Tuesday, August 14, 2012

VIDEO: Olympic Champ Gabby Douglas Deserves Better From the Media

[VIDEO] Gabby Douglas is a young black teenaged girl who won gold at the recently concluded Olympics in London as a gymnast. I've been hearing a lot about her performance in the gymnastics competition and other controversies such as her hair. Yeah, amongst Black women at least hair is at times an issue. Although discussion of Ms. Douglass' hair I've seen very little about other than on chatter via Twitter & Facebook.

Anyway, one thing I have read into more are attempts by the women of Spelman College to recruit her to their own illustrious ranks. It would be a find addition surely, getting a gold medal winner. Although it has also been said that Spelman is expected to shut down their athletic department. They may want to re-evaluate that decision if they want Ms. Douglass.

In any event, Alonzo Rachel of PJTV makes a very politically charged video about Gabby Douglass. Douglas is young yet and has a lot to learn about politics I'm sure. Rachel makes sure to note that the ones who not only talk about this young lady's hair, but her Christianity aren't her friends and are Democrats. He also blasts Republicans for not doing more to reach out to her.

Also I think he's right, there are Republicans who know very little about reaching out beyond their own general ethnic group. The perception, Republicans are mostly white and they may have a tough time reaching out to other racial and ethnic groups outside of their "core constituency". Besides there is an unfortunate perception that they never reach out to "minority" communities and they will need to do so now more than ever. As always, it's all about their message and it must go beyond - for example - Blacks used to be Republicans once upon a time.

I wonder if Ms. Douglas will receive this commentary and then start the Spelman College chapter of College Republicans. :P

BTW, Morehouse College has a chapter of College Republicans as seen on this listing of College Republican chapters in Georgia. 

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