Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Blackhawks are out!

Very tough loss tonight but at least they kept it close. It didn't run away like it did at the UC on Sunday. I'm sad about the loss, but optimistic as I hope that the Blackhawks can do better next year. I figured that they wouldn't get past Detroit but hoped in this game they could stay alive and it wasn't meant to be. Well my first preview was the Hawks playing Detroit at Wrigley Field on New Years Day. I figured we'd have games like that one with them. Well next year we'll do it all over again.

For now, I focus on Major League Baseball and the Cubs. Yeah the Sox can get some love from me as well. They haven't been doing very well (well neither team has so far). I'm going to need someone to get it together (yeah you Cubs) so that maybe Chicago can still bring a world title home this year. I can hardly wait!

Next year more Blackhawks action! Bring it on!

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