Sunday, May 16, 2010

I've got to say something about Haqikah Suggs

On June 1, 2007, I wrote about a story from Joliet where a teenaged girl was at first unidentified and there was something of a digitally created composite sketch for her. Anyone who watched the news that day finally knew this young girl's identity.

Haqikah (pictured above) was also known as Kekah. And since we discovered that she had been found dead in a park in Joliet I've been getting comments in that original post probably from friends and family who may well miss her. They very much keep her in their thoughts. That last comment I received on the first of this month.

In fact I got two comments on this story for this year the earlier one for the year posted on the blog back in February.  Three were comments were posted in the post in 2009. And finally the post was largely new when two comments were posted on June 6, 2007. Obviously there are people out there who still care about her and this story.

In the past, perhaps a year or so, Googled to see if there had been any updates to her murder. Unfortunately I had found that there had been no real updates as to who murdered her.

So I think it's totally apropriate to put her name and face out there one more time. One story with her name in it involved a possible link to other murders in Joliet. Perhaps a serial killer was loose during that time period. Of course that story from WBBM-AM was published in December 2007. Perhaps since then we know nothing about who murdered the 14 year old girl.

Since I see that there are people who still care about her or at least this story. That warrants this post today. Hopefully there can be closure for those who care about this young lady!


Anonymous said...

okay this was one of my best friends me and kekah always had fun no matter what and the person that took my wonderful phenomenal friend away from me and other friends and family the hell with you god so help you you don't understand the pain and heartbreaks you have gained us all we have lost something so special to us because of YOU she have nieces that she cant see im 16 now and im extremely upset that my friend my sister was not there to enjoy that day with me but we still don't have closer and the joliet police still have not done anything but look at all the other cases THERE CLOSED and this one has not yet been SOLVED......

Anonymous said...

ohkay Kekah was one of my bestfriends i miss her soo much theres not a day dhat goes by dhat i dnt think about her...theres night i cried myself to sleep wondering wen is the Joliet Police ever going to get whom ever that did dis to Kekah... i kno we had our ups and downs but she didnt deserve HELL NOBODY deserve anything like that to happen to them... all the memories we had i will NEVER forget them...I LOVE N MISS YOU SOO MUCH KEKAH♥ & 2MA YUR BiRTHDAY SOOO HAPPy 18TH BiRTHDAy KEKAH BOO:)

Anonymous said...

Man everytime i c a pic of her or read sumthin about kekah i feel lik cryin an it hurts even more b/c da dey before me an here gt into a big aruement me an her had a love hate relationship and trust me she can gt crazy bt by far kekah was the best girlfriend i ever had and i miss her so much imma c u wen i gt there LOVE.

Anonymous said...

It's 2012, I've moved away from Pilcher Park, and I still think about her. I was in highschool when they found her and it shook me up so much and literally made me sick when I heard the story. I didn't know her, but I'm so angry that someone could have done something so horrible and gotten away with it. Even worse because she was so young. I hope this will one day be solved.

Anonymous said...

Im so happy to see that there are still people who care about Kekah...I dread reviewing her story knowing the creep that did this could possibly be in the midst of even now...she knows she was loved and adored and may she forever live on in our hearts...#loveyoubabysis

Anonymous said...

This story still bothers me as Kekah was a friend of my daughter, and it hurt her deeply because we were moving out of state when Kekah was identified and my daughter didn't even have the chance to say goodbye because we were out of Illinois when they held her funeral. I can't believe the Joliet Police don't have any updates as to this unsolved brutal murder yet!

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