Monday, February 11, 2008

Ripping Stroger backfires on candidates

Reading this story almost makes you wonder what happened exactly. Well it's not very difficult to understand in fact. If you've got enough workers to campaign for you then you have an uphill battle.

Still what about the voters? Why did a statement by Ed Smith about being endorsed byTodd Stroger didn't turn into a scarlet letter of sorts? Could it be that it was because Ed Smith himself was endorsed by Daley. Some people don't see much of a difference between Daley and Stroger, they generally do have each other's backs. Besides Daley helped Stroger get elected in 2006, even if it was more of a strategic move than anything else.

Then what about Deratany vs. Berrios. This was an obscure race to be sure. Perhaps that's why Deratany lost, this was so far down on the ballot and perhaps even a forgettable race anyway. Deratany had a TV ad but obviously that didn't help.

If this was about Stroger and trying to use Stroger as a dirty word backfired. Perhaps this is just a signal that voters need a little more than being anti-Stroger. I'm not sure what that entails, but it has to be something why it seems voters are OK with the machine remaining in place as it is.

Here's a Southtown column from last week about how voters seem to be content with things the way they are. At least enough to not vote anyone out.

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