Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Well again what do you expect it is MY MIND we're talking about here. Rarely do I discuss personal things on this blog but during the holiday season starting with my birthday it's time to discuss myself a little but more.

Anyway, leading up to the New Year and getting started on some resolutions this one subject in need to a tackle.

During the course of this blog, I spend a significant amount of time still in school at Morehouse. It was four and a half years before I finally graduated. Then going on more than two years on the work force it's time to start making moves for a change.

So what do I have in mind as far as a change.

Perhaps it's time for me to go back to school. Ever since I started at Morehouse it was something under consideration such as possibly getting a PhD or some type of advanced degree in political science. That would mean I would either have to do research and get published or I would have to do that and teach in a classroom.

Besides I wouldn't mind perhaps returning to Morehouse to teach one day or possibly staying here in Chicago and teach at a local university. As many of you know there are several in this great city.

What they push largely in the political science department is law school. As a political science major it wasn't my first instinct because it's already ingrained in many of us that law school is hard. Not only to gain admission but to even finish. And on top that more money for tuition although it's true for whatever program you enter into for an advanced degree.

The last option that occurred to me recently was going back to school for an education degree. So it almost seems full circle I would like to teach on the college level but then my impact could be more immediate if I taught the young people before they enter into college. Although now is a very tough time to enter that profession because I'm sure there's a lot of pressure on teachers everywhere.

Any this was something I didn't prepare myself for very well for a future career when I was still in school. Now my task is to scramble and figure out things on the fly, AGAIN!

Last year I was supposed to have done most of this. This year my plan is to look at all of it again. That in addition to seeking out new opportunities in the new year. Hopefully it will all work out!

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