Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ward Room: Joe Walsh Makes Race an Issue

 Ooof! Ed McClelland writing on the website for our NBC affiliate gives me a better title for the earlier post - that had the video - with regards to Walsh's comments. McClelland writes:
It’s an old Republican complaint, but it’s usually expressed less blatantly. Ronald Reagan, for example, told stories about a “strapping young buck” who used food stamps to buy a T-bone steak, and a welfare queen who drove a Cadillac. The race of his subjects was implied, but never specified.

Nonetheless, bashing minorities as lazy may be a sound strategy for the Republicans. They alienated blacks by campaigning against civil rights in 1964, and they’ve alienated Hispanics by proposing to build a wall along the Mexican border to keep out immigrants. The white vote is all they have left. Walsh’s language may be intended to rally insecure whites against the growing population of Hispanics and African-Americans.
This post notes that this video was taken in the suburb of Schaumburg, Illinois. McClelland also wrote that: "His mouth speaks what other Republicans are thinking, but are afraid to say themselves."

Well I take this as another generalization of Republicans. Walsh generalized and so does McClelland here. Of course what Walsh certainly was play to his audience or at least those who believe that the Democrats seek to buy minorities with handouts. That perception is out there amongst the voters. In that regard McClelland is correct, perhaps this is supposed to be a rallying cry.

This video makes me go hmmm...

[VIDEO] This quote was CapFax's quote of the day and here's an article that provides text:
I get wound up,” Walsh shouted. “Boy, do I get wound up. I am scared, I really am scared, Patrick,” he said while raising his arms and addressing someone in the crowd, “that we’re past the point. We have so many people now dependent on government. So many people want handouts. The Democratic Party promises groups of people everything. They want the Hispanic vote, they want Hispanics to be dependent on government, just like they got African Americans dependent on government. That’s their game.”

“Jesse Jackson would be out of work if [African Americans] weren’t dependent on government,” he added
Congressman Joe Walsh is from Illinois' 8th Congressional district in 2010 he defeated the incumbent Congresswoman Mellisa Bean. In Illinois political circles he's been known for make controversial statements. It was even noted on  his Wikipedia profile and on such Illinois blogs as CapFax that he got into a heated argument with a constituent.
In November 2011, Walsh was videotaped meeting with his constituents, becoming visibly aggressive and swearing at a constituent who questioned him. He later apologized for being "too passionate".[56]
 There are a few people out there who would be happy to see him gone, but I know very little about the 8th so that's not the call for me to make.

As for the more racial statements he's made, I'm not certain if I should be offended or not. If anyone isn't happy about the idea of dependency it's me. At the same time while it certainly would stir his constituents one could just as easily accuse Congressman Walsh of overgeneralizing here!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

VIDEO: Democracy at work in Illinois

[VIDEO] This video of Illinois State Representative Mike Bost has been making its rounds on several blogs especially Newsalert, Capitol Fax, and Chicagoist. Here's a description below:
FINALLY, Illinois State Representative Mike Bost has finally had enough of politics as usual in the State of Illinois and wants to know why they don't READ THE BILL. Bost erupted on the House floor Tuesday afternoon, after Mike Madigan and the party leadership called for a vote on a new pension reform proposal.

House Speaker Mike Madigan had only introduced the bill that same morning. It passed on a six to three vote and moved to the House floor for discussion within a couple of hours.

The bill is hundreds of pages long, and Bost says lawmakers should not be voting on a proposal without first reading it.
Of course we go back to Capitol Fax for some more context:
Here’s an idea: Elect more Republicans, get a majority and then you won’t have to complain so much. Also, most of the rules that Bost is complaining about were put in place by Republicans in 1995, and he voted for them.

But he does have a point that major legislation like this shouldn’t be unveiled at 7:50 in the morning and moved right away, unless, of course, both leaders agree to do it (like they did the last time pension reform was passed), then it’s OK I suppose. Or not. Whatever.
The title of this post is almost facetious. I would often like to think of our leaders as calm, cool, and collected. At the same time since we are in a period of crisis in this state we need some fire and unfortunately there doesn't appear to be enough examples of this. Although we do want to see anger from our leaders hopefully they wouldn't let their potty mouths fly in the heat of a debate!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

VIDEO: Zack Wahls, His Two Moms, & The Future of Same-Sex Marriage

[VIDEO] An interview with Nick Gillespie at
What's the most persistent myth about being raised by gay parents? "That you are a child abuse victim," says Zach Wahls, author of the new book, My Two Moms: Lessons of Love, Strength and What Makes a Family.

Wahls became an internet sensation after a video of him defending his mothers' same-sex marriage was uploaded to YouTube. His 2011 testimony before the Iowa House Judiciary Committee has racked up over 18 million views and led to appearances on The Daily Show, Letterman, Ellen, and many other places.

Now comes My Two Moms, in which the 20-year-old University of Iowa engineering student explains what it's like to grow up as a child as the child of same-sex parents and uses the lessons he learned as an Eagle Scout to talk about why marriage equality should be the law of the land.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

What should be on tap here?

You know there have been times I furiously attempted to post just about every day of the week. Lately sometimes I just don't post for a significant period of time. Most of the time work keeps me for posting regularly and sometimes there isn't good material for me to post.

For this most part this is considered a political blog with me as a blogger using this as a soap box platform of sorts. Yeah there are other subjects posted here such as entertainment, technology, or whatever. The beauty of this place is that it's for me to do as I would see fit. It can be as random as necessary!

Someone suggested I do podcasts here. No one really reads or likes to read anyway. That's certainly understandable and in fact I have thought about doing video blogs here - well actually I did one here. Most of my material are boring for the most part.

In fact I do have a YouTube channel. There's not a lot on it and there's a lot to learn about uploading, editing, or even rendering. Indeed the reason you may not see more vids from me is because while uploading is easy there is a general disdain or lack of patience on my part for rendering and editing videos. If it was up to me the videos would be posted raw and they probably will be! Sometimes I need to be a perfectionist and would like to emulate some of what is found out there amongst other "videobloggers" out there on the net. Though at some point it was recognized that well I need my own style!

In any case, perhaps you will see some videos displayed here that I have made. It's unlikely this blog will produce a podcast that is me sitting in from of a microphone talking. Plus surely it would be more interesting if there was more of a conversation than just me talking and that means finding a person to have an interesting conversation with!

This blog while it's my own personal soap box as stated earlier is largely a hobby for me. And there are other hobbies that I either wish to take up or already do. Perhaps that should be seen on this blog as well.

Also I do have some more footage that should see the light of day and I still have a video camera and that's also worth sharing here in the near future!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ward Room: Chicago Police Fight For NATO Summit Compensation

by kevitra (flickr)
They had to hold the line near a NATO conference successfully to keep protestors from moving towards it and they still have to get their pay!
The city may be praising Chicago police for a job well done after the NATO Summit, but the thank you stops there.

The Fraternal Order of Police recently filed a grievance against the city for its decision not to give officers compensation for working a sixth or seventh consecutive day during a single calendar week, despite it being in their contract, according to a post on the FOP’s website.
Let's give them more than praise and ensure that they get their pay for their time!

EDIT: You know 2nd City Cop has something to say about this!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

PJTV: Ed Klein on 'The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House'

[VIDEO] I showed some clips from Klein's appearance on Sean Hannity's FOX News program last week. Now he's appeared on another conservative outlet PJTV talking about his book The Amateur. Some of what's being said here is not much different than what was already said on FOX News last week. How Klein gave his book its title or even the alleged bribe to Rev. Jeremiah Wright to have him keep his distance from Obama. They do talk about the basis of the President's marriage to Michelle although some of the issues that made this marriage rocky appears to be ancient history. This interview is roughly 13 minutes.

U.S. Attorney Pat Fitzgerald stepping down

Greg Hinz got the story:
U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald is leaving his post effective June 30, his office has just announced.

Mr. Fitzgerald, the man responsible for convicting and imprisoning former Govs. George Ryan and Rod Blagojevich and numerous other top pols, has no immediate employment plans and will take the summer off, his statement said.

The departure is not unexpected after more than a decade in office. The top federal prosecutor, 51, is to hold a press conference tomorrow to elaborate on the statement.
What he is well known for!
Mr. Fitzgerald came here from New York. A Brooklyn native who prosecuted top terrorists, including Osama Bin Laden, while in the U.S. attorney's office there, he caught the eye of Illinois' then-U.S. Sen. Peter Fitzgerald (no relation), who was looking for an outsider to clean up the politically corrupt state.

On that score, Mr. Fitzgerald succeeded brilliantly, steadily whacking away at criminal politicians through Operation Safe Road, Operation Board Games and other corruption probes.

In between, the somewhat reclusive Mr. Fitzgerald found time to get married and served a stint as special prosecutor in the conviction of I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, then chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney.

As best as I can tell, Mr. Fitzgerald never played political favorites, going after Republican Mr. Ryan and Democrat Mr. Blagojevich with equal vigor. Some defense attorneys said he was too tough — on occasion, they may have been right — but stopping corruption in Chicago is not work for a weakling.
I'm sure there are those who hopes he would consider running for office in the near future. If he does, there will be enemies out there gunning for him. Either way Hinz being the political commentator for Crain's Chicago Business says this:
Illinois Republicans would give their eye, teeth and then some to recruit Mr. Fitzgerald to run for governor or anything else his heart desires. But I don't expect it to happen. He's a prosecutor, not a pol.
There is plenty of time to get him in the running, the next gubernatorial election is under two years away! Though to be sure, I don't think of him as a rock star and nor should anyone else look for that!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Congrats to the Morehouse College class of 2012

I was one of them back on May 17, 2009. It's easy to remember that date because well it was a long time in coming and this was not something to be taken for granted. Those earlier times I graduated well they were already expected and in the bag. A Morehouse degree...wasn't!

A press release from Morehouse:
Four years of learning – in the classroom and through social activism – has prepared the 500 new graduates of Morehouse to become true Morehouse Men, valedictorian Jamaji Nwanaji-Enwerem said during the College’s 128th Commencement ceremony on the Century Campus.

“We are ready to become the next business tycoons, world health leaders, music moguls, fashion trendsetters, progressive research scientists, social advocates, etc.,” he said during his address to more than 10,000 family, friends, faculty and staff. “We are ready to make Morehouse proud.”

His proud mother and father were already in tears.

“It’s exhilarating,” said Jamaji’s father, Sir Pamaji Nwanaji-Enwerem as his wife, Lady Chioma, beamed. “I’m so happy and proud of him and all the students graduating with him. It’s an enjoyable day.”

The sun-splashed day was even more special as President Robert M. Franklin ’75 gave his final Commencement address as Morehouse president. Franklin is stepping down in 2012 to focus on his writing and research on issues facing black boys and men.
This class referred to themselves as "Franklin's Men". Time will only tell how long his influence will last over Morehouse.

BTW, if you haven't subscribed to the Morehouse College's YouTube channel do so. There is video of both commencement and baccalaureate uploaded. They're embedded below!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Capitol Fax: Ugh

Check out this post by Rich Miller about the NATO protests. The record is set straight about the "Black Bloc" and also distinguish them from peaceful demonstrators not looking for a fight. We see how disciplined the police officers were in averted a disaster during the clash. And also check out the comments in that posting!

A lot of people seem very happy or complimentary about the Chicago Police response to this clash. The spectre of 1968 this is not!

Marathon Pundit: Pics from the anti-NATO march you won't see in the establishment media

John Ruberry took some pics of the craziness from Sunday afternoon. He even got too close to the clash between police and demonstrators. But check the bottom of his post if you want to find links to any of that action.

Nerves of steel for sure because I'm not certain I'd ever feel safe doing it! There's some citizen journalist footage below from Ruberry. [VIDEO]

Check out 2nd City Cop...

Chicago Police Badge by kevitra (flickr)

Great response to the scuffle that took place yesterday between protestors and police near Cermak & Michigan. In light of this event observers liked to bring up the police response to protestors during the 1968 Democratic Convention. I hold onto the idea that the Chicago Police don't play and with that in mind hopefully no one will think it's OK to play with our police!
As for that second bullet, I want to be sure to note this Sun-Times article. The police officers who read that blog seem very complimentary of Garry McCarthy due to his role in the scuffle!

NATO in Chicago...

This past weekend the highly anticipated NATO summit arrived in Chicago. If you've been following my Twitter feed @levois you saw a lot of retweets about a clash between police and the Black Bloc on Cermak Rd. Quite a few injuries no loss of life and Garry McCarthy our superintendent was right in the thick of the action.

Anyway aside from not paying a whole lot of attention to anything involving this summit - and inexcusable since I was a political science major - sooner or later John Schmidt at his WBEZ blog would discuss the one time Chicago was considered as a permanent home for the United Nations. It was a possibility over 60 years ago and it didn't come to pass. One case for this however:
The war had been over less than six months, and much of Europe was still devastated and poor. UN officials were frankly worried about the high cost of living in the United States. That was one area where Chicago had an advantage over other American sites.

“We impressed on these people that they can get more for their money in Chicago,” labor leader William McFetridge said. Housing, food, recreation, and education were cheaper than in any of the other cities. Foreign diplomats could live very well in the Windy City.

Adlai Stevenson, an up-and-coming Chicago lawyer, was then serving in London as deputy U.S. delegate to the UN. Stevenson wanted to get into politics. Helping make Chicago the Capital of the World would also help young Adlai’s career.
And I'm sure other cities around the nation would have a leg up on Chicago in this area. BTW, how many people think that Chicago will at some point turn into another New York City?

Anyway other posts of interest from Schmidt and they're all about the settlement from those NATO nations in my fair city:

Thursday, May 17, 2012

"The Amateur"

[VIDEO - PART 1 & PART 2] Last night Sean Hannity had as a guest on his FOX News program author Ed Klein of the book The Amateur. It's book about Obama and what figures largely is whether or not an associate of Obama had attempted to bribe for Rev. Jeremiah Wright's silence in the 2008 campaign. Let's not forget this was a big issue a few years ago and there are those who want to bring Wright's name back to the public eye.

We was controversial when he was exposed to the general population of this nation for his fiery preachings when he had been pastor of Chicago's Trinity United Christian Church. For some of his statements in the past and during the campaign Obama had been forced to shun Wright who Obama had described as his spiritual father.

Could Wright's reputation figure in 2012, unlikely but I may be surprised. And also note that there are other subject's discussed in Hannity's interview such as whether or not Obama is fit to be President. And fit according to temperament. What do you think? Is he doing a great job as President or are you looking forward to someone else taking over the Oval Office?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

CBS Chicago: CTA Recovers More Than 150 ‘L’ Line Maps Stolen By DePaul Students

I hope that these students know that such maps are available at the CTA's online gift shop although probably at a price that's enough to put a dent in their pockets:
But more than 150 maps were recently found and recovered from DePaul student housing, after the DePaulia student newspaper ran a story back on April 20 about students using the maps as decorations.

The DePaulia article by Shannon Shreibak suggested that stealing CTA maps had become a trend at the school. The very headline of the article said the thefts “symbolize a rite of passage.”

“One man’s map is another man’s poster. At least that’s the sentiment among DePaul students. Dorm and apartment walls are often decorated with a collection of stolen maps,” Shreibak wrote. “It seems to be our take on last generation’s abstract portrait hanging over the fireplace.”

The article also named and quoted students who admitted to stealing the maps, and had come up with justifications for doing so.

Freshman Joe Lanzerotti told the DePaulia that students were stealing maps “for the sport of it. It’s like catching Pok√©Mon in real life almost.”
BTW what should these students expect:
A subsequent DePaulia article said the university instituted a search following the April 23 story, and students in possession of stolen maps had their names forwarded to the dean of students.

It is not clear whether the students will be disciplined. But the Tribune reports the CTA will not seek any discipline or criminal prosecution against the map thieves.

Spokesman Brian Steele told the Tribune that the CTA appreciates the esteem in which the students hold the agency, but theft cannot be condoned.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

If Same-Sex Marriage Is so Popular, Why Does It Always Lose at the Ballot Box?

This was one question being asked since the political world is afflutter with the news of President Obama's support for gay marriage from last week. It had failed in California of all places years ago. In Obama's home state of Illinois, while we do have civil unions proponents are still seeking the recognition of gay couples as being married.

Hat-tip Instapundit!

Monday, May 14, 2012

President Obama and gay marriage

There's this post over at Gateway Pundit. It shows how the issues is coming down in Black churches and it was reported that the President even gathered a group of Black pastors to explain his position on gay marriage. He announced his support in a TV interview and it made big news last week.

Also at the Ward Room, since Mitt Romney is considered the Republican nominee for President a comparison is made by Edward McClellan between Illinois and Massachusetts. While Romney is said to oppose gay marriage the state where he was governor essentially has gay marriages. Illinois on the other hand doesn't allow for it, although this state has civil unions.

The Ward Room article even came to this conclusion:
Now, the tables have turned. In an e-mail to supporters, Obama declared “my personal belief that same-sex couples should be allowed to marry” and wrote, “where states enact same-sex marriage, no federal act should invalidate them.”

That sounds like an encouragement to legislatures to pass gay marriage bills. He wants to leave the decision on gay marriage up to the states, but he’s saying that if he were still an Illinois state senator, he’d vote for a gay marriage bill.

Obama’s statement should be a signal to the General Assembly to take up HB5170, a gay marriage bill introduced in March by Reps. Greg Harris, Kelly Cassidy and Deb Mell, the three openly homosexual members of the House. It is currently languishing in the House Rules Committee. The feeling seems to be that since Illinois passed a civil unions bill last year, it’s too soon to take the final step, and approve gay marriage.

Obama may not have been ready to endorse gay marriage, either, but he was forced to take a stand after Vice President Joe Biden came out in favor of it. Sometimes, history won’t let you wait.
What say you?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

IL Channel: An argument in favor of increasing Illinois's minimum wage

[VIDEO] Illinois Channel interviews Meegan Dugan Bassett of Women Employed talk about why her organization supports an increase in the state's minimum wage rate. Bassett near the end of this interview cites a study that stated that more and more mimimum wage workers are adults with families.

I'm generally not against mimimum wage, however, my concern is over whether or not increasing that could only serve to hurt currently unemployed workers looking for a job. This level is only for entry-level workers who hopefully will be able to either find better jobs in the future or perhaps may get promoted or get raises. Although in this economy there are a lot of employers who aren't likely to give raises due to the business or economic environment.

Also this year, the state minimum wage is to go up another quarter this year so it will go from $8.25/hr as it was in the summer of 2010 to $8.50/hr starting this July!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Running for judge in Chicago is serious business...

So much that even judicial candidates steal the campaign signs of their opponents!
Carl Boyd won the Democratic nomination in March for a subcircuit judge post in Cook County and is a shoo-in for the November election because he is running unopposed. But first he must deal with a trial late this month — his own. He faces a misdemeanor charge of allegedly stealing the campaign signs of a primary rival in the middle of the night.

Boyd, a veteran Chicago attorney, was arrested by Chicago police about 2 a.m. the day before the March 20 primary while allegedly in the possession of a dozen signs promoting the campaign of primary rival Chester Slaughter.

The arrest garnered no public attention, and the next day Boyd won in a landslide over Slaughter and two other candidates with more than half the vote.

In a telephone interview Monday, Boyd acknowledged his arrest but denied any wrongdoing.

"I can tell you that the police officer stated that this would make for a great story," he told the Tribune. "But he certainly did not see me pick up one sign. That much is true."

Boyd said he believes the police report was fabricated, but he wouldn't explain why.

"At this point, I would certainly appreciate an opportunity to have this matter heard in the appropriate forum, which would be the court," he said.
This isn't entirely unexplored territory as a former Republican Cook County Commissioner had been arrested for stealing or vandalizing an opponents campaign sign not long before his election. The publicity surrounding that may well have dented any chance of his re-election and he no longer serves on the County Board today.

Alas in this case, the candidate in question has no opposition and assuming he doesn't get convicted will more than likely be a sitting judge of the Cook County court!

Chicago News Bench: Crazed Black Mob Attacks White Man, Woman, Media Ignores Story

Chicago News Bench: Crazed Black Mob Attacks White Man, Woman, Media Ignores Story

So Tom Mannis latches onto this story out of Norfolk, VA. I've seen this story covered on FOX's The O'Reilly Factor. In fact they did a segment on this story last night! [VIDEO]

Mannis didn't appear to link to this article he excerpted from so therefore here's a link to that editorial. The gist of this story is that two non-Black reporters were attacked by a mob and their outlet refused to publish any reports about this. It might have been too racially tinged for them.

The segment above you will see Bill O'Reilly refer to the editors of this paper as scared of this story. They could've been smart business people and took on this story and perhaps exposed the issues that exist in this Virginia city. Instead they opted to bury this story and doing so could possibly put more reporters at risk according to O'Reilly.

I just wish I knew what was going on down there!

EDIT: There is a trouble connection to this story and another out of Mobile, Alabama where a white man was beaten after speaking to a group of Black youths about noise that Mannis also blogged about. They seems to be engaging in this foolishness while speaking the name of Trayvon Martin! Martin was the youth who earlier this year was shot to death by one George Zimmerman who is often styled as a neighborhood watch leader. He was recently taken into custody for Martin's death after an outcry!

Ward Room: Odds On Your Next Governor

Looking at this post by blogger Ed McClelland, there are some good choices here. Perhaps Lisa Madigan shouldn't go for it this time around. She seems adverse to moving from state attorney general. She wouldn't run for any other office but the one she held in 2010.

It's safe to say State Senator Bill Brady has had his turn to be governor and I think it's agreed he blew a certain thing in 2010 against our current Governor Pat Quinn who became Governor of Illinois after Blago was removed from that position. Whoever on the Republican side wants to run for Governor next year - whether conservative or moderate - need to avoid making some of the same mistakes he did two years ago. So Rutherford and Dillard - Dillard himself lost the 2010 gubernatorial primary to Brady - seem like good possibilities. Brady and Billard are currently serving in the state Senate. Rutherford a former state Senator is now our state Treasurer.

For 2014 I'm not feeling Lisa Madigan, but I could deal with a Governor Rahm Emanuel. It just must hinge on how he does as Mayor of Chicago. Although since he campaigned for Mayor starting in 2010 it was always speculated that his ultimate goal is the Presidency of the United States. We'll have to see about that!

BTW, McClelland does make one mistake. Our 22nd & 24th President of the United States one Grover Cleveland served as the Mayor of Buffalo before becoming Governor of New York and eventually President of the United States for two non-consecutive terms. That being said a city mayor serving as President is still very rare!

All the same while the Quinn of this year seems to be a lot more take charge about the various issues affecting our state it seems the consensus is that he shouldn't even attempt to run again in two years. I do believe he indicated in interest in running for another term as governor.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Washington Journal: Cost of higher education

[VIDEO] Not a regular watcher of C-Span's Washington Journal but on May 3rd I caught most of this segment with Peter Morici an economics professor who talks about student loan debt and the state of higher education. Here's a description:
Peter Morici talked about his Des Moines Register article on the value of a college degree in comparison to tuition costs, accrued debt, and salaries earned after graduation. He said that employers require college degrees for jobs that do not pay enough to justify college costs, in part due to high schools' failure to adequately prepare students for the work force. He urged incoming college students to major in science fields, which pay higher salaries and provide specific job skills. Professor Morici also responded to telephone calls, electronic communications, and questions from students at Asheville-Buncombe (NC) Technical Community College, who participated via Skype.
What Morici says seems a bit dour, but it should make people think about what they hope to get out of college. Is it about an education or about a future career? If only this information had been available when I was in high school hopefully our young people will understand what this "investment" can represent.

Saturday, May 05, 2012


[VIDEO] Got an early shift so this video should be entertaining while I'm at work. Hopefully it'll make you laugh. I didn't see the whole thing but will when I get home later. Here's a description:
This romantic song is dedicated to all the sexy females on my friend's list........I didn't even write the lyrics, this is all one take...... raw emotion
Would this song win over any women from FB? Who knows but I'm sure it'll be made clear if it has or hasn't!

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Brookings: Why Minorities Will Decide the 2012 U.S. Election

An indication of tactics as we head towards November. It appears we already know who the GOP nominee is but there is a long way before the General Election this year. After the quote below I will have a graphic to show:
With Republican Mitt Romney now his party’s presumptive presidential nominee, both his campaign and President Obama’s re-election effort are barnstorming the nation for votes.

For former Massachusetts Gov. Romney, this means recapturing the enthusiasm of the 2010 midterm GOP rout, especially among white Republican leaning voting blocs concerned about taxes and excessive government spending.

For the Democratic president, it means tapping into the groundswell that got him elected in 2008, particularly when it comes to minority voters.

Obama and the Democrats believe demography is on their side. Census 2010 made abundantly clear that racial and ethnic minorities, especially Hispanics, are dominating national growth and will for decades to come. The Democratic agenda— favoring broader federal support for medical care, housing, and education seems designed to curry the favor of these groups, which played a huge role in tipping the balance in his favor in several key swing states.

But while demography is often destiny, it’s not necessarily a slam dunk that minorities can carry the day for Obama this time. The reasons have to do with the complications of translating pure demographics into votes and the outsized role that the nation’s still large white population can exert on national politics.
And the graphic with a few scenarios and then offering probable totals for an Obama/Romney matchup for 2012. Click the image for a larger resolution!

Hat-tip Newsalert!

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Looks like Jesse White is already declared his intentions

Rich Miller of the Capitol Fax just posted an e-mail he sent to his supporters:
Our work is not done. My goals for this office are to continue to modernize customer services, fight drunk driving and to make our roads even safer. I will continue to protect our new teen drivers and to ensure that the Illinois Organ/Tissue Donor program remains the best in the country.

Because of this and more, I am seeking a fifth term for re-election as your Secretary of State in 2014. I have devoted my life to public service. Whether it was as a paratrooper in the Army, a school teacher, a legislator, a county and state elected official, or as the founder and coach of the Jesse White Tumbling Team, I have worked hard to protect and improve the lives of the people of Illinois. I ask you to partner with me once again, so that together we can continue working to make Illinois a better place for all of us to live, drive and raise our children.
Another paragraph made note of his electoral successes since he was first elected a decade ago to the Secretary of State office. If you check the comments of that post you will see how the commenters there are about to dress him down. They don't want him to try again they're even making some cynical predictions such as: "Get an early start on fundraising and keep others out of the race so he can name his replacement."

ALSO, someone noted the fact that one couldn't even use a Visa card to pay for their license renewal. I learned that the hard way when I renewed my license. Whatever the logic that needs to change. Besides it really hurt when I found out that they raised license renewal fees. It hurt because back then I was still looking for a job and shelling out $30 to renew my license was a lot. I would've like to have kept that extra cash. :(

Obama Fails to Stem Middle-Class Slide He Blamed on Bush

This story is from Bloomberg:
Barack Obama campaigned four years ago assailing President George W. Bush for wage losses suffered by the middle class. More than three years into Obama’s own presidency, those declines have only deepened.

The rebound from the worst recession since the 1930s has generated relatively few of the moderately skilled jobs that once supported the middle class, tightening the financial squeeze on many Americans, even those who are employed.

“It started long before Obama, but he hasn’t done anything,” said John Forsyth, 58, a railroad-car inspector and political independent from Lebanon, Ohio. “He kept pushing this change, change, change, and he hasn’t done anything.”

Underlying the erosion of the middle class, defined by some economists as the middle 60 percent of income earners, are trends that stretch back decades, including competition from lower-wage workers overseas and technological advances that allow factories and offices to produce more with less labor.

As a candidate in 2008, Obama blamed the reversals largely on the policies of Bush and other Republicans. He cited census figures showing that median income for working-age households -- those headed by someone younger than 65 -- had dropped more than $2,000 after inflation during the first seven years of Bush’s time in office.

Yet real median household income in March was down $4,300 since Obama took office in January 2009 and down $2,900 since the June 2009 start of the economic recovery, according to an analysis of census data by Sentier Research, an economic- consulting firm in Annapolis, Maryland.
You know I was thinking about writing a post about being middle-class although there was very little to add on my part statistics wise. We do hear about the "death of the middle-class" especially watching cable news. Of course we can always ask if this pronouncement is exaggerated.

Back to this article, there's a lot more to chew here than I could convey in a post. You should read the whole thing!

Hat-tip Instapundit!