Thursday, May 26, 2011

I had to find an article on this...

About Obama's state dinner hosted by British Queen Elizabeth. He was attempting to toast her and continued to do so while the British anthem was playing. I can certainly believe no one briefed him on protocol at this event. It was certainly painful. Here's an article from CBS:
But the president's most awkward moment was at the state dinner hosted by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday.

As Mr. Obama toasted the Queen and palace guests, the orchestra mistook a poignant pause for the end of his speech, striking up "God Save the Queen" early. The president continued over the music and lifted his glass, a gesture ignored by the Queen until the end of the song.

Mr. Obama president later joked with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg that the mishap was "out of the movies," a phrase that could be used to described much of the president's European adventures.
Yeah it was noted here that Obama's limo was stuck in a driveway in Ireland at the start of his European trip. I also heard about his attempts to mimic an Irish accent. Here's the state dinner moment that was quite painful to watch [VIDEO]
BTW, I can trust this was an honest mistake. I'm not an Obama supporter and there are plenty who are making big hay of this and pointing fingers at the President and his team. This only because they may not like the man for whatever reason. I won't make a big deal about it that much, but to be sure this doesn't look like a trip to be proud of!

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