Saturday, October 08, 2011

Instavision: A Libertarian Moment in the GOP?

[VIDEO] Since Rep. Ron Paul ran in the 2008 Presidential Race on the Republican side I've often pondered this subject. In that party the Conservatives had to find the right standard bearer and that turned out to be Ronald Reagan. There is still a need in the GOP to find that conservative standard bearer.

Still, I do wonder if now is the time for a Reaganesque figure for Libertarianism. If you believe that this nation needs to head in a direction that allows for less government and more liberty I would say now is the time. It does seem however that such movements takes years before eventually they do gain some success or even the Presidency or even solid control of either of our two major parties.

All the same Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit talks to former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson on this very subject. Do you think this nation is ready for mainstream Libertarianism, however that should be defined?

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