Thursday, March 15, 2012

St. Patrick's Day...

[VIDEO] The video above is of the Chicago River being dyed green on March 12th in time for St. Patrick's Day. The festivities for the main parade in downtwon Chicago will occur this coming Saturday.

The neighborhood version of the St. Patrick's Day parade took place this past Sunday in Chicago's Beverly neighborhood. This was the first time it was held in three years after several fights and arrests marred the 2009 parade. It went from a neighborhood affair to something that got a bit too big.

BTW, I took this pics on Tuesday afternoon of a bag pipe band not only going into the office of City Treasurer Stephanie Neely at City Hall but also this same band - Shannon Rovers - and the court of the St. Patrick's Day Parade making an appearance at the Thompson Center food court. This was the first time I ever witness any musician playing bagpipes. Never thought I'd see the day!

Also the last pic in this series is of the fountain at the Daley Center. I've seen it in orange for Halloween and on Tuesday green for St. Patrick's Day.

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