Thursday, June 27, 2013

More talking about the Hawks...

As of late, this became a hockey blog. This was true with the last Stanley Cup the Black Hawks won in 2010. I followed many of the playoff games back then too often posting video highlights from the NHL's YouTube channel. Went so overboard the posts about the Hawks weren't just about the games but all aspects of Black Hawks history and traditions.

Lately it was my intent to post about the current ownership of the Hawks. Back in 2007 at the start of that NHL season, longtime owner William Wirtz had passed away. Many longtime Hawks fans weren't happy with his management of this historic franchise. He refused to air home games in the Chicago market unless such games were televised nationally. He was quick to trade players especially when the teams were doing poorly then turned around and wondered why fans weren't as supportive of the team and thus weren't coming to games.

This Chicago mag article about the Black Hawks showed how bad of shape the team had been in light of Wirtz' passing. I learned in that article that the Hawks wasn't getting much coverage from many of the local TV, radio, or print outlets in the area. It probably doesn't help if the team isn't winning but certainly if the team is all but invisible because it's unable to attract casual fans.

Anyway at current the Hawks are under the ownership of Rocky Wirtz who had undone some of the longstanding policies of his father. Home games are aired on TV not only on cable but on our local station WGN. They got back some of the many legends who were alienated from this team. And resultantly the team is more popular than ever before. Most importantly the team is not only a winning team, but they have captured two Stanley Cups in four years.

I would consider myself something of a casual sports fan. I'm not into the strategy and stats as most sports fans seem to be. The business side of sports is more interesting to me and the Hawks is a good case study on this aspect. How many sports franchises has had such a marked turnaround as the Chicago Black Hawks. After the death of a longtime owner in less than two or so year's time we have an immediate contender and the greatest show in this town.

Of course when it comes to sports franchise a lot of ingredients have to come together. The Black Hawks had to make some changes to its office and really have to come up with a plan to get fans into the United Center. They needed good players for the fans to watch on home ice.

It's fascinating to read this one of many stories on Rocky Wirtz since he took over the team. He deserves a lot of credit for making many of the necessary changes. I heard the D-word (dynasty) come out as of late I hope there are more Stanley Cups are coming before this decade closes.

BTW, it must be noted Chicago teams aren't known for multiple championships. If the Black Hawks won more championships perhaps they can match up to the Chicago Bulls although not as frequently since the Bulls had two three-peats in the 1990s. Chicago Argus does a good job of comparing the current Black Hawks teams with other Chicago championship teams. It just makes me wonder how many more Championships will the Hawks win in the future if it's meant to be!

"Unknown Chicago" moves again...

The blog written by Chicago historian John R. Schmidt is moving from his current online digs at If you don't know that's Chicago's local public radio affiliate. He often writes items related to Chicagoland history and it's quite fascinating.

I use the title Unknown Chicago because that was where I first became aware of him. That blog was hosted over at Chicago Now which is operated by the Chicago Tribune. Unfortunately he left there to start his eponymous blog that was subtitles Chicago History Today.

He does have new digs where you can find him at appropriately enough Chicago History Today, however, he says he may not post as often as he has been. He's even busier that he has been since starting the blogs as he's going to be seen on TV in the future and is also authoring a book.

His first post at the new digs is about one of Chicago's most famous characters, gangster Al Capone.

And I look forward to seeing him tells stories about Chicago's past!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A portion of landmark Voting Rights Act of 1965 struck by US Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of the United States made a ruling concerning the Voting Rights Act of 1965. I'm sure many who consider themselves Black leaders are upset about this development. Every now and again we hear that this law needs to be extended as it had been since 1996 according to the Tribune article excerpted below.

The question is what's the problem now?
The Supreme Court struck down a key part of the historic Voting Rights Act on Tuesday, ruling that Southern states may no longer be forced to seek federal approval before making changes in their election laws.

The ruling came on a 5-4 vote, with Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. speaking for the court.

Roberts said the 1965 law had been a “resounding success” and has ensured that blacks now register and vote at the same rate as whites.

But he said it was no longer fair or rational to subject these states and municipalities to special scrutiny based on a formula that is more than 40 years old.

“States must beseech the federal government for permission to implement laws that they would otherwise have a right to enact and execute on their own,” he wrote. This conflicts with the principle that all the states enjoy “equal sovereignty” and cannot be subjected to different federal laws, he said.
The decision may have an immediate impact. Texas has been fighting federal courts over its voter ID law and plans to redistrict its congressional districts. Those state actions were halted under the part of the law struck down Tuesday.

The decision leaves open the possibility that Congress could adopt a new formula to target states or municipalities for special scrutiny.

The decision leaves intact the rest of the Voting Rights Act, which makes it illegal to adopt or enforce laws that have a discriminatory effect on minority voters. But civil rights advocates say the provision struck down Tuesday was still needed because it stopped discriminatory measures before they could take effect.
As we take a breath from this decision as we're going to hear all types of hyperventilation over this ruling. I would encourage you to read this posting at Instapundit which covered this ruling. As a matter of fact it will show the hyperventilation and the legal analysis. That's certainly a good thing since well the blog is authored by a law professor.

Also I would encourage you to check out the SCOTUS blog that covers all US Supreme Court decisions. Instapundit is a very ideological blog geared towards the right wing, SCOTUS Blog on the other hand probably shouldn't be viewed as ideological. There's a special section on the ruling regarding the Civil Rights Act.

For a bonus, local reaction from one Rev. Jesse Jackson. :P

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ward Room: Illinois's Own Flyover Country

As Edward McClelland notes over at the Ward Room blog Illinois is truly a vast state and it doesn't just contain the City of Chicago and it's suburban areas. How many Chicagoans have at least visited Springfield or the states parks?

I've only passed through Springfield and many other cities on the various interstates, bus, and rail routes going out of state. I've only personally visited DeKalb and my brother graduated from Illinois State University so I had the chance to visit Bloomington-Normal.

In any event, Chicago is a vast city although it can be traversed within a day north, south, west, east, northwest, or southwest. Traversing the whole state well that could be a vacation in an of itself!

Yet, if you're from Chicago it's more likely that you would take the first thing out of this state than to really explore the many parts of this state worth visiting.

To be sure it was fun watching Conan O'Brien visit Springfield last year when he visited Chicago. And of course the Illinois Channel will keep you in tune with what's going on in this state as well as visiting it's many sites.

Chicago Black Hawks: 2013 Stanley Cup champions

Not long after the victory in Boston last night I posted a pic in the sidebar marking this accomplishment. So the Hawk won their 2nd Stanley Cup in four years in Boston. That brings that count up to 5 cups total for this original 6 franchise the last one was in 2010 of course and I was with them every step of the way back then and this time as well.

Below are highlights from games 5 & 6. The Hawks won this series in six games letting two games go against the Bruins. Alas they won this one away from home however better there than to possibly lose at home although we can't be thinking that way can we?

GAME 5 Bruins @ Hawks - Hawks win! [VIDEO]


GAME 6 Hawks @ Bruins - Hawks win Stanley Cup! [VIDEO]

Besides with great credit to the other original 6 team Boston Bruins they truly made this a series to remember. They didn't go down without a fight in the end it wasn't meant to be for them. If they had it would've been their second cup in four years as they had won it all in 2011.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Stanley Cup Final series tied

In Boston just like in Chicago, both teams were able to win a game on each team's home ice. In Boston, the Bruins won game three and then game four belonged to the Hawks in sudden death OT. The first two games of this series went into sudden death OT. In Game 3 the only non OT decided game, the Hawks were shutout.

In Game 4 OT, the winning goal was scored by Brent Seabrook. Game 4 was a real game and both teams were trading goals between each other.

Below are the highlights of Games 3 & 4 and game 5 will be played at the United Center with faceoff at about 7 PM Chicago time.

GAME 3 Hawks @ Bruins - Bruins win [VIDEO]

GAME 4 Hawks @ Bruins - Hawks win [VIDEO]

BTW, how about that NBA Finals Lebron the cocky punk got him another championship ring! Now that it's all over all eyes on the Stanley Cup final series!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

VIDEO: Few protest over Blackhawks logo

[VIDEO] So after watching the Black Hawks tie their Stanley Cup Final series against the Boston Bruins tonight I see this video with Chicago Tribune editor Eric Krol and reporter John Keilman about why the Hawk's "indian head" logo don't elicit as much protest as other American Indian themed franchises.

This brings to mind the protests against Chief Illiniwek who was the mascot of the University of Illinois' athletic program. The Chief eventually was retired in response to these protest even though U of I athletic teams are still named for the eponymous tribe who once resided in Illinois once up on time.

They mentioned especially the Atlanta Braves who does have an American Indian Tomahawk Chop when they want to rally and then there's the Washington Redskins. As a matter of fact historically the Redskins have an unfortunate history when it comes to race relations and it doesn't just involve American Indians. All the same why doesn't the Hawks elicit the same protests as the Braves and Redskins.

Well one answer makes sense and is suprising. Chicago is home to a diverse number of American Indians representing different tribes. Even better, the Chicago Black Hawks have reached out to local American Indian institutions and have sent representatives to such events. To be sure this is a good move to make nice with that community.

At the same time, going back further in history, the Black Hawks nickname I believe honors American Indians. The "original six" franchise name was based on a 1st World War military unit which was nicknamed in honor of a leader of the Sauk tribe named Black Hawk who was a significant figure in early Illinois history. It seems the other teams that have American Indian themed team names can't make that claim for certain.

Anyway, hopefully I will show highlights of the last two games the Hawks have played. I at least had a chance to watch some of game 4, but didn't have a chance to watch game 3. Time to watch those highlights and hopefully I'll be able to do so in the near future.

Throwing the race card...

I heard about this comment on the Mancow Muller show this morning. We're still dealing with the fallout from the Chicago Public Schools closing about 50 underutilized schools. Lewis just so happen to throw the race card.
Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis renewed her claim that the decision was racist because so many of the closing schools are on the south and west sides.

"When will we address the fact that rich, white people think they know what's in the best interest of children of African Americans and Latinos," Lewis asked, "no matter what the parent's income or education level?"

Lewis didn't mention anyone by name, but clearly she was taking a shot at the advisors Mayor Emanuel has assembled.
Basically Mancow took offense to this because he believed it to be racist on it's face. Lewis does have a reputation for having a big mouth since well she has generated controversy for her comments in the past. So hey she can take her shots against figures at CPS or the Mayor himself, but one could only say that she needs to use more tact in her statements. Of course, not everyone can do that and will continue to generate controversy.

Some want her to run against Mayor Emanuel or better yet use the heft of the Chicago Teacher's Union against the Mayor in 2015. Time will tell but it has been in the news within the past few months that there was a petition drive being organize at least with the help of the teacher's union. A petition drive helped out Chicago's first Black Mayor Harold Washington years ago, perhaps this time it can help the next right person to be Mayor of Chicago.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

So a Black legislator changed his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican?

[VIDEO] This has been out there for quite a while I may have seen this on a post at Instapundit. Elbert Guillory had been elected to the Louisiana state Senate as a Democrat and recently he had switched parties to become a Republican. The video found via Newsalert above was posted to YouTube on June 16th, however.

I have often stated that it's a waste of time and effort for anyone to talk about thie history of the Republican Party as it concerns Blacks. Yeah, it may be very important and certainly something that should've been read about in history lessons at school. Lincoln was  Republican and they were the party that advocated the abolition of slavery in America also Republicans were at the forefront of Civil Rights in the last century.

Great points, but let's focus on now. Guillory does that it's totally OK for him to talk about how the idea of "big government" solving all problems is really a cover of sorts. Is "big government" about solving the problems of the low-income people here in this nation or are they merely subjugation such people?

Once I made this argument a bit sloppily once and I got pounced for supporting more welfare for Blacks. Of course this is what happens when you attempt to offer a different idea on an internet forum. What I would say today is don't just talk about history come up with a plan or at least what are the solutions for the problems of today. There are certainly ways to talk about the many issues facing the Black community and of course later the history could be taught.

It has often been said, the Democrats stood in the way of Civil Rights for many years until the 1960s. The Democrats were once dominated by segregationalist Southerners. Yeah the debate over Slavery during the Civil War was dominated by Republicans, most of the Democrats who were opposed to abolition had basically seceded from the Union.

There are bound to be lots of things said about history and yes they should be duly noted. My idea however is to keep our eye on today. Why are Blacks being led down the wrong path by heavily supporting one party and what would be gained by supporting another party. And of course this needs not be about goodies and the Republican Party doesn't have a bad message when it comes to domestic issues.

The question is how to state it to different ethnicies from Blacks to Latinos or Asians.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Game 2 highlights Bruins @ Hawks

[VIDEO] Tonight's game in Boston sees the Stanley Cup Final series even at 1 game a piece between the Hawks and Bruins. Saturday's game once again went into OT with the Bruins' Daniel Paille scoring the game winning goal. Let's see if the Hawks can once again get ahead in this series tonight.

Alas I won't be able to watch this game tonight, hopefully I will have some highlights tomorrow. Hopefully in a much more timely fashion that these highlights.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Gateway Pundit: Obamacare Is Forcing Walmart to Hire Only Part-Time Employees

Walmart is just another example where a well meaning program that is causing some pain for workers. I wish I followed business news more closely to see how many businesses large and small are being affected by this new mandate to provide health care to workers or a business may have to face a fine. The link to the blog Gateway Pundit just illustrates why they believe President Obama is the worst economic President "ever". Also think I recently wrote about how well meaning proposals may prove to be bad news for entry-level hourly wage workers in the long-run.

On Tuesday, took a stroll near the United Center

Near Madison/Paulina
A day before the Stanley Cup Final series commenced between the Chicago Black Hawks and Boston Bruins, I decided to go by the United Center (UC). I took a number of photos on my phone near there and posted them to my instagram (@levois).

I was under the Paulina Connector that routes CTA Pink Line trains towards the Loop via Lake Street. Until recently it was a rarely used piece of antiquated rapid transit infrastructure until it was again commissioned into revenue service. It was once part of services once provided by the Metropolitan West Side Elevated Railroad.

There are some redevelopment plans by the primary tenants of the UC - who just so happen to be not only the owners of the Chicago Black Hawks, but the Bulls as well - which cause me to want to consider this piece of infrastructure under the Paulina Connector. There ought to be an L stop right here and CTA has been adding stops on the system recently a stop was added along the Lake Street Branch and one up on the Skokie Swift branch.

Currently you'd have to take a bus directly here for any events there. You'd probably could take a train and then switch for a bus that will take you here or otherwise be prepared for lots of walking. Back when the Paulina Connector was a much busier route there was a station there at Madison.

So if the need to redevelop this area with not only a training facility for the Chicago Bulls, but also a entertainment complex to contain retail and dining perhaps an L stop here wouldn't be a bad bet. There are no plans currently to do so, but let's hope that in light of these new plans CTA will fast track a future station here.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Chicago defeats Boston in game one of Stanley Cup final series

[VIDEO] Here are the highlights from last night's game against the Boston Bruins at the United Center.  The Hawks won this game in sudden death triple OT. The winning goal was scored by Andrew Shaw. When I heard the call from Mike Emrick of NBC, I really paid attention because I almost expected this to go into another OT period.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wager made in Stanley Cup series Hawks v. Bruins...

The game is on as I type this post. There's not just a world championship at stake here between the Black Hawks & Bruins. There's a wager as well.

In all the years, I have followed Chicago sports when a local franchise head into the playoffs and especially the further up they go there is often a wager. Most of the time it has been our former Mayor Richard M. Daley who offers up Chicago food treats as a wager. Don't entirely remember what the opposing cities offer although they may be similar to the foods Chicago wagers.

Now in the case of Chicago teams going into the playoffs or better yet wagering in a game that involves one of sports' longest running rivalries (Bears/Packers) it seems the trend involves Governors. This year in the current Stanley Cup playoffs Governor Pat Quinn and his Massachusetts counterpart Deval Patrick wagered volunteering at their respective local food banks. Of course who has to pay up on this bet depends on who wins Lord Stanley's cup.

It was noted somewhere, perhaps a blog, that Quinn almost didn't pay up on a similar bet made with regards to the Bears/Packers. He ultimately did, but really didn't try too hard to honor the wager he made. I do believe he that bet with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

BTW, it's noted that Gov. Patrick is a native of Chicago. As a matter of fact he grew up in those often maligned housing projects in the city. Where ever Patrick was reared those projects are likely long gone, but to his credit he's come a long way.

Still, another Stanley Cup coming to Chicago would be excited. And that means Gov. Patrick would have to volunteer for the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Feeding the hungry, is definitely a worthy cause don't you agree?

Jim Limber Davis -- Rescued by the Confederacy's First Lady

Check out this story of Jim Limber pictured to the left. He was accepted into the family of Jefferson Davis. Yes, that guy the only President of the Confederate States of America. Davis' wife rescued him from an abusive man and took care of the boy and was ultimately accepted into the family.

Let's not forget that the Confederates lost the Civil War although it doesn't appear to be explored during the course of the story linked above he was taken away from the family by a Union general. The Davis' never were able to find out his fate.

You know we always were taught that the Confederacy supported slavery and perhaps by proxy very evil. Yet we hear stories like this and then we may recognize it's not entirely black & white. Of course that's not to say slavery was OK or anything like that.

Hat-tip Newsalert!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Zo-nation: The Government Stole Zo's Money

[VIDEO] Alfonzo Rachel (Zo) of PJTV talks about how the government burglarized his bank accounts and then takes aim at the liberals who think it's OK to seize anyone's property such as their income.

I had a nice discussion with my mother today. We thought about people who may have had jobs that gave them more cash and no benefits, however, the downside to that is that well that money doesn't automatically go to social security. Such jobs aren't necessarily payrolls jobs and certainly skirt some rules.

It's certain that when it comes time for such a person to retire they won't be too happy about their social security income. If they worked a payroll job at all they may get what they put into the system but if you hardly put anything into the system you won't get much money back out of it.

It could be seen as having a sense of entitlement as if one believes government owes them this much when in times such as now there are limited resources and no agreement into how to utilize them. If anyone understands this there should be one reasonable conclusion which is we must do as much as we can for ourselves. We can't depend on anyone else but ourselves to take care of us.

That being said Zo is right to have the wish to protect his assets. Messed up that he'd have to think in those terms, but hey he should have the option of protecting his money at least until he knows what he must pay to the government. Hopefully one day the amount American citizens owe to their government would be zero.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Reason: Battlestar Galactica Actress Tweets About Gun Safety, Loses Half Her Twitter Followers

Ya know, it's too bad that people have an adverse reaction to an opposing point of view. OK so I may not support the President or I may support gun rights. An actress - Katee Sackhoff - known for being on Battlestar Galactica learned that lesson the hard way. And all she had to say was practice gun safety and some of those who removed her from their twitter list would likely prefer no guns. Just let's you know how passionate this debate is on both sides.

Meanwhile back in Illinois the debate continues to rage over concealed carry. Both sides still trying to maintain their positions and policy goals as a result of a court decision although the deadline has been pushed back. The debate over home-rule with regards to assault weapons, the death of Chicago's gun registry, private party transfer of firearms, and how a local prosecutor plans to handle conceal carry.

The last two items are as common sense as we should get. Make sure that dangerous persons can't get their hand on a firearm and therefore the seller or transferer must trust and verify and also some guidelines from a prosecutor. At least this prosecutor isn't from Cook County because she's already stated her belief no one should own a gun! ;)

Another virtual trip to the great American city of Detroit

[VIDEO] It appears that the right-wing is talking about Detroit again the links and the video above I will share may be the tip of the iceberg. Needless to say Detroit, Michigan is a struggling metropolis.

Back in the summer of 2009, this was my summer excursion. There are some good things happening there but they still have a long way to go to become the great city they had been known as. The question is what would it take?

In the vid above Bill Whittle, Steve Green, and Michelle Fields on PJTV take aim at one-party rule and "blue state" policies. Namely not making Detroit a business friendly city and them being more of a union friendly city.

Also, I found these two articles over at Instapundit regarding Detroit. This column by Michael Barone was mentioned in the PJTV video above. This opens up another attack on not just a corrupt one-party union friendly government, but on the idea of "big unit" businesses. That is a major conglomerate or big business, big labor, or big government called all the shots.

I'm sure Detroit is the example of a one-industry town that now has to find its footing because the one-industry no longer remained in Detroit. We can still call that city "Motown", but what other identity can Detroit give itself. At least we still know them for their sports and for Barry Gordy's Motown Records. :P

Also, another unfortunate thing about Detroit is that they may have to view their cultural artifacts as assets that could be eyed for purchase to pay down debts. Painting, sculptures, etc could be bought out of Detroit although surely someone could come out of the woodworks to keep these items in Detroit.

Time will tell if this once great American city can once again become GREAT!

WSJ: How America lost its way

Something to take from this article I got wind of over at Instapundit:
Why is it getting harder to do business in America? Part of the answer is excessively complex legislation. A prime example is the 848-page Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of July 2010 (otherwise known as the Dodd-Frank Act), which, among other things, required that regulators create 243 rules, conduct 67 studies and issue 22 periodic reports. Comparable in its complexity is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (906 pages), which is also in the process of spawning thousands of pages of regulation. You don't have to be opposed to tighter financial regulation or universal health care to recognize that something is wrong with laws so elaborate that almost no one affected has the time or the will to read them.

Who benefits from the growth of complex and cumbersome regulation? The answer is: lawyers, not forgetting lobbyists and compliance departments. For complexity is not the friend of the little man. It is the friend of the deep pocket. It is the friend of cronyism.

We used to have the rule of law. Now it is tempting to say we have the rule of lawyers, which is something different. For the lawyers can also make money even in the absence of complex legislation.
So where is the risk taking spirit in America? Are American's concerned that in order to go the entrepreneurship route that they'd have to cover their behinds to make it work?

Either "Obamacare" or raising the minimum wage could be said to be screwing American workers. They're both well meaning, but could both measures truly affect those who are affected. It could affect those businesses who may want to hire more people or those who are currently working, however, they may not be able to work as much time as they would like.

If only there was a will to truly hash these issues out.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Chicago defeats LA to play for the Stanley Cup

Alright, the Western Conference Finals has concluded. The game at the United Center Saturday night went into double OT and ended with a Chicago 4 to 1 series victory and they advance to play against the Bruins for the Stanley Cup. It was a great game for certain! Patrick Kane scored the series winning goal in 2OT and it was the last of his "hat trick" scores.

A few nights ago the last post regarding the the first three games LA came back to win one. They made game 5 of this series a real game, but in the end the defending Cup champs fell short. The last two games which are Black Hawks victories are below.

GAME 4 - Hawks @ Kings - Hawks win! [VIDEO]

GAME 5 - Kings @ Hawks - Hawks win! [VIDEO]

BTW, the Chicago Black Hawks will face another original 6 franchise in the Boston Bruins. They swept the Pittburgh Penguins in their series Friday night to advance to the finals. The final four NHL teams in the playoffs had all won the Stanley Cup so two former champions with the Hawks in 2010 and Bruins in 2011 will faceoff for game 1 at the United Center on Wednesday at 7 PM CST.

Who will be the Stanley Cup champions of 2013?

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Capitol Fax: Embrace politics and get things done

California Gov. Jerry Brown
Rich Miller at the Capitol Fax posted a piece by the IllinoisTimes' James Krohe Jr. that compared two blue-state governors. California's Jerry Brown and Illinois' Pat Quinn and the difference it's argues is both night & day. Gov. Brown so far has been plenty more successful than Gov. Quinn in handling the fiscal issues of their respective states.

Apparently Brown has been more successful in navigating the political climate of California than Quinn has in this state. It seems the Governor of California has utilized the skills of "deal making, persuasion and sheer immersion in politics".

Of the Governor of Illinois this Krohe observed, "As a citizen-advocate and later as a largely ceremonial lieutenant governor, Quinn got experience demanding what government should do but never had to learn how to do it."

As I've often stated Quinn is an honest man. He's a marked difference from the last two Governors who as a result of their political activities in office (corruption) were sent to prison. Alas when it comes to the many issues affecting this state during his tenure in office he has largely found himself inneffective. Although to be sure he has had some successes and has shown a willingness to work on these issues. Unfortunately, it appears after the end of the recent spring session of IL's general assembly some bad habits die hard.

Another observation by Krohe of Gov. Brown was that he "didn’t steer California back into deep water by being a “leader” but by assessing possibilities accurately, picking fights he could win, resorting to compromise when it was needed and exhortation only when it was likely to work."

Krohe also stated:
Illinois used to routinely produce politicians with similar gifts; its voters even elected some of them governor, the most recent one being George Ryan. But these days much of the public (and much of the Republican Party) thinks that possession of political skills disqualifies a person for public office.
The greatest politicians who just so happen to be executives whether Mayors, Governors or Presidents were those who were able to face great crises. Sometimes that means being a politician and doing what it takes to instill confidence in the government and finding ways to make the most difficult decisions. The recession starting in 2007-08 was a time to make difficult decisions and even now they still must be made.

We see the difference between two blue states. One is in better shape than the other and we're still trying to figure out how to become once again as Miller says "a state that worked". There's an election next year in Illinois, could any potential candidate on either side of the aisle be the politician who can utilize the same skills Gov. Brown has to bring this state back?

NHL Conference Finals Hawks still up 2-1 against LA

I saw Tuesday night's game where the Black Hawks faced the LA Kings at the Staples Center. The highlight of the night was where the Hawks' Duncan Keith gave a high stick to the Kings' Jeff Carter. It was considered an accident with Keith attempting to apologize on ice, however, it didn't mean that a suspension wouldn't be handed out as he would be suspended for game 4 which will be played again tonight at the Staples Center in LA with a 8 PM faceoff.

In the meanwhile we should check out the last three games of this Conference Finals series. The winners of this round will play for the Stanley Cup.

GAME 1 Kings @ Hawks - Hawks win [VIDEO]

GAME 2 Kings @ Hawks - Hawks win [VIDEO]

GAME 3 Hawks @ Kings - Kings win [VIDEO]
What will game 4 bring this evening? We shall see if the Hawks will get a victory on the west coast!

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Recruitment drive for Republican candidates in Chicago...

[VIDEO] It's great news that Chicago's Republican organization wants to organize and recruit candidates to run for office in the city whether for not only seats in the General Assembly but also for Alderman. The questions is will this effort be sustained beyond the coming 2014 elections in this state.

All the same this process of recruiting and vetting Republican candidates are referred to as "American Idol style". Perhaps not as glitz & glamor but certainly a process needs to be in place to find credible candidates.

For those who think this hurts Republicans anywhere, the process for Chicago should involve NO litmus tests. Although this may be what works in other more solidly Republican parts of this nation, in an area which aren't solidly Republican this may be counterproductive.

Still, it's great to see some life on the other side of the aisle where it's necessary. Perhaps the number of Republicans in this city can balloon to more than the current estimated 150,000 in a city of about 2.8 million people.

And think about it this way the governor's race in 2010 was razor thin. 45.9% for Republican nominee for Governor Bill Brady, and 46.8% for current Democratic Governor Pat Quinn. A difference of roughly 31,834 votes between both candidates. Who knows the 2014 race for governor may not be so thin but it depends on the candidates and perhaps in 2010 Illinois wasn't particularly happy about both the nominees however first past the post wins in this state.

Also for US Senator in 2010 another thin race where the Republican, Mark Kirk won. Kirk won with 48% and his opponent Alexi Gianoulias had 46.4%. With 59,220 votes between them perhaps another race where voters weren't that happy with the candidates but somehow the Republican nominee for Senate won with more votes than the Republican who lost for Governor.

Perhaps Republican efforts in Chicago could make that much more difference next year. For the most part chipping away at the margins if not outright winning Chicago or Cook County could make a difference for any candidate in any statewide election.

Besides it's pretty lofty goal to state that “This project has the potential to make Illinois a red state”. For now I can just settle for Illinois being a purple or swing state.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

The New Middle Class Trap

This article from The Atlantic depresses me. I stole the title for this post from it, but here's the rest: "I'm Working Really Hard, but I'm Not Getting Ahead". As much as I want to believe you can work your way into another income bracket, it can be shown how difficult it can be to get there. The question we must ask is what must change and how?

Via Instapundit who apparently thinks of this article as indicative of "life in the era of hope & change".