Monday, November 22, 2010

On the last day of petition registration...

Not only did I sign Sen. Roland Burris' petition to run for Mayor. Interesting story one guy had me sign a petition then the other guy had me sign his. WTF??? What would I expect Burris is out of the Senate by the end of the month!

And after appearing to shut down his bid when it came time to submit petitions, Rahm Emanuel's tenant has filed petitions to run for Mayor:
The Emanuel renter, Rob Halpin, an industrial developer, said he has collected more than 20,000 signatures -- more than the 12,500 valid signatures needed to be placed on the ballot.

Halpin said he wasn't running as a lark, although he acknowledged some people encouraged him after it was publicized he wouldn't move from Emanuel's Ravenswood home when the ex-White House chief of staff returned from Washington to run for mayor.

"People approached me and they thought I would be a good mayor," Halpin said after dropping off his signature petitions. "There's no denying that some people met me as a result of being there (Emanuel's house) but it's very coincidental."
Don't feel too bad if you were lead to believe that Halpin was out of the race.Halpin had been listed as out of the race on Early & Often as well.

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