Thursday, January 27, 2011

Capitol Fax: Outdated and wrong numbers, but what else is new?

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Ever since the individual and corporate income tax hike was passed by the General Assembly and signed by Governor Quinn earlier this month, Rich Miller has been educating people on the rhetoric. One post he had written said that while yeah income taxes went up this year in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin actually had much higher taxes. Indeed some counties in Indiana I believe he said even have their own income taxes on business.

Just yesterday Miller took aim at New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and his attempts to draw some of Illinois' business to New Jersey. Of course that wasn't the only time as Miller has written that Christie hasn't really cut down into his state's deficit as he advertises. Of course in the link at the top of this post he did also take another shot at Christie.

Also in that top link he talks about whether or not states should be able to declare bankruptcy. Not needed since US States have sovereign immunity from being sued in court.

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