Monday, September 24, 2012

VIDEO: Romney tries to put "47%" gaffe to bed with focus on jobs

[VIDEO] You know, I never understood the fallout from the 47% comment from Mitt Romney. In this Reuters video, we see the context of those remarks. Perhaps this is not the point of the heat, but we should be upset that he thinks 47% of Americans don't pay any income tax and has an entitlement mentality. Though it seems to me that number is quite high and perhaps not that many Americans aren't paying any income tax.

Of course there is one context that I think is the focus perhaps many believe Romney won't represent those 47% as he would everyone else. The former Massachusettes Governor does get hammered for being a successful businessman and having lots of money. So everyone else who he "would" represent could be the high income earner.

I also recognize that the soundbites used either by Romney or the President are only designed to fire up the bases of either candidate for Prez. That's part of the political game especially since my gut tells me this will be a close election.

Oh yes, Romney is right to attack Obama on the economy and jobs. That is the overriding issue of this election as much as the unrest over there in the Middle East. The question for me in this election is, who's right on the economy?

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