Saturday, September 17, 2011

Why the GOP Fails to Reach the Black Community

I still haven't forgotten one day on a right wing forum and I questioned whether or not using history would get Blacks to vote Republican. Then I got bashed for thinking the Republican Party needs to propose more welfare programs. It could be said none of them had a clue.

So here's a piece from Pajamas Media (who just so happen to host amongst other blogs, Instapundit) about this very issue and this caught my eye:
Whether it’s a grassroots organization or the party itself doing the outreach, McAllister says the focus needs to be on messaging:
Most Republicans don’t know how to message to the African-American community. They are still talking from a faith-based perspective and think a faith-based perspective is going to resonate with a 27 year old the same with it did with his or her grandfather. It’s not.
McAllister says Republican talking points are not going to sway people who are dealing with filthy public transportation and violence in the streets: “If they can’t speak to that, then their talking points might as well be sitting on a white board someplace.” He continues:
You have to show how you can change the suffering within black America from suffering and destitute to middle class within one to two generations. Anything you promise them past that that’s ideological or ethereal in any way, you might as well put the kids in the graves because they are going to be ghosts anyway.
Then I learned for the first time that Black support for Obama is at 81%. A huge number by all means, but it turns negative when it's also noted that this is the lowest rating ever.

What has to be defined is who would be a good Republican candidate for Blacks to vote for and why? Also the Presidency is a national office perhaps candidates can be recruited - well credible candidates - for all levels of government such as state, county, city, or even Congress. That's one way to at the very least get a significant number of blacks to even consider voting Republican. At that to insure that such Republicans can address the issues that affect black constituencies.

Besides here in Chicago we don't hear too many Republicans address the issues facing say The Sixth Ward. It might be filthy public transit and crime, but it's also about jobs and education.

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