Saturday, February 12, 2011

Anonymous Political Scientist: Less Marxism is More...

Dr. Drew Offers Tips For a Better State of the Union Address

Well this didn't offer much except a swipe at Obama's past. This was written late last month and at least three days before the President's State of the Union address.
I think I know why Obama never released copies of his undergraduate transcripts from either Occidental College or Columbia University. His poor marks would be consistent with the utter failure of the stimulus package to live up to all the Democrat party hype.

My recommendation as a political scientist who has read a lot of history and taught courses on the office? Lay-off the vodka martinis, the cigarettes and the nicotine gum. Bring in new people who understand that the Midwest Academy, Bill Ayers, Alice Palmer and Rev. Wright all have the wrong recipe for turning around the U.S. economy.
I would like more thoughts on this. Of course I can agree that it's entirely possible that Obama wasn't ready or prepared for this new position. Well indeed can anyone really be prepared to take on leading a nation. Fact is that in 2008, I wasn't certain if Obama had a skill set that could predict success as President. Of course it may not be very easy to predict anyway.

Also while I understand the swipes at some of his associates, the academic record matters very little to me. That's primarily because in voting for Obama, his past academic record wouldn't even be a consideration. No more than a tax return for either Governor or Mayor as it has been recently. Let's not forget that even if Obama had poor marks as an undergrad he still went to Harvard Law School as well.

If it's true that Obama was overwhelmed by the Presidency then more needs to come out about that. In fact it has as I had blogged earlier about an interview with an Obama insider. I hope it's less about his collegiate marks and more about his current performance as President.

Also read this link (via Instapundit) about Bill Maher believe Obama is less a Christian more a "secular humanist". Hey you thought I was going to say a Muslim didn't you?

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