Monday, July 09, 2012

VIDEO Julius Rosenwald: A Force for Change

[VIDEO] I'm watching this video about Julius Rosenwald who was an executive at Sears in its early days. What's highlighted here was his philanthropy not just towards people of his Jewish faith, but also towards Black Americans. In fact I found this documentary in a post over at Chicagoist that talked about attempts to restore this development known as the Rosenwald Apartments in the Bronzeville neighborhood on 47th Street.

He has used his wealth to help building not only high schools for Blacks throughout the south, but also sent some money to Tuskegee Institute. They also mentioned Booker T. Washington's book Up from Slavery also. And that may well have inspired him to help Tuskegee which is a school founded by Booker T. Washington.

 This documentary is a great story!

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