Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Facebook set to reveal all about you, like it or not

This can only give some the excuse to never ever join Facebook. The ones who refuse to join in the first place definitely won't if they get wind of this story:
Within days, all of Facebook's 800 million users' profile pages will change. And with it, every photo, status update, wall posting, since your Facebook birth will be much more easily visible.

Facebook claims Timeline will make profiles more comprehensive.

Consumer advocacy groups say it violates users privacy.

"We want people to decide if they want to post the old stuff on the wall, says Marc Rotenberg, of the Electronic Privacy Information Center. "We want people to decide whether the stuff Facebook wants to post, is the stuff they want. It really should be up to the user, not Facebook."

But for now it'll be up to Facebook to decide, and users to try to hide the stuff they'd like to keep private.
I found this story via Instapundit who noted:
FACEBOOK IS DOOMED BECAUSE OF TIMELINE. Not due to privacy concerns, but because the new Timelined pages look like nothing so much as old MySpace pages.
There is a reason why I and many other never use MySpace anymore. I've always liked FB better, but if MySpace could just become a place for bands to promote themselves then who knows what FB will be. That being said FB could be just another dead social network. There are many online too, for example I used to be on BlackPlanet and sadly I haven't thought about that place in years.

BTW, so that I don't contribute over any hyperventilation FB is doing what it can to inform people about the new timelines. There are some things I would like to keep private although I don't plan to go back and delete every single item that I never want to see the light of day again. Just have to cross the bridge when that time comes.

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