Sunday, July 25, 2010

Flogging Breitbart & the Sherrod Charade

Alfonso talks about the whole Breitbart/Sherrod story that I hinted at a few posts ago. He makes a very surprising observation, Hannity is too naive to talk about race.

Hmmm sometimes conservatives are naive on this issue. Although maybe I have heard a lot about what black folks think about race. It will be harsher than perhaps what whites think of race. To be sure I had a problem with people continuing to bring up Jeremiah Wright and his church. There are those who took issue with his afrocentric motif. I largely have been ingrained with it and it doesn't bother me.

Even if I suppose it largely doesn't even include considering yourself an American and celebrating decidedly American values. To be sure Rev. Wrights words can be incendiary, however, they come from somewhere. If you may feel that Blacks have a different view on life in America, it's certainly because many have lived through the worst of times.

Some may even feel like America isn't adequately addressing Black issues whatever they may be or how they think they should be addressed. Either way I'm saying conservatives may well be equally willing to reject some aspects of "Black culture". And sadly Blacks may well reject the greater American culture, even if American culture takes up some aspects of "Black culture".

Anyway, I really would like to know why Alfonso thinks Hannity is naieve on the issue of race? Or if there are other conservatives who are found wanting on the issue of race?

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