Saturday, May 24, 2008

$38K pension windfall after just eight weeks

Rich Miller just blogged this on his blog. A former state senator who recently resigned her post for one with the governor has resigned her post with the governor for another position with the Obama campaign. The problem is with the fact that she just upped her pension.

In some of Russ Stewart's column when it comes to speculating about the possible futures of local leaders what figures prominently is the status of their pensions. It's not like anything resembling decent public service matters but how long you've served the state and the size of that pension. This pension unfortunately is billed to the taxpayers.

Thankfully according to Miller no legislator elected after 1994 can ever get such a pension bump. Still this is almost milking public funds for their own private benefit and people who work a regular job can't get such a generous pension either. I'd say politicians such as Ronen and even public employees or civil servants if you prefer, should have to scrap like everyone else to assure their own financial health in retirement.

Also the Illinois Senate is seeking a pay hike, I don't know why.

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