Thursday, January 01, 2009

Take Me Out To The ...Hockey Game?

I recorded at least parts of the pre-game and maybe the whole first period of today's Winter Classic at Wrigley Field between the NHL's Chicago Blackhawks and the Detroit Red Wings. Both teams were wearing throwback jerseys to mark this occassion which is that these two "Original Six" teams were playing an outdoor hockey game. Billed by many of the commentators at the game as bringing hockey back to its roots as once upon a time hockey was played on frozen ponds.

I've been watching hockey casually for years and I have to admit that this was the most illuminating game I have seen in a few years. I really got a kick out of the hard organ playing at Wrigley Field. Whoever played that organ, they played it like it was a hockey game. Perhaps there's not much difference between an organ as played at an NHL game vs. that played at a MLB game but the organ playing today seemed different. I really enjoyed the rendition of the National Anthem today.

However, the focus of this post about to be published close to midnite is the NHL twist to Take Me Out to the Ballgame as sung on screen by Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita, and Ryne Sandberg. I was sad that I couldn't find a tape fast enough to record this as the tape I did use ran out and I don't have another blank tape around the house. Anyway I got a kick out of this today probably the highlight of today's game which the Blackhawks lost.

BTW, I should learn how to take TV footage and bypass recording video on a media and instead storing footage as a file on a PC. That way I won't have to rely on a VHS machine to record memorable moments on TV. The VHS era is dead anyway, unfortunately. Gotta get with it!

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