Saturday, July 23, 2011

artistmac: Replacing an Old-Fashioned Toilet Ballcock and Float Ball

[VIDEO] He really needs to post more videos. Actually I wish I could utilize my YouTube account more. This video he shows us how to replace some parts in his antiquated toilet:
When you live in an old house with an old-fashioned 3.5 gallon tank, you either learn how to replace ballcocks and float arms or you call a plumber. Since the one in my bathroom recently needed replacing, I decided to record the replacement process for posterity (and YouTube). Thank you, Lowe's, for stocking a product that millions of homeowners still want and need. And Home Depot, if you're not going to carry ballcock assemblies, why the flying **** do you still stock the float balls and arms!? Strange.

And no, I'm not putting in a low-flow toilet. I'm the only one living here; it's not like there's five kids and the toilet's constantly being flushed.
A fun home-improvement oriented video for today!

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