Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Science and Tech Education for Students of Color

[VIDEO] via Electronic Village. I can relate by the time I took a computer class in high school (Go FALCONS!) in the late 90s the computers and programs we used were behind the times. In fact at home I used a PC that had Windows 95, the PCs in high school were still using like Windows 3.0 and a dot-matrix printer. Here is a quote from Electronic Village:
The point was made that there are very few African Americans being funded for technology start-ups in Silicon Valley. It is obvious that creating a vanguard of technology CEOs begins with the education that we give to our young people.
The emphasis is made by the author at Electronic Village. ;)

In any event, I joined an entrepreneurship club back in my junior year of high school. The expectation was members come up with a business plan and it was something that I never did, however, one idea was to utilize a computer. Perhaps use a computer for the purposes of publishing. Of course during most of that period there wasn't an up to date PC at home. If I had such a business plan that utilized a PC where could it have gone today!

Can a young black person (or other "minority") out of high school or even college come up with a technology idea that will change the world?

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