Sunday, October 09, 2016

A race to the gutter...

As I began to write this my tv is tuned to the debates in St. Louis and this is the most irritating political event I have watched so far. The mud (or worse) that I've ever seen. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton throwing mud at each other and it's terrible!

Donald has to answer questions about an 11 year old video clip that has surfaced where he had a lewd convo regarding how he made moves on another man's wife. It may well have cost another media personality his job because that's who he had the convo with. It seems to have gotten the media's attention and the GOP establishment who may have been lukewarm in their support anyway.

Hillary Clinton - former US Senator and former Secretary of State - I don't know what to say. While she may have stumped Trump in their first debate I don't think she performs much better. She's as much in the gutter and I believe he is there. I have my own questions about her own ethical lapses with the e-mails. To be honest I was never a fan and this was long before Benghazi.

Either way, the people in the primaries earlier this year chose who they choose. We did a terrible job of choosing our leaders in this country. We got Trump and Clinton. We're seeing the results.

I'm a long way of determining who'll win this race. Who ever wins will only have one-term. I will be absolutely amazed if it turns out that I am right. It will all depend upon how either Trump or Clinton performs once they're inaugurated.

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