Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fitzgerald's investigation of Ald. Carothers is heating up

Wait a minute, we're already and an Alderman who was recently sentenced for bribery. Why is US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald looking at west side Alderman Issac Carothers? Let's look at the Sun-Times:
Last year, the Chicago Sun-Times disclosed that federal investigators had requested city records on four West Side zoning changes pushed by Carothers. He had received campaign contributions from two of the businesses seeking the changes.

Now, a 2007 federal subpoena -- released in response to a Freedom of Information request -- reveals a demand for documents including seven years worth of aldermanic expense records; 29th Ward zoning changes; ordinances introduced by Carothers, and correspondence between Carothers and the mayor's office regarding zoning changes

The subpoena further demanded information on comments made and votes taken by Carothers since January 2001 before two City Council committees. Carothers could not be reached for comment.
Not sure if it always was, but right now zoning and development is a big deal in Chicago. Enough for a shakedown or some type of enrichment, perhaps. This is almost what took down Arenda Troutman seeking bribes for development. Other alderman lost in 2007 thanks to their zoning efforts. Especially seeking bribes from people who want to develop in her ward.

I know that Carothers has developed his own feuds over the years, especially in his own ward, so there probably is someone out there who is totally ecstatic. Even if you're not feuding with him there are those who refers to Aldermen as Aldercreatures and may generally think most if not all are tainted with some form of corruption. We'll see if the feds have anything on Carothers.

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