and they will play Louisville in the next round. Here's to best wishes to the school I could have gone to.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Easter Weekend

I won't be able to touch a computer on Friday but the rest of the weekend should be cool. I'm going to enjoy it. I may even attend a Methodist service for the first time in years. I've been thinking about going Methodist anyway. In any case, I'm gonna get some rest and perhaps get caught up on my work. In any case enjoy Good Friday and Easter.

Hot Ghetto Mess

I just found a new website. It isn't really entertainment, but I found some pretty real and interesting video clips. I should a bare knuckles brawl in a back yard, a guy nearly caught on fire after take a flaming shot, two ladies slapping each other for money, and finally a pimp getting smacked down by a karate man. It sad to say this an example of what is out there and I'm sure there is a lot worse out there. But this is just bad enough but unfortunately just a tip of the iceberg.

Check out Hot Ghetto Mess.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Rep. John Lewis on Terry Schiavo

This was from Rush Limbaugh. Congressman John Lewis had his own take on this issue over Terry Schiavo. There is a battle to keep this woman alive. I don't exactly know all the fact so I won't opine, but John Lewis who was active during the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s. Had his own take and one that I don't totally agree with...

Mr. Speaker, why have we come here tonight? Where is the respect for individual responsibility?

It is waved like a banner in this chamber. Where is the respect tonight for states' rights that we say we uphold so dear? If we really believe in those values, we will stay out of Terri Schavard [sic] life today and let the decision of her husband and the rule federal courts stand. Leadership must lead. Tonight this leadership is a taillight. It is not a headlight for democracy and for a citizen right to privacy that it should be. This is demagoguery! This is a step in where we have no business. This is working where the angels fear to tread.

In the 1960s he march against those states who violated his and other African-Americans' rights. For those segregationists this was a state issue, but the federal gov't got involved and said you can't do that. They passed legislation in Congress and they also used the courts. Now in the Terry Schiavo case he wants to invoke states' rights. It seems to me he shouldn't give a damn about states' rights. In the Schiavo case he does argue for states' rights.

From what I understand the whole trial of Mrs. Schiavo is over whether she wants to die or even if her husband is to decide her fate. It's also over whether she is very incapacitated. Again I don't know all the facts, but it does seem as if the Democrats don't want Mrs. Schiavo to live and the GOP wants her to live. Again I can't say much but there seems to be a big divide over this issue and it is possible both sides are using this issue for political grandstanding.

Perhaps I'll opine more when I know a little more about this issue.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

My new hobby

Remember this paragraps which ended the post Just a though:

To say the least this impressed me but what does this have to do with me. Well I suppose I've thought much about being a conservative Spike Lee and/or a black Michael Moore. All I need is a good camcorder, a powerful computer to edit my footage, and perhaps a little training. Plus this could go with what I have discussed with some of my friends, taking command of the black image.

Well let me just say that now I'll be able to really bust my chops. For now though I won't do anything serious. Just record a little of my life and then edit what I already have from about the past year or so. I'd like to show you a little of what I have. For now though all I have to do is practice.

When I was home for spring break, I had gotten some new equipment which will allow me to edit my footage on a computer. For now all I have to do is practice. At this moment I have made two videos, one of them I haven't finished editing. I do hope to get back to it when I get home though.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Changing Face of Black America

I found a article of off it indicates that more Africans are moving to America than there were brought on board slave ships during the slave trade. The source of this article is Black America Web and since I don't have a ready link to this article here it is in its entirety...

Changing Face of Black America
Source: Black America Web
By Wayne Dawkins

For the first time, more Africans are entering the United States than the last waves brought here enslaved in the early 1800s, the New York Times reported on Monday.

There’s even a new name for these new arrivals, Salih Booker of Africa Action explained: African Neo-Diaspora. The “neo” is a time distinction that says Africans are coming here under different circumstances, either as immigrants chasing the American dream or as refugees escaping dangers in their native land.

Either way, Booker and other Africa watchers explained that the phenomenon will reshape the American landscape over decades.

The Times reported that since 1990, at least 700,000 African immigrants – about 50,000 a year – settled legally in America. Nearly two centuries ago in 1807 the importation of African slaves ended, and post-slavery, African immigration was severely restricted by the government for much of the 1900s.

Booker said that African immigrants compared to others from Europe, Asia and the Western Hemisphere are still restricted, yet the burst in African immigration is remarkable -- so remarkable that in 2004, for the first time, the majority of refugees entering America were African, 28,000 out of 52,000 documented refugees, said Tsehaye Teferra, director of the Ethiopian Community Development Council in Arlington, Va. Documented, I’ll note, because a source in the Times story said that actual African migration to America quadruples the official numbers.

Such volume, observed Bill Fletcher of the TransAfrica Forum, means that African immigrants “are changing the face of black America.”

“African-Americans,” he added, “need to think much more broadly of whom we are as a people and learn their culture and be tolerant.”

Why? “There’s going to be a danger or a perception of competition,” Fletcher counseled, “and a danger of intolerance,” as in American blacks telling African immigrants, ‘We were here first. Learn English.’”

The flip side of this equation, Fletcher added, is that African immigrants are going to have to learn more about who we are. Many of the new arrivals may not know about black America’s struggles with racism and poverty.

Booker explained why many newly arrived Africans may not initially feel black America’s pain. “Like other waves of immigrants,” he said, “people are focused on their own security – jobs, housing and social services like learning the language.

“Phase II means that once they are more secure, they go for family reunification,” Booker continued. “With Phase III, you see them participating in the political process in our country.”

Examples include former mayors Emmanuel Onunwor of East Cleveland, Ohio, who's from Nigeria, and Babatunde Deinbo of Berkeley, Mo., also from Nigeria.

So what about U.S. Sen. Barack Obama?

He is red, white, blue and obviously black, the U.S.-born child of an immigrant father from Kenya, and yes, Obama, said Booker, “is the poster child for the political arrival of the next wave of people of African descent.”

Educationally, Africans are the highest performing of all immigrants, said Booker, contrary to negative stereotypes about Africans.

And whether African immigrants acknowledge the reality or not, when they touch American soil, they are black; their skin color defines them in the eyes of whites and many blacks, not their tribe or country of origin.

Unfortunately, their redefinition has meant lethal consequences for some; reference Amadou Diallo, the unarmed immigrant from Guinea who in 1999 was shot 41 times by police for making the fatal mistake of reaching for his wallet. Or Ousmane Zongo of Burkina Faso, another unarmed immigrant, who was fatally shot by a plainclothes New York cop in 2003. The shooter is on currently on trial.

Booker said that after years or several decades of contacts in New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston and many small towns, tensions between African immigrants and native blacks are familiar. There are the anecdotes about African taxi drivers displacing Americans, or competing for the other readily available employment.

A re-energizing impact of these immigrants is going to the doctor, dentist or accountant in core cities and being served by a native Ghanaian or Nigerian. Immigrants, said Booker, often fill a void left by native middle-class blacks who have moved on to the suburbs.

Expect African immigrants to keep coming to the United States and redefine our American quilt. Black America in the 21st century, said Fletcher, means “we’re not just the descendants of slaves from the South.”

So now, more than ever, there's a mutual opportunity -- and responsibility -- for blacks in America, neo and native, to learn each others' culture.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Spring break has come

Friday I take my last midterm and I leave for home. I've pretty much reduced my blogging anyway, but I don't plan to blog much during the time I'm going to be home. I plan to be out and about. In any case, it feels great to be heading to and back at the home base.

Black conservative on campus

A black conservative made his way to Bowdoin College. Vernon Robinson from the state of North Carolina made his way there at the behest of thier college GOP chapter and made a speech. Since he may not be famous and he just so happened to be a conservative, he elicited a polite response. Regardless I found some opinions on this and to be honest I liked what this brutha a Evron Legall '06 had to say or at least he identified himself as black.

But as a black person myself, I was particularly disappointed to learn that
the Africana Studies Department declined to assist in bringing Mr. Robinson to
Bowdoin. In a world of runaway relativism, there is at least one constant of
which I am deeply convinced. That is, your strength is commensurate with the way
you respond to challenges. Put another way, to create an academic—or any other
environment—where one's views are not challenged is to create a very weak
platform for the defense of one's beliefs. By shying away from challenges, the
department (which is by no means singular in this regard) has only served to
build a poor foundation for the ideas it wishes to disseminate, not to mention a
boring intellectual environment where every guest speaker, textbook, and
professor share the same views, and with little variation tell you what you
always thought was true.

Of course that wasn't the only thing that caught my eye. There were of course plenty of letter that expressed outrage at Mr. Robinson. Like this one and used what I consider pretty offensive language.

To the Editor:

Bowdoin College Republicans displayed their lack of openness by inviting an outright "Uncle Tom" to speak during Black History Month. Any black speaker who refers to the Confederate flag as a "harmless display" is a man who has clearly never read a history book.

This letter is not necessarily to bash Vernon Robinson directly but to question the mission of the College Republicans. Robinson is radical in his opinions and will cause a great deal of noise on campus, politically and racially. Why would the College Republicans choose to bring such a man to taint the image of Black History Month with views that are extremely controversial, especially given his race?

Robinson is welcome at Bowdoin as a Republican and a representative of the political world. But for his invitation to be during Black History Month is almost a slap in the face to the Bowdoin black community. It is distasteful to walk into Smith Union and view a flyer that says "a black conservative for black history month" or to hear the term "I'm black and I'm back" in reference to this man. To have Robinson speak at this school as a representative of Black History Month destroys the racial peace movement that has been formulating on this campus.

There are plenty of other calmer, less controversial, black Republican speakers that could have visited Bowdoin; however, the College Republicans picked the most controversial. It was not a well thought out idea to invite the most controversial black conservative to speak at Bowdoin, during Black History Month when most blacks in the U.S. are not conservative.

His basic language and insinuations are controversial and war-like, so why have him rattle the peacefulness of Black History Month?

Take for example this comment from Robinson: "The media will no longer be able to pretend that race hustling poverty pimps like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton speak for all black people. I want the liberals to squirm because they can't call me a racist."

No, he is not a "racist," but neither are most Republicans; however, he is a disgrace to the formulation of racial peace.

I am speaking as a student of Bowdoin, and it should not take only a black student to respond to this outrage.

William Gilchrist '06

Finally here's another column denouncing the actions of many in the college community.

Let me just state that I don't totally understand the hostility towards a black conservative/Republican. It is sometimes displayed by those blacks in a leadership position, but I can see that it can be done by liberal whites as well. And how is it that the liberals have the presumption that they are the only ones who can stand up for minorities.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

HNL News

Apparently some Wall Street types want to purchase the whole NHL for about $3 billion. It didn't take though. The NHL is not at all up for sale for the forseeable future.


Breaking the ice
NHL not for sale, probably

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

50 Cent Kicks Game Out Of The G-Unit

Well here's another story in the long saga of hip-hop industry violence. Usually when you make it big in the recording industry you usually leave this non-sense behind. Of course one can't do too much about personal and/or character failings whether they're drugs, alchohol women, gambling etc.

It always seems these rappers continue to fail to leave the streets behind. Some of them get their material from the streets. Even better some of them honed their craft on the street. Today a rapper's reputation is key, especially if his/her music alludes to violence.

50 cent is not a rapper I particularly care for. He's made a song or two but other than that I don't care much about how he became a rapper or actually how an associate or a friend of his tried to hype him up. And it was just so stupid what this guy said, I had to ask if this was even positive. Basically this guy said something along the lines of I just knew 50 cent would be the greatest rapper when he went to prison. Not an exact quote but something like that. Not only you have to be all "hard", thuggish, ect. but now you must have found your way into prison.

Rap once upon a time used to be good. Now it's become an effort to not only reach new lows, but to just plain take the competition and the idiocy to a whole new level.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The latest save Star Trek campaign

I can't say I was surpised to see these articles off the Star Trek website, but then this kind of activism was in its history. When Star Trek was nearly cancelled after either its first or second season, fans of the time wrote the NBC network hoping to save the series. And guess what the series came back. In addition to that before the series would have been made the series could have still died an obscure death. Some how the show got to make two pilots and that was unheard of.

Well the fifth TV series of the franchise Star Trek Enterprise has become the first show to be cancelled since the original series. And there is a modern effort to get the show back on the schedule somewhere. It could either be back on UPN or it could go to the Sci-Fi channel or at least that what Trekkies every where could hope.

Here are some links:

D-Day for Star Trek Fans - UPDATE!
Fans Unite in Attempt to Save Enterprise – UPDATE!
The Enterprise Project

I hope they'll be sucessful. This season has truly been decent. The first two have been slow to be sure. Last season was a little better dominated by the Xindi plot. But the current season isn't actually that bad. But I'll make sure of one thing, I'm getting involved in this effort this time. I wasn't around in 1967-1969.