Thursday, May 10, 2012

IL Channel: An argument in favor of increasing Illinois's minimum wage

[VIDEO] Illinois Channel interviews Meegan Dugan Bassett of Women Employed talk about why her organization supports an increase in the state's minimum wage rate. Bassett near the end of this interview cites a study that stated that more and more mimimum wage workers are adults with families.

I'm generally not against mimimum wage, however, my concern is over whether or not increasing that could only serve to hurt currently unemployed workers looking for a job. This level is only for entry-level workers who hopefully will be able to either find better jobs in the future or perhaps may get promoted or get raises. Although in this economy there are a lot of employers who aren't likely to give raises due to the business or economic environment.

Also this year, the state minimum wage is to go up another quarter this year so it will go from $8.25/hr as it was in the summer of 2010 to $8.50/hr starting this July!

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