Sunday, October 26, 2008

D.C. Official Observing Night Life Is Arrested

This is an oddball story I found from the Washington Post:

Nancy Shia, commissioner for single member district 1C-06, said she was charged with being disorderly, failing to obey a police officer and assault on a police officer. She said last night that she was not guilty of the offenses. A police report said she impeded an investigation, took pictures within a crime scene and failed to leave when told. It also said she opened a police vehicle to photograph a suspect who was a juvenile.

Shia said she followed instructions, did not intrude on any crime scene and did not open the door of any police vehicle. She said she photographed two women who had just been arrested and were sitting in the street. A third person who was arrested was also there, but not in a car, she said.

The incident occurred about 2:45 a.m. in the 2400 block of 18th Street NW. Shia, 61, said she is a freelance photographer and a member of her commission's public safety committee, and was "observing the situation" and taking pictures on 18th Street, which she said is "out of control." D.C. police said Friday that they would add to patrols in Adams Morgan after a series of street robberies.

Well I would have easily thought this was a story about observing the actions of the police. Perhaps even the police doesn't want an evidence of misconduct to be observed by responsible citizens and then used against them.

We need vigilant citizen now especially if in Chicago a retired police commander finds himself in a federal courtroom because during his time in the Chicago Police he tortured mostly minority suspects. Some of these suspect found themselves on death row because they were tortured to admit to crimes they didn't commit.

Story via Instapundit!

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