Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Comment by JJ Abrams

He directed the recent Star Trek movie which was a top draw during the past summer. That film has left a lasting impression on me with the re-invention of Star Trek. I look forward to seeing it on Blu-Ray or DVD in the near future.

In the meanwhile I have to settle for this Time magazine interview that was published around the time the movie was finally released. Ironically I only saw it because I was at the dentist office and it had a big Republican elephant on it discussing the problem with today's GOP especially with Obama in the White House. This comment that I'm sharing with you I find very interesting:
You've created several original TV shows, but your movies have been TV remakes. Is television more receptive to new ideas? Forrest Karbowski NEW YORK CITY

Because of the risk in budget, because films cost as much as they do, it's simply harder to find opportunities to take those kinds of creative risks in film. For right now, I think TV might be a place where there are more unexpected stories being told.
NOTE: The question wasn't placed in italics in print. I did that to distinguish the question from Abrams' answer.

The next question would have to be why do films cost so much today?

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