Friday, June 20, 2008

Video flashback: 1986 lottery drawing

I barely remember this even the tunes that you hear in the background. Of course these days, I'm hardpressed to know when the lottery comes on. Especially since I don't play the lottery.

My dad used to play the lottery. He would have collections of tickets around the house. Indeed he would also have collections of slips where he would pick some numbers for another drawing. In this clip there was the Daily Game and Pick Four. I also remember a super drawing that had to been worth more than playing those aformentioned drawings, but what it was called is alluding me and that was what I believe my dad was playing when he used those slips to pick his numbers.

Oh I should add we also had those tickets at home for the purposes of scratching and winning. Oh man that was so long ago and this vid from FuzzyMemories brought back some memories. Of course I saw other vids like this earlier.

You know I looked up the Illinois Lottery on Wikipedia not too long ago. I understand that since the lottery airs on WGN now (as opposed to FOX 32 back in 1986) and that means that the lottery airs nationwide on the superstation version of WGN.

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