Monday, September 29, 2008

Another Political Science Department meeting

Well a student who was representing the Department gave us some updates, especially why the professors left the Department. Unlike the meeting I went to a couple or so weeks ago this one wasn't packed. And even the man who gave his presentation said well he probably could have planned this better and done this during another part of this week. There were only five or six of us in this classroom.

First off I learned a little more about why three political science department professors left the school. One was a huge surprise, he couldn't prove that he had the degrees he's said he has. So they released him from his position here. The other two well one I know left because they didn't get tenure, but it's still unclear to me what another professor left. Though reading the article in the Maroon Tiger he's had his issues with the school recently.

In any case one of the students wondered why Morehouse would just simply let go of three of their professors like that. And the discussion went into a general run down of what this student has seen in his time here at Morehouse. For instance he said once that a professor told a classmate of his that he wasn't going to pass the course. Then assignment that this student has turned in were magically missing.

He talked about his frustrations in getting his last class to graduate. Whether or not that means he registers for a course taught by a professor, then because of the current situation in the Poli. Sci. department he has to cancel that class because he has to teacher other necessary courses. Or he attempts to cross-register at other neighboring institutions only to get thwarted.

He also says that his records finds themselves magically missing. His academic records. As a result he says that he has to keep his own records. He admits that he shouldn't have to, but that's what he resorts to. As a result he's even started looking for ways that might force the school to get its act together. That is he's resorting to checking out those organizations responsible for accredidating colleges. Pretty drastic correct?

In any case, he's indicated because of his experiences in attempting to graduate from Morehouse, having been thwarted several times he's lost confidence in this school. Because the poli.sci. department is in upheaval at this moment he's probably not the only one. Either students have to figure out if they're going to graduate on time or who knows what.

The main point of meeting with this student was to collect an agenda to speak with the President of the college. Well it turns out the meeting for the moment will be with the college Provost. With the few of us in attendance that didn't sit very well. Even talked about what they hear about the Provost who is also known as the Dean of the Division of Business & Economics. The views of him aren't positive.

I suppose we'll have to see. I expect that this meeting will be interesting. Hopefully something good can come out of this. While everyone else has their frustrations I'm going to try to look at this with some optimism.

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Anonymous said...

The Provost, Dean William's is a fair intelligent man. Speak candidly and calmly about your concerns and he can be a huge asset to you...

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