Sunday, January 30, 2011

This time let's talk about tablet devices

I have a lot to learn about tablet devices such as the Dell Streak 7 above. I had a look at that device on display at a local Best Buy the other night. Talked to a representative about that. This isn't meant to be used as a phone, but can be used for Skype for example. It can also be used for texting, photography, video teleconferencing, mobile web surfing, and even social networking.

Still I'm unclear largely as to what a table does. But one of my questions to the representative was if this was like one of those old-style PDAs that used to be on sale years ago. In recent years the PDA started to give rise to the smartphone. Who knows with tablets, the smartphone might start to decline in everyday use.

BTW, tablet devices would include the iPad by Apple. If I knew that an iPad could be had for a reasonable price it might be worth getting one of those for me. Something that could be put in a bag and pulled out when necessary to surf the internet or even to read an e-book.

All the same, I have to determine for what reason to utilize a tablet device. Also should I possibly change my phone service from a smartphone to a regular cell phone. That will also mean just using a phone for the purposes of making phone calls mainly and maintaining a dataplan for only a tablet device.

There's more I have to research about these devices hitting the market.

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