Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Consensus emerging on universal healthcare

I think there needs to be some change in the system of course I know that I don't know everything that there needs to know about this "health-care crisis". I do know that I wouldn't want a European style single-payer universal health care system. You don't have to look no further than at some of the vids on this blog to be able to understand why such a system gives me some pause.

So anyway here's an excerpt from the LA Times:
The idea of a federal, single-payer system patterned on those in Europe and Canada, long a dream of the political left, is now virtually off the table.

Rejected as well is the traditionally conservative concept, championed by Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) during the presidential campaign, of reforming healthcare mainly by giving incentives for more Americans to buy insurance on their own.

There also is a widespread understanding that any expansion of coverage must be accompanied by aggressive efforts to bring down costs and reward quality care. And key players in the healthcare debate increasingly back a massive investment of taxpayer money for healthcare reform despite the burgeoning budget deficits.

Beyond those areas of basic agreement, the details of what would be one of the most momentous changes in domestic policy since World War II remain vague.

As a presidential candidate, Barack Obama embraced both expanded insurance coverage and preservation of the job-centered system, but since he won the White House he has provided few specifics about his plans once he takes office.

Disagreements over specifics could again lead to a stalemate. Even the most sanguine advocates of sweeping reform concede that difficult negotiations lie ahead.
Well it sounds like a start. The problem is that these days there is little to no will to act on these proposal. No one had the will to act on universal health care. Indeed even if there was more support for that than against there was no will to implement it.

Although there is a possibility that there is still a long way to go yet on this issue.

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